Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames C

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

F44CAINESCatherine25 Feb 187151main1820
Q16CAMPBELLDavid Brownlees09 Jul 194166main1875
Q16CAMPBELLElizabeth Jane26 Mar 195680wife1876
F39CAREYAnne04 Sep 188880main1808
T03CARTERCharles23 Apr 193763main1874
T03CARTERMary05 Feb 1946 wife 
S23eCARTLEDGEDavid17 May 200686n/a 
S21dCARTLEDGEDavid A14 Apr 199652n/a 
T69CARTLEDGEElizabeth07 May 196074wife1886
S06aCARTLEDGEHarold26 Feb 197059n/a 
T69CARTLEDGEJohn Harold28 May 195668main1888
S06aCARTLEDGENora01 Feb 198775n/a 
Q60CARTWRIGHTCharlotte16 Aug 195571wife1884
Q60CARTWRIGHTJasper Edwa03 Jan 196478main1886
J01CATLIFFBarbara08 Sep 178340main1743
K12CAWTONJoshua28 Oct 183537main1798
F38CAWTONMary Etheldred12 Dec 189083main1807
K12CAWTONSarah05 Aug 18336daug1827
N02aCHAMBERLAINMary1976 n/a1890
S06eCHAPMANEdith D24 Nov 197183n/a 
T25CHESTEREdwin21 Feb 192430main1894
T25CHESTERRuth06 May 192223wife1899
T14CHESTERMANHerbert Gre28 Oct 193439main1895
T14CHESTERMANMary21 Feb 192039wife1881
Q41CHORLTONLouisa Mary25 Jul 193974main1865
D37CLAGUEAnne21 Mar 189463neice1831
Q25CLARKAlice Jane08 Nov 196287?1875
H09CLARKAnn13 Nov 186864wife1804
Q13CLARKFrances Annie30 Jan 195886main1872
N02bCLARKGeorge27 Jul 200293n/a 
Q13CLARKJessie Maria03 Feb 196180sister1881
H09CLARKJohn07 Aug 186769main1798
H10CLARKJohn07 Aug 188417?1867
Q28CLARKJohn Samuel09 Jan 193758main1879
Q25CLARKLaura16 Mar 194576main1869
Q28CLARKLouisa24 Jan 196587wife1878
N02bCLARKMarjorie09 Apr 197872n/a 
H08CLARKSamuel14 Feb 186829main1839
T03CLARKEAnnie26 May 1978 daug 
S17iCLARKEIda20 Dec 198969n/a 
J07CLAYTONAnn25 Nov 191280daug1832
Q21CLEMENTSBeatrice30 Sep 196883sister1885
Q21CLEMENTSFrederick Mos27 Oct 1959 main 
M55CLIVECatherine26 Jan 182872main1756
N36COATESArthur James Wi05 Jun 195277son1875
N36COATESGeorge Henry07 Jul 188358main1825
N36COATESMary02 Feb 192187wife1834
M60COCKERAnn25 Mar 186977?1792
M60COCKEREdward- -infson 
M60COCKERElizabeth20 Apr 181018daug1792
A15COCKERFanny16 Jan 184672wife1774
D12COCKERJohn- -infson 
M60COCKERJohn25 Jan 185972?1787
M60COCKERJoseph28 Jul 184448main1796
A41COCKERMargaret16 Dec 1765 main 
D12COCKERMary- -55wife 
D12COCKERMary- -infdaug 
A14COCKERMillicent10 Apr 185615daug1841
A14COCKERNathan22 Apr 187365main1808
A15COCKERRobert02 Jan 183856main1782
M60COCKERSarah11 Apr 182229wife1793
A14COCKERSarah09 May 1865 wife 
H23COCKERThomas04 Jan 182573main1752
D12COCKERWilliam- 1855 son 
T60COLBECKCharles Anthony Forrester25 Jan 195273main1879
T60COLBECKMabel Ann06 Aug 196080wife1880
S22gCOLEKatherine M13 Feb 2001 n/a1912
S22gCOLEWilliam L12 Oct 2001 n/a1909
S03cCOLLINSAda14 Sep 196672n/a 
S03cCOLLINSCharles H  n/a 
A01CONNOCHERAnn Mary200056?1944
G71COOPERCatharine06 Jan 1830 daug 
G71COOPERDaniel- -infson 
G71COOPERElizabeth09 Nov 181341wife1772
G71COOPERElizabeth03 Jul 181918daug1801
G71COOPERFrederick- -3son 
G71COOPERGeorge- -infson 
G71COOPERHenry- -infson 
G71COOPERJames- -7son 
G71COOPERJohn16 Nov 184679main1767
G71COOPERMary- -2daug 
G71COOPERMary- -1daug 
G71COOPERMillicent- -infdaug 
Q02COOPERNellie.18 Apr 192343main1880
G71COOPERSarah11 Sep 182742wife1785
Q52CORTAlice Margaret30 Jul 1983 wife 
Q52CORTJohn Leonard P14 Sep 1960 main 
F01CROFTCatharine04 Feb 190185daug1816
F01CROFTGeorge29 Apr 18073son1804
F01CROFTHarriet01 May 18071daug1806
F01CROFTJohn25 Apr 186086main1774
F01CROFTJoseph17 Mar 188675son1811
F01CROFTMartha11 Oct 185672wife1784
F01CROFTMary02 Jan 186262daug1800
F01CROFTWilliam01 Sep 18126mthsson1812
S15CROSBYJohn24 Jul 191274?1838
Q24CROSSEdith Anne07 Oct 195770main1887
Q39CROSSLEYGeorge Henry04 May 197784son1893
Q39CROSSLEYHenry Leonard28 Aug 193169main1862
Q39CROSSLEYSarah Louise26 Oct 194681wife1865
S12eCUPITGeorge27 Jan 198353n/a 

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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