Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, New Burial Ground

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

The Entrance to the New Burial Ground is between the old Vicarage and the Church Rooms. At the Entrance, note the long path leading down the centre to the road.

A simple Diagram of the New Burial Ground shows the layout of Plots.

The Ashes Burials, on the near side, are labelled N (north).
Graves are on the far side of the path, and labelled S (south).

The Graves are in neat rows numbered 1 to 23.
Row 1 is next to the Vicarage Wall leading to row 23 on your far left by the road.

Graves in each row are lettered “a” to “h” or “i”.

N01aNumber in Grave: 1
1DOBINSONEvelyn R27 Sep 1961 n/a1896
N01bNumber in Grave: 2
1SHELDONBrian30 Jun 196430n/a 
2SHELDONAnne24 Mar 197972n/a 
N01cNumber in Grave: 2
1WHITEMaud E30 Jun 196572n/a 
2WHITEFrederick A01 Sep 198186n/a 
N01dNumber in Grave: 2
1DAVIDSONLucie J04 Aug 196667n/a 
2GIDDINSWinifred R04 Jul 198077n/a 
N01eNumber in Grave: 2
1SMITHHenry C19 Dec 199662n/a 
2SMITHDorothy08 May 199888n/a 
N01fNumber in Grave: 2
1SHELDONFred18 Feb 196779n/a 
2SHELDONMary22 Dec 197284n/a 
N01gNumber in Grave: 1
1DENTAliceAug 1966 n/a 
N01hNumber in Grave: 1
1DRURYFrances I20 Mar 196892n/a 
N01iNumber in Grave: 2
1ROSEMuriel04 Jan 196956n/a 
2ROSEFrank05 Apr 199287n/a 
N02aNumber in Grave: 1
1CHAMBERLAINMary1976 n/a1890
N02bNumber in Grave: 2
1CLARKMarjorie09 Apr 197872n/a 
2CLARKGeorge27 Jul 200293n/a 
N02cNumber in Grave: 2
1PETTITPhyllis12 Feb 1976 n/a 
2PETTITRaymond07 Feb 1979 n/a 
N02dNumber in Grave: 2
1BETTNEYEllen07 Jul 197580n/a 
2BETTNEYHarold08 Feb 197984n/a 
N02eNumber in Grave: 2
1ROBERTSRobert A17 Jan 197577n/a 
2ROBERTSBessie A06 Aug 198075n/a 
N02fNumber in Grave: 1
1PEDLEYRoy M24 Jul 197445n/a 
N02gNumber in Grave: 1
1EVITTSG  n/a 
N02hNumber in Grave: 1
N02iNumber in Grave: 1
1WALMESLEYArthur15 Mar 196996n/a 
N03aNumber in Grave: 2
1WHITNEYJohn W22 Nov 197767n/a 
2WHITNEYElizabeth08 Aug 200287n/a 
N03bNumber in Grave: 1
1ELLIOTTThomas L30 Nov 197760n/a 
N03cNumber in Grave: 2
1MAXWELL-SMYTHEDorothy1976 n/a1911
2MAXWELL-SMYTHEAgnes M1973 n/a1892
N03dNumber in Grave: 1
1EDWARDSPauline E21 Aug 197626n/a 
N03eNumber in Grave: 2
1PETERSJoseph06 Nov 197875n/a 
2PETERSSarah18 Aug 200088n/a 
N03fNumber in Grave: 1
1ROBERTSDonald17 Apr 197947n/a 
N03gNumber in Grave: 2
1STOTHARDDavid31 Dec 197962n/a 
2STOTHARDKathleen E27 Jul 198364n/a 
N03hNumber in Grave: 1
1BLYTONMiriam H1980 n/a1906
N03iNumber in Grave: 2
1RAYMENTJohn1980 n/a1923
2RAYMENTMarjorie1991 n/a1923
N04aNumber in Grave: 2
1WAUGHDenis H1987 n/a1926
2WAUGHJoan L1991 n/a1922
N04bNumber in Grave: 2
1BRIGHTMOREPercy23 May 1986 n/a 
2BRIGHTMOREChristiana18 Jun 1988 n/a 
N04cNumber in Grave: 0
0Y Empty   n/a 
