The Gospel Hall, Buxton

Recent Photograph of The Gospel Hall (Buxton)

This church is now dedicated for worship as the Church of God. The building itself was erected in 1896, according to an inscription on a foundation stone behind the pulpit, visible on a photograph on Steve Bulman's Churches of Britain and Ireland website.[1] An additional note says the pulpit is no longer used, so it seems safe to assume it was associated with the building's original dedication.

According to a document on the present Church's website, the Churches of God were re-established between 1892-94, predominantly from companies of believers generally known as “Open Brethren”. None of Kelly's Directories available to me shed any light on whether the Gospel Hall in Buxton was included in this number. Their only mention of a place of worship in Darwin Avenue (or Darwin Street, as it was recorded in 1895) was a Catholic Apostolic Church, which existed from (at least) 1895-1932, according to Kelly's Directories of those years. Thus it seems likely its members were the building's original occupants.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

[1] Labelled as “The Gospel Hall (Meeting Place of the Church of God in Buxton, 1896) on Hardwick Square South” on the page for Churches of Britain and Ireland: Buxton, Derbyshire.

Image contributed by Alf Beard on 28th May 2004.
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