Norbury, SS Mary & Barlok's Church - a List of Incumbents

Compiled from various