N04dNumber in Grave: 1
1HADFIELDJoseph W08 Oct 198161n/a 
N04eNumber in Grave: 1
1WARDLEFrancis E1984 n/a1910
N04fNumber in Grave: 2
1JACKSONGeorge B07 Mar 198470n/a 
2JACKSONIvy13 Jun 200488n/a 
N04gNumber in Grave: 2
1TAYLORGeorge Frank16 Mar 198479n/a 
2TAYLORDorothy B1991 n/a1905
N04hNumber in Grave: 1
1DERBYSHIRECecil1983 n/a1914
N04iNumber in Grave: 1
1FRYERMarjorie J28 Nov 198147n/a 
N05aNumber in Grave: 1
1BIRDSBarbara M2000 n/a1933
N05bNumber in Grave: 1
1WEBBNorah10 Mar 199282n/a 
N05cNumber in Grave: 2
1BENTJames26 Feb 1982 n/a 
2BENTGeorgiana04 Aug 1992 n/a 
N05dNumber in Grave: 1
1BACONCharles A20 Oct 199066n/a 
N05eNumber in Grave: 1
1GREENStanley23 Dec 198979n/a 
N05fNumber in Grave: 1
1WALTONMarjorie19 Aug 1989 n/a1911
N05gNumber in Grave: 2
1PLUMERFrederick C1988 n/a1924
2PLUMERRene L1995 n/a1926
N05hNumber in Grave: 2
1TINKERN T  n/a 
2TINKERD K  n/a 
N06aNumber in Grave: 2
1SHARPJoan M27 Feb 1999 n/a 
2SHARPDenis03 Jan 2002 n/a 
N06bNumber in Grave: 1
1KITCHINJean E08 May 199954n/a 
N06cNumber in Grave: 2
1BROWNDonald1995 n/a1919
2BROWNAnne2003 n/a1915
N06dNumber in Grave: 1
1HEWITTEric1996 n/a1920
N06eNumber in Grave: 2
1BUTTERELLHilda M25 Nov 198273n/a 
2BUTTERELLThomas P30 Nov 199690n/a 
N06fNumber in Grave: 1
1GILBERTEvelyn M1903 n/a1905
N06gNumber in Grave: 1
1BURROWSKenneth E25 May 199481n/a 
N06hNumber in Grave: 2
1KETTELLIsobel J27 Mar 199468n/a 
2KETTELLNorman11 Jan 200076n/a 
N07aNumber in Grave: 1
1GLOVEREric24 Mar 2002 n/a1926
N07bNumber in Grave: 1
1ARNISONAlbert2003 n/a1921
N07cNumber in Grave: 1
1MIDDLETONIan14 Oct 200452n/a 
N07dNumber in Grave: 1
1MIDDLETONGeorge H06 Jun 200583n/a 
N07eNumber in Grave: 1
1GRAYRobert A15 Jun 200390n/a 
N07fNumber in Grave: 1
1FREEMANW F2000 n/a1911
N07gNumber in Grave: 1
1JAMESKenneth C W19 Jun 200077n/a 
N07hNumber in Grave: 2
1ROBERTSLeslie P09 Oct 199957n/a 
2ROBERTSWiliam10 Feb 200569n/a 
N08aNumber in Grave: 1
1BRIGHTMOREEileen01 Nov 200574n/a 
N23aNumber in Grave: 1
1MCCAFFERTYMalcolm02 Jun 200659n/a 
S01aNumber in Grave: 4
1BROWNBertha A1961 n/a1884
2PALFREYMANJohn J1979 n/a1920
3FROGGATTArnold J1979 n/a1910
4FROGGATTLily V2001 n/a1916
S01bNumber in Grave: 2
1WYERAlbert07 Nov 196176n/a 
2WYERAlice09 Feb 198380n/a 
S01cNumber in Grave: 2
1DICKIELeonard P12 Feb 196249n/a 
2DICKIEWinifred24 Apr 197967n/a 
S01dNumber in Grave: 2
S01eNumber in Grave: 2
1NOTONWilliam I23 May 196253n/a 
2NOTONCharles A01 Sep 197215n/a 
S01fNumber in Grave: 2
1BEARDSALLF W Eric29 Jun 196259n/a 
2BEARDSALLIvy28 Mar 199486n/a 
S01gNumber in Grave: 2
1NOTONCyril10 Aug 196254n/a 
2NOTONDorothy V13 Mar 198173n/a 
S01hNumber in Grave: 2
1ALSOPSydney06 Jan 196365n/a 
2ALSOPAdelaide22 Oct 198987n/a 
S01iNumber in Grave: 2
1HAWKSWORTHAnnie21 Dec 196384n/a 
2HAWKSWORTHGeorge16 Apr 197361n/a 
