St Wilfrid's Church, Egginton (Aumbry & Sepulchre)

Recent Photograph of St Wilfrid's Church (Aumbry & Sepulchre) (Egginton)

The information board poses the query:
“An Aumbry or an Easter Sepulchre?”
And continues:

“There is doubt about the use of this cavity.

It is unusually large for an aumbry - the place used for storing the holy oils for baptism, confirmation and the annointing of the sick, which were blessed each year by the Bishop in his cathedral on Maundy Thursday.

An Easter Sepulchre, however, was normally sited on the north side of the altar, but it would have been of this size and shape. It was used to hold the altar cross and the consecrated communion bread from Good Friday until Easter Sunday. A constant vigil was kept from Good Friday until the ceremonial removal of the cross and the Host, symbolising the Resurrection of the crucified Christ.”

Yes, that is a teddy bear you can see in the middle niche!

(Transcription provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Janet Kirk on 7th September 2009.
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