Memorial Inscriptions in Baslow, Surnames G

Transcriptions by David Dalrymple-Smith, © Copyright 1980s and onwards

This is one of a collection of webpages recording a Survey of St Anne's Churchyard in Baslow, Derbyshire, as of October 2006, collated and transcribed by David Dalrymple-Smith.

A simple Diagram of the Old Churchyard shows the layout of Plots, or for more detail, there is a Graveyard Plan.

Click on the REFerence number on the left to see a listing of the Plot.

G35GARDNERAnn10 Jun 189269wife1823
T04GARDNERCathern09 Apr 192075?1845
S19dGARDNERElizabeth P23 Feb 199273n/a 
G35GARDNERGeorge07 Feb 188472main1812
T04GARDNERGeorge26 Jun 192277?1845
G56GARDNERJane17 May 188314?1869
G56GARDNERJaneCooper26 Apr 185711mthsmain1857
T04GARDNERMary22 Feb 191964main1855
T04GARDNERZelinda20 Jun 192035?1885
N34GARDOMAgnes06 May 188332main1851
N34GARDOMEleanor Makin03 Oct 192879?1849
S32GARDOMElizabeth24 Sep 192777wife1850
G60GARDOMGeorge22 Jun 181351main1762
G60GARDOMJane23 Jan -37wife 
G70GARDOMJohn23 Mar --17 main 
M53GARDOMMargaret30 Apr 185277wife1775
M53GARDOMMargaret11 Jun 187870daug1808
G69GARDOMMary27 Apr 183275wife1757
M54GARDOMMary05 Mar 189884wife1814
G69GARDOMThomas09 Jan 181768main1751
S32GARDOMThomas William05 Mar 191663main1853
M54GARDOMThomas Williams26 Dec 188171main1810
M53GARDOMWilliam11 Aug 182159main1762
K19GASCOYNEAnn09 Nov 185152wife1799
K19GASCOYNEEdward02 Aug 187168main1803
K19GASCOYNEElizabeth26 Mar 183532wife1803
K19GASCOYNEJane26 Apr 187062wife1808
G04GASGOYNEAnn09 Nov 185152daug1799
A09GEEJack Gregory25 Apr 198368main1915
C03GEESONGeorge- -infg-child 
C20GEESONLydia02 Mar 184039main1801
H06GEESONRalph Francis13 Nov 187143main1828
H07GEESONRichard30 Jan 186063main1797
T20GENDERSWilliam25 Apr 194083main1857
B17GEORGEDaniel W28 Jan 199680 1916
N01dGIDDINSWinifred R04 Jul 198077n/a 
T57GILBERTAlice Maud- 195053wife1897
S22iGILBERTCharles H2001 n/a1923
T57GILBERTCharles Henry- 198286main1896
N06fGILBERTEvelyn M1903 n/a1905
S03bGILBERTIrene26 Jan 196650n/a 
T66GILLJean04 Aug 196637daug1929
T28GILLOTTIda Lillian09 Nov 194358wife1885
T28GILLOTTJoseph Perciva18 Feb 194058main1882
D23GLOSSOPJoseph02 Oct 185360main1793
D23GLOSSOPMary15 Jul 184517daug1828
D23GLOSSOPMary31 Mar 186468wife1796
N07aGLOVEREric24 Mar 2002 n/a1926
A02GOLDBYJohn06 ff 1964infmain1964
A02GOLDBYPhilip Walter25 Jul 197064?1906
S31GOODLADEdwin04 May 193169main1862
S31GOODLADEmma- - - wife 
S11eGORMLEYM  n/a 
F20GRATTONJohn02 Nov 182832main1796
N07eGRAYRobert A15 Jun 200390n/a 
B14GRAYSONJames W09 Jul 199667 1929
R34GREENCatherine23 Jan 186673wife1793
R36GREENElizabeth10 May 188768main1819
R34GREENHenry04 Jan 184021son1819
R34GREENHenry19 Jan 186266main1796
R36GREENJohn Henry10 Oct 18611son1860
N05eGREENStanley23 Dec 198979n/a 
R36GREENWilliam Wall11 Apr 18581son1857
B08GREEWOODHarry16 Jan 199769 1928
H49GREGORYAndrew10 Feb 18401main1839
D07GREGORYAnn06 Feb 1731 main 
D18GREGORYAnn29 Aug 178973wife1716
D17GREGORYAnn- 1815 ? 
D16GREGORYChristopher01 Jan 183114son1817
D18GREGORYChristopher13 Dec 183280son1752
E12GREGORYEliza24 Nov 18596sister1853
D17GREGORYElizabeth15 Nov - main 
E05GREGORYFanney27 Jul 178266wife1716
E12GREGORYFrederic20 Oct 18424main1838
S10dGREGORYG  n/a 
D17GREGORYGeorge03 - son 
E12GREGORYGeorge04 Nov 185217brother1835
H49GREGORYHannah19 Aug 18--14son4
D18GREGORYHelen15 Aug 176019daug1741
D18GREGORYJames18 Dec 181759son1758
D16GREGORYJames19 Dec 182511son1814
N26GREGORYJohn28 Mar 178186?1695
D06GREGORYJohn03 Apr 181118son1793
Q54GREGORYJohn Frances12 Oct 195373main1880
E04GREGORYJonthan25 Jan 179170main1721
E05GREGORYJoseph23 Aug 176260main1702
R26GREGORYJoseph14 Jun 183578main1757
D16GREGORYJoseph14 Jul 185667main1789
D18GREGORYJoshua17 May 179787main1710
D16GREGORYLydia13 Aug 184356wife1787
S10dGREGORYM  n/a 
H47GREGORYMartha10 May 185021main1829
D17GREGORYMary01 May - daug 
E04GREGORYMary16 May 179781wife1716
Q54GREGORYMary Elizabeth21 Mar 197084wife1886
N33GREGORYMr.07 24 -60main 
R26GREGORYSusanna10 Oct 182763wife1764
D06GREGORYWilliam- - main 
N26GREGORYWilliam08 May 176454main1710
D06GREGORYWilliam31 Jul 17962son1794
R42GRIEVEEdith Emily01 Oct 189825main1873
R42GRIEVEMary Emily22 Oct 18986mthsdaug1898
M59GRIFFITHSJane02 Jan 186573main1792
R05GRUNDYRobert20 Apr 17608main1752
A39GUINNESSFanny E03 Nov 189867main1831
S17hGUISEFrankDec 1989 n/a 

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The above information was contributed by David Dalrymple-Smith in October 2006.

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