Eyam - Roll of Honour, 1915

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Compiled and edited by Rosemary Lockie © Copyright 2004
with special thanks also to David Turner.

Parochial Roll of Honour (December 1, 1915)
(including Nether Padley *) [1]

In addition to the sailors and soldiers whose portraits are here reproduced the following are also serving their Country:-

 Trooper Matthias Attwood, Queen's Own Yorkshire Dragoons.
 Pte. John W. Barber, 14th Manchester Regiment.
 Corp. Fred. A. Barker, 6th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. Wallis Barker, 6th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. Frederick Brocksop, 16th Sherwood Foresters.
 Sapper John Buxton, Royal Engineers.

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 Pte. Edgar Carter, 11th Pioneers.
 Pte. Sidney Crittenden, Royal Field Artillery.
 Corp. Charles Ellison, West Yorkshire Regiment.
 Pte. Frank Eyre, 3/6th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. Harry Frith, 6th Cheshire Regiment.
 Pte. Ernest Froggatt, Royal Army Medical Corps.
*2nd Lieut. Vernon Greaves, 6th Duke Well. Regt.
*2nd Lieut. Donald Greaves, Royal Garrison Artillery.
 Pte. Frank Hemsworth, Howitzer Brigade.
*2nd Lieut. Frank Holland, 6th Duke Well. Regt.
 Pte. Joseph Hodgkinson, 3rd Sherwood Foresters.
 Farrier Tom Hudson, Army Service Corps.[2]
 Pte. Maurice Kent, 2nd Grenadier Guards.
 Pte. John Kenyon, 16th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. George Longden, 11th Pioneers.
 Gunner Edmund Middleton, Royal Field Artillery.
 Pte. Thomas Middleton, 2nd Middlesex Regiment.
 Pte. Willis Mason, 16th Sherwood Foresters.
 Herbert Nettleship, Motor Transport, A.S.C.
*Pte. Arthur Roose, Royal Field Artillery.
 Pte. Frank Sheldon, Army Service Corps.
 Corp. Charles Short, 12th York and Lancaster Regt.
*Pte. Benjamin Thompson, Royal Horse Artillery.
 Trooper Charles Uttley, 1st Life Guards.
 Pte. John Wain, 16th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. Fred West, 16th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. Harry West, 2/6th Sherwood Foresters.
 Pte. Isaac White, 13th Sherwood Foresters.

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1665 - 1915.
LORD of Hosts, be Thou our strength
In this our hour of need;
Before Thy Throne we humbly pray
For grace to intercede.

Forgive, O LORD, our nations sins,
In thought, and word, and deed;
Forgive our sad internal strife,
Our selfishness and greed.

Help us, with strong enduring faith,
Thy guiding hand to see;
Give us the heart to do our part,
However hard it be.

May Eyam remember how of old
Stood forth her noble band,
Who chose to stay in danger's day,
And died to save the land.

And now there comes a wider call,
The banners are unfurled;
"Stand up in might to help the right,
Go forth and save the world."

We plead, O LORD, for grace and strength
For those who hear Thy call;
In war and strife, in death and life,
Thou rulest over all.

So may we fight against the foe
Till war and tumult cease;
Give us through strife more perfect life,
The world more perfect peace.

August, 1915.S. L. O'F.[99]

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The above text, between the two short horizontal lines, is a transcription of pages 18-20 of ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’ - Eyam Roll of Honour, 1915. See its Introduction for more details.

Additional Notes:
[1] An asterisk (*) beside a name marks those who came from Nether Padley - Ed.

[2] Farrier Tom HUDSON was later the village Blacksmith in Grindleford. (Information thanks to Alan Jacques)

[99] It may be that the author, ‘S. L. O'F’ was ‘S. L. O'FERRALL’, and related to Lieut. C. L. O'FERRALL, whose portrait is included in the booklet. At the time, all readers would have known who he or she was, and indeed a Cyril Lucien O'Ferrall is noted as Rector of Eyam in 1930 - see Rectors of Eyam - a Chapter in “The Plague Stricken Derbyshire Village or What To See In and Around Eyam”, by Rev J.M.J. Fletcher.

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