S02aNumber in Grave: 2
1BULLIVANTJohn23 Feb 196380n/a 
2BULLIVANTMargaret09 Jun 196882n/a 
S02bNumber in Grave: 2
1THORPJoseph05 Sep 196370n/a 
2THORPEllen31 Aug 199194n/a 
S02cNumber in Grave: 2
1DAVIDSONVera1963 n/a1917
2DAVIDSONJohn W12 Jun 1998 n/a1911
S02dNumber in Grave: 2
1INGHAMM  n/a 
S02eNumber in Grave: 3
1TRICKETTBeatrice19 Apr 196477n/a 
2TRICKETTAmy06 Dec 196785n/a 
3TRICKETTHilda02 Nov 196979n/a 
S02fNumber in Grave: 1
1SMITHEllen17 Aug 196381n/a 
S02gNumber in Grave: 2
1TOMLINSONWilliam F23 Nov 196580n/a 
2TOMLINSONFlorence07 Aug 196673n/a 
S02hNumber in Grave: 2
1WATSONClement22 Jan 1966 n/a 
2WATSONIrene10 Dec 1985 n/a 
S02iNumber in Grave: 2
1MASSEYBernice22 Jan 196686n/a 
2MASSEYJames25 May 197694n/a 
S03aNumber in Grave: 1
1BOTHAMK E  n/a 
S03bNumber in Grave: 1
1GILBERTIrene26 Jan 196650n/a 
S03cNumber in Grave: 2
1COLLINSAda14 Sep 196672n/a 
2COLLINSCharles H  n/a 
S03dNumber in Grave: 2
1BURNSRebecca04 Oct 196683n/a 
2BURNSRobert A04 Oct 193673n/a 
S03eNumber in Grave: 2
1BROUGHGeorge20 Dec 196676n/a 
2BROUGHFreda26 Apr 198575n/a 
S03fNumber in Grave: 2
1TOMLINSONPercy05 Apr 196767n/a 
2TOMLINSONElizabeth14 Dec 198074n/a 
S03gNumber in Grave: 2
1WALLAGEL A (Les)16 Apr 196747n/a 
2WALLAGEPhyllis E23 Jul 196761n/a 
S03hNumber in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERHerrick R26 May 196761n/a 
2FLETCHERMary14 Oct 198179n/a 
S03iNumber in Grave: 2
1HOLMESMary25 Aug 1967 n/a 
2QUICKFALLElsie24 Nov 197075n/a 
S04aNumber in Grave: 1
1HOLLISB  n/a 
S04bNumber in Grave: 2
1HULLEYJames H22 Mar 196974n/a 
2HULLEYAgnes M07 Oct 197581n/a 
S04cNumber in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERElsie08 Oct 196464n/a 
2FLETCHERTom14 Mar 196977n/a 
S04dNumber in Grave: 1
1ALSOPBeryl05 Jan 196940n/a 
S04eNumber in Grave: 2
1HEARNSHAWFlorence M09 Nov 196854n/a 
S04fNumber in Grave: 2
1DERBYSHIREMay12 Jun 196876n/a 
2DERBYSHIREWilliam H1976 n/a 
S04gNumber in Grave: 2
1STONELilian03 Apr 186866n/a 
2STONEFrederick05 Nov 196974n/a 
S04hNumber in Grave: 2
1OSBORNAmy21 Dec 196770n/a 
2OSBORNThomas E01 Nov 197584n/a 
S04iNumber in Grave: 2
1FOSTERAda05 Sep 196756n/a 
2FOSTERJohn01 Jul 198372n/a 
S05aNumber in Grave: 1
1WATSONIvy27 Jul 196973n/a 
S05bNumber in Grave: 1
1HULLEYJohn T03 Aug 196938n/a 
S05cNumber in Grave: 2
1HULLEYThomas06 Apr 197171n/a 
2HULLEYLouisa06 May 197474n/a 
S05dNumber in Grave: 2
1WILSONGladys M21 Aug 196967n/a 
2WILSONChristopher E15 Nov 198078n/a 
S05eNumber in Grave: 2
1MOOREMolly30 Sep 196955n/a 
2MOOREWalter22 Jan 198890n/a 
S05fNumber in Grave: 1
1MIDDLETONEmma18 Nov 196974n/a 
S05gNumber in Grave: 1
1HIGGINSJames30 Jan 197060n/a 
S05hNumber in Grave: 2
1WATERHOUSEMabel E12 Apr 197073n/a 
2WATERHOUSEJoseph04 Feb 197273n/a 
S05iNumber in Grave: 1
