Some Memorial Inscriptions - Edale, Derbyshire
Holy Trinity Churchyard

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Sheila Turton, 8th June 2003.
This group of 4 Rowbotham (Rowbottom) Graves are in a field opposite the church. They can be reached by going through a stile, where they may be found leaning against the wall on the right.
A1. Stone on the left:
In Memory of
Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM son of Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM
that was interred in 1829
who died July 11th 1864 aged 78 years
Also Betty ROWBOTTOM wife of Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM of Grindbrook
died Aug 12th 1850 in the 67th year of her age.
Also Thomas ROWBOTTOM son of the above
who died Oct 31st 1891 aged 80 years
Also Grace ROWBOTTOM wife of Thomas ROWBOTTOM
who died Dec 30 1903 aged 73 years

A2. Stone left of centre:
In Memory of Mary ROWBOTTOM
wife of the late Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM of Grindsbrook
was interred June 15th 1838 aged 74 years
Also their daughter [unnamed]
interred November 6th 1801 aged 8 years
Also Margaret their daughter
interred Jan 15th 1814 aged 26 years

A3. Stone right of centre
John ROWBOTTOM of Car Bank, Edale
died April 3rd 1682 aged 58 years
Also Robert ROWBOTTOM son of John ROWBOTTOM
died Oct 30th 1716 aged 71 years
Also Gilbert ROWBOTTOM son of Robert ROWBOTTOM
died Aug 2nd 1719 aged 41 years
Also Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM son of Gilbert ROWBOTTOM
died June 21st 1778 aged 65 years
Also Mary ROWBOTTOM wife of Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM
died April 5th 1795 aged 72 years
Also Nathaniel ROWBOTTOM
son of Nathaniel & Mary ROWBOTTOM of Grindsbrook
interred December 12 1829 aged 78 years

A4. Stone on the right:
In Loving Memory Of
Mary daughter of Thomas and Grace ROWBOTTOM
who died Feb 24th 1884 aged 25 years
Also Elizabeth their daughter
died July 9th 1855 ages 11 months

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