St Mary's Church, Tissington (1999)

Recent Photograph of St Mary's Church (1999) (Tissington)

St Mary's Church, Tissington and St Leonard's Church at Thorpe both appear very similar, in having very solid towers, and both originate from Norman times. Tissington has a tympanum above its south doorway, protected by a porch of recent times. It has a chequer-board pattern with animals (one apparently trying to swallow its own tail) and two small human-like figures There is evidence on the side pillars of arrow-sharpening - from the time of Edward III, every Englishman was required to own a bow of his own height, and provide one for his son. Boys were then required to practice with a bow and arrow every Sunday afternoon on the south side of the church.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Church guide leaflet - A Short History of Tissington and its Parish Church. 1988.

Image contributed by Andrew McCann on 12th April 1999.
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