1DIXONFrederick A15 May 197028n/a 
S06aNumber in Grave: 2
1CARTLEDGEHarold26 Feb 197059n/a 
2CARTLEDGENora01 Feb 198775n/a 
S06bNumber in Grave: 2
1BETTNEYMaurice21 May 197051n/a 
2BETTNEYMarjorie23 Feb 200287n/a 
S06cNumber in Grave: 1
1PARKERL  n/a 
S06dNumber in Grave: 2
1NIXAlbert E17 Feb 197168n/a 
2NIXJean K08 Oct 199587n/a 
S06eNumber in Grave: 1
1CHAPMANEdith D24 Nov 197183n/a 
S06fNumber in Grave: 2
1NOTONThomas D29 Feb 197254n/a 
2NOTONElizabeth T07 Jun 199577n/a 
S06gNumber in Grave: 1
1PINDERGordon23 Aug 197237n/a 
S06hNumber in Grave: 2
1STALEYArthur L21 Mar 197366n/a 
2STALEYMay E17 Jan 199790n/a 
S06iNumber in Grave: 1
1SHELDONKenneth20 Oct 197343n/a 
S07aNumber in Grave: 1
1RAINSNeil W04 May 197116n/a 
S07bNumber in Grave: 3
1WALLERHenry18 Oct 197378n/a 
2WALLERHenry24 Nov 194122n/a 
3WALLERCaroline28 Jul 198790n/a 
S07cNumber in Grave: 3
1ELAMHarry12 Feb 197453n/a 
2ELAMVera18 Jan 197956n/a 
S07dNumber in Grave: 1
1NEALEEdward R26 Feb 197461n/a 
S07eNumber in Grave: 2
1SORBYDorothea M10 Apr 1974 n/a1902
2SORBYT  n/a 
S07fNumber in Grave: 2
1SHELDONWilliam P12 Nov 197470n/a 
2SHELDONGladys E07 Jul 198981n/a 
S07gNumber in Grave: 2
1ASHTONDoris07 Jan 197566n/a 
2ASHTONErnest W28 Mar 200484n/a 
S07hNumber in Grave: 2
1FLETCHEREric03 Jul 197568n/a 
2FLETCHERFlorence P30 Apr 199081n/a 
S07iNumber in Grave: 1
1LEEMary15 Jul 197551n/a 
S08aNumber in Grave: 2
1HIMSWORTHWilliam B J23 Dec 1971 n/a1911
2HIMSWORTHBlanche20 Dec 1991 n/a1920
S08bNumber in Grave: 1
S08cNumber in Grave: 2
1SWAINWilliam E21 Dec 197575n/a 
2SWAINDoris R15 Aug 199998n/a 
S08dNumber in Grave: 1
1SAUNDERSElizabeth10 Mar 197675n/a 
S08eNumber in Grave: 2
1SHERRATTJane Marie08 Apr 19766n/a 
2SHERRATTHelen L18 Jan 19795n/a 
S08fNumber in Grave: 2
1BETTNEYAnnie08 Jun 197883n/a 
2BETTNEYJohn H01 Feb 198287n/a 
S08gNumber in Grave: 2
1HODGKISSEdith G06 Jul 1976 n/a 
2HODGKISSAnna M22 Dec 1977 n/a 
S08hNumber in Grave: 2
1BONDPeter J01 Sep 197655n/a 
2BONDMabel E06 Nov 198766n/a 
S08iNumber in Grave: 2
1BROOMEAubrey14 Oct 197671n/a 
2BROOMECharleotte M14 Aug 198476n/a 
S09aNumber in Grave: 2
1BAGGALEYJames W05 Jan 197766n/a 
S09bNumber in Grave: 2
1WHITEWilliam04 Feb 197778n/a 
2WHITEMabel A19 Jan 198991n/a 
S09cNumber in Grave: 2
1SHELDONJohn18 Jul 197770n/a 
2SHELDONMay29 Aug 199587n/a 
S09dNumber in Grave: 2
1STALEYAnnie M17 Aug 1977 n/a1897
2STALEYStephen30 Jan 1983 n/a1896
S09eNumber in Grave: 2
1BRIGHTMOREGeorge W20 Jan 197878n/a 
2BRIGHTMOREGerty01 Oct 198786n/a 
S09fNumber in Grave: 1
1FROUDEEmily31 Mar 1978 n/a1891
S09gNumber in Grave: 2
1LAMBAgnes17 Apr 197889n/a 
2LAMBCharles F15 Mar 198994n/a 
S09hNumber in Grave: 2
1SMITHKathleen M19 May 1978 n/a1925
2OLIVERDoris C24 Nov 1983 n/a1902
S09iNumber in Grave: 2
1BROWNJoyce K07 Jul 1978 n/a1913
