Some Newspaper Articles mentioning Matlock

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The Derbyshire Times, Saturday, January 20th, 1923


Supposed Wealthy Matlock Woman's Husband Out of a Job.

Mr. Edward Henry Smith-Wilkinson, husband of Mrs. Smith-Wilkinson, formerly a Mrs. Southerns, proprietress of Chesterfield House Hydro, Matlock, known variously as the “Countess of Monte Cristo” and “Madame Aladdin”, in consequence of her extravagant mode of living, is in want of a job, according to the “London Express”. Smith-Wilkinson says his wife has gone to South Africa, and to a newspaper man he has been “letting daylight” into her supposed extravagances. He says they spent £150 at the Ritz Hotel in London, and returned to Nottingham to a meal of bread and dripping! His wife, he says, promised him £1,000 and a cheque book when they were married, which he never got, and the wedding breakfast consisted of a cup of coffee at Derby station! He borrowed the money both for the ring and license, and still owed it. His wife obtained her money from shares in a Matlock hydro bought at 3s. 6d. and sold at 33s. 6d., and from the sale of a Nottingham Hotel. He alleges that his wife spent £30,000 on clothes in London. and Paris, but most people will swallow this with a grain of salt. Smith-Wilkinson, whose former name was Smith, said at their Nottingham bungalow he had to scrub floors, as their only servant was a man who came in daily. His wife paid him 8s. a week for gardening. As to the prices paid by his wife, Smith-Wilkinson says the wonderful necklace supposed to have cost a million was bought for £80, and her Russian head-dress supposed to have been bought for £346,000 cost £50! Smith-Wilkinson complains that his wife never gave him any money, and that he has only an Army pension of 8s. a week. After being handyman for so long to his wife and with his general experience he should not have much difficulty in getting a job.

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