Map of Derbyshire (1878) - Information

This Map of Derbyshire in 1878 and others in a series of Old County Maps were scanned by Malcolm Farmer from the 9th edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, published by Adam and Charles Black and Co., of Edinburgh between 1870 and 1890. After the 11th edition, the rights to the Britannica name were sold to what is now the Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. who own that name as a trademark; however, copyright in editions prior to the 12th has lapsed, so to the best of our knowledge, the source material for these maps is out of copyright.

I am most grateful to Malcolm for very kindly providing the one of Derbyshire for me to play with, and for his support and encouragement along the way. Overall presentation is based on his design, and the CGI scripts are modified versions of ones he has written. E&O are (naturally) my own.

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