2BROWNJohn A21 Oct 1978 n/a1908
S10aNumber in Grave: 2
1TROTTGladys08 Oct 197881n/a 
2TROTHAlbert E1940 n/a 
S10bNumber in Grave: 2
1JENKINSJohn S13 Nov 197872n/a 
2JENKINSMargaret S10 Nov 199891n/a 
S10cNumber in Grave: 2
1DOWNESJoseph A15 Feb 197977n/a 
2DOWNESMary18 Dec 197985n/a 
S10dNumber in Grave: 2
S10eNumber in Grave: 3
1TILBROOK-HEATHJohn F24 Feb 198029n/a 
2TILBROOK-HEATHEdward J02 Mar 198565n/a 
3TILBROOK-HEATHBarbara M17 Jan 199670n/a 
S10fNumber in Grave: 2
1HOLDINGAlice M19 Jun 1980 n/a 
2HOLDINGJohn06 Mar 1984 n/a 
S10gNumber in Grave: 1
1FREEMANArthur08 Jul 198063n/a 
S10hNumber in Grave: 2
1TURNERArnold I15 Jul 198071n/a 
2TURNERMiriam02 Aug 1997 n/a1911
S10iNumber in Grave: 1
1PRICEMarie L14 Sep 1980 n/a1887
S11aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S11bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S11cNumber in Grave: 2
1TINKERAllister T26 Oct 1980 n/a1970
2TINKERRobert T18 May 1998 n/a1937
S11dNumber in Grave: 2
1REYNOLDSArthur T16 Jan 198173n/a 
2REYNOLDSAlice A23 Apr 199382n/a 
S11eNumber in Grave: 1
S11fNumber in Grave: 2
1SHAWHilda26 Aug 198172n/a 
2SHAWFrederick17 May 198279n/a 
S11gNumber in Grave: 2
1WATSONFlorence A20 Oct 1981 n/a1895
2WATSONCharles21 Feb 1984 n/a1899
S11hNumber in Grave: 1
1HEARNSHAWGertrude M30 Nov 1981 n/a1894
S11iNumber in Grave: 2
1BAGGALEYWilliam E17 Jan 198177n/a 
2BAGGALEYNellie15 Oct 199494n/a 
S12aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S12bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S12cNumber in Grave: 2
1BRUNTGeof16 Jan 198273n/a 
2BRUNTNellie30 Nov 200593n/a 
S12dNumber in Grave: 2
1BURNETTAlfred G21 May 198276n/a 
2BURRETTDoris A16 Apr 199189n/a 
S12eNumber in Grave: 1
1CUPITGeorge27 Jan 198353n/a 
S12fNumber in Grave: 2
1PYBUSD  n/a 
2PYBUSW F  n/a 
S12gNumber in Grave: 1
1SCHURERWilliam G07 Jun 1983 n/a1914
S12hNumber in Grave: 1
1WHITEEdith1983 n/a1914
S12iNumber in Grave: 1
1HARRISONSamuel12 Aug 1982 n/a1913
S13aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S13bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S13cNumber in Grave: 1
1LOMASRobert M L  n/a 
S13dNumber in Grave: 2
1HICKSJ  n/a 
2HICKSS  n/a 
S13eNumber in Grave: 1
1BATERF E08 Jul 198454n/a 
S13fNumber in Grave: 2
1HUTCHINSONFrances W15 Apr 198481n/a 
2HUTCHINSONMaggie08 Feb 199691n/a 
S13gNumber in Grave: 2
1BAGGALEYHelen08 Mar 198485n/a 
2HUTCHINSONJoyce12 Dec 198756n/a 
S13hNumber in Grave: 2
1HODGKINSONWilliam1975 n/a1899
2HODGKINSONLily1983 n/a1899
S13iNumber in Grave: 1
1BURMANMichael01 Mar 198343n/a 
S14aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S14bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S14cNumber in Grave: 2
1BROUGHDavid17 Oct 198539n/a 
2BROUGHGeorge19 Jul 200369n/a 
S14dNumber in Grave: 1
1MORRISLeslie01 Mar 198645n/a 
