Pictures of the Past : Old Revolution House, Whittington

Old Postcard of Old Revolution House (Whittington)

‘Revolution House’, is where conspirators gathered to discuss their plans for the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688. Since this postcard (bearing date 1908) it has (re)acquired a thatched roof - see our more recent photograph. In contrast, Plate 107 in Gladwyn Turbutt's A History of Derbyshire reproduces a sketch of the property from 1788, showing a much longer structure, following a characteristic ‘long house’ style, and a plan showing 6 rooms internally. The distinctive dormer window is however still present, but the entrance doorway is to its left, rather than on its right as on this postcard.

Prior to the Revolution, tradition has it (so Turbutt tells us) that the Earl of Devonshire, the Earl of Danby and John Darcy were due to meet on Whittington Moor, at a convenient mid-point from their respective estates, but a shower of rain drove them into a nearby alehouse then known as the ‘Cock and Pynot’ Inn (at the junction of Dronfield and Eckington roads). It was therefore the vagaries of the English weather which led to this humble building being the place where tactics were agreed in assisting William of Orange in assuming the English throne.

The previously-mentioned plan was drawn up in 1788 by Hayman Rooke to mark the centenary of the occasion, he ‘being willing to preserve a representation of the Revolution House at Whittington, which probably, will not long withstand the ravages of time...’

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Julie Bunting on 17th February 2008.
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