S14eNumber in Grave: 2
1ANDREWSRoy12 Mar 198660n/a 
2ANDREWSTrudy01 May 200374n/a 
S14fNumber in Grave: 2
1ROYLEPatricia R22 Sep 1986 n/a1927
2ROYLEJoseph K12 Mar 1990 n/a1924
S14gNumber in Grave: 2
S14hNumber in Grave: 1
1RAINSHenry1986 n/a1919
S14iNumber in Grave: 1
1MCGREGORJack06 Dec 198669n/a 
S15aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S15bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S15cNumber in Grave: 2
1PINDERColin1986 n/a1909
2PINDERSylvia2004 n/a1915
S15dNumber in Grave: 2
1WILLIAMSWilliam H24 Jan 198775n/a 
2WILLIAMSJosephine20 May 200084n/a 
S15eNumber in Grave: 1
1ARMSTRONGMarjorie25 Aug 198768n/a 
S15fNumber in Grave: 1
1MIDDLETONRobert P1988 n/a1953
S15gNumber in Grave: 1
1NOTONE H  n/a 
S15hNumber in Grave: 1
1DALBYIvy18 Jan 198883n/a 
S15iNumber in Grave: 1
1RANKINKate M26 Jan 198768n/a 
S16aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S16bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S16cNumber in Grave: 2
1LIGOJohn C19 Mar 198875n/a 
2LIGOViolet08 Aug 199982n/a 
S16dNumber in Grave: 2
1STONEWilliam H1988 n/a1897
2STONEGladys1988 n/a1897
S16eNumber in Grave: 2
1HEELEYKenneth R28 May 1988 n/a1933
2LISTERJean A18 Apr 1999 n/a1933
S16fNumber in Grave: 1
1HAWLEYLaurie04 Jul 198858n/a 
S16gNumber in Grave: 1
1JUBBAnthony H08 Sep 1988 n/a1929
S16hNumber in Grave: 2
1UDALLBessie19 Feb 198970n/a 
2UDALLL  n/a 
S16iNumber in Grave: 1
1BOOTCharles H05 May 198959n/a 
S17aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S17bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S17cNumber in Grave: 1
1HUNTD  n/a 
S17dNumber in Grave: 2
1BURGESSAlbert24 May 198989n/a 
2BURGESSFanny04 Sep 199294n/a 
S17eNumber in Grave: 2
1ALSOPNancy M06 Jun 198972n/a 
2ALSOPStephen A12 Jan 199381n/a 
S17fNumber in Grave: 1
1PINDERMay16 Sep 198982n/a 
S17gNumber in Grave: 1
1BRADWELLJohn06 Oct 198989n/a 
S17hNumber in Grave: 1
1GUISEFrankDec 1989 n/a 
S17iNumber in Grave: 1
1CLARKEIda20 Dec 198969n/a 
S18aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S18bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S18cNumber in Grave: 2
1SMITHMajorie1988 n/a1915
2SMITHJack1990 n/a1908
S18dNumber in Grave: 2
1LISTERJoan04 May 199069n/a 
2LISTERThomas R10 Feb 200279n/a 
S18eNumber in Grave: 2
1SLATERAlan27 Jan 199173n/a 
2SLATERMarjorie04 Jan 200179n/a 
S18fNumber in Grave: 1
1SHELDONBarnard07 Feb 199179n/a 
S18gNumber in Grave: 1
1MITCHELLKeith E14 Feb 199159n/a 
S18hNumber in Grave: 1
1TOMSETTKen22 Mar 199165n/a 
S18iNumber in Grave: 2
1TOMLINSONWilliam S21 Apr 199167n/a 
2TOMLINSONAudrey05 Feb 199358n/a 
S19aNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S19bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S19cNumber in Grave: 2
1ALLDERLily R21 Jul 199171n/a 
2ALLDERLeonard T10 Jul 200386n/a 
S19dNumber in Grave: 1
1GARDNERElizabeth P23 Feb 199273n/a 
S19eNumber in Grave: 1
1BURNDouglas W1992 n/a1918
S19fNumber in Grave: 1
1PHILLIPSMary13 Nov 199271n/a 
S19gNumber in Grave: 2
1SMITHEric H23 Feb 199385n/a 
2SMITHMay28 Sep 199894n/a 
S19hNumber in Grave: 1
1HOWEBrian K03 Apr 199359n/a 
S19iNumber in Grave: 2
1WILLANNadene E16 Jun 199384n/a 
2WILLANJames H G31 Dec 199889n/a 
S20aNumber in Grave: 1
1X Purchased   n/a 
S20bNumber in Grave: 2
1THOMASPatricia GJun 1993 n/a1929
2THOMASHenry AJun 2005 n/a1929
S20cNumber in Grave: 1
1HULLEYJohn19 Aug 199383n/a 
S20dNumber in Grave: 1
1FLETCHERJoseph13 Sep 199386n/a 
S20eNumber in Grave: 2
1DYSONNorah30 Jul 199477n/a 
2DYSONBen Harry02 Apr 200593n/a 
S20fNumber in Grave: 2
1FURNISSNorah S14 Oct 199480n/a 
2FURNISSGeorge R25 Dec 199588n/a 
S20gNumber in Grave: 1
1MULVEYStephen J1995 n/a1910
S20hNumber in Grave: 1
1TRICKETTRobert02 May 1995 n/a1947
S20iNumber in Grave: 1
1JOHNSONJohn T08 May 1995 n/a1915
S21aNumber in Grave: 1
1FULLERPatricia E1995 n/a1923
S21bNumber in Grave: 1
1THORPGeorge R01 Feb 199679n/a 
S21cNumber in Grave: 1
1ROWARTHJohn10 Feb 199673n/a 
S21dNumber in Grave: 1
1CARTLEDGEDavid A14 Apr 199652n/a 
S21eNumber in Grave: 1
1BARKERSylvia J23 Nov 199667n/a 
S21fNumber in Grave: 2
1LOFTHOUSEAlan29 May 198255n/a 
2LOFTHOUSEPhyllis M19 May 199869n/a 
S21gNumber in Grave: 2
1MCGREGORHilda W08 Oct 199883n/a 
2MCGREGORCharles H19 Apr 200077n/a 
S21hNumber in Grave: 1
1FLETCHERGraham30 Apr 199878n/a 
S21iNumber in Grave: 2
1RIGLEYKenneth D16 Feb 1999 n/a 
2RIGLEYEileen A04 Jun 1999 n/a 
S22aNumber in Grave: 2
1TAYLORJoyce22 May 199875n/a 
2TAYLORThomas R20 May 200077n/a 
S22bNumber in Grave: 1
1WRAGGMariam1999 n/a1949
S22cNumber in Grave: 1
1WARNEDerek A15 Mar 200074n/a 
S22dNumber in Grave: 2
1EVANSMary04 Oct 200090n/a 
2EVANSSinclair M13 Jul 210193n/a 
S22eNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S22fNumber in Grave: 2
1SNAPELouis M29 Jan 200184n/a 
2SNAPECyril H23 Feb 200287n/a 
S22gNumber in Grave: 2
1COLEKatherine M13 Feb 2001 n/a1912
2COLEWilliam L12 Oct 2001 n/a1909
S22hNumber in Grave: 1
1PUGHCedric J04 May 2001 n/a1938
S22iNumber in Grave: 1
1GILBERTCharles H2001 n/a1923
S23aNumber in Grave: 1
1JEFFREYSHerbert A2002 n/a1930
S23bNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S23cNumber in Grave: 0
0Z Not For Use   n/a 
S23dNumber in Grave: 2
1FLETCHERRonald25 Sep 200379n/a 
2FLETCHERSybil A21 Dec 200380n/a 
S23eNumber in Grave: 1
1CARTLEDGEDavid17 May 200686n/a 
S23fNumber in Grave: 1
S23gNumber in Grave: 0
0Y Empty   n/a 
S23hNumber in Grave: 0
0Y Empty   n/a 
S23iNumber in Grave: 1
1BROWNTerence A01 Mar 2004 n/a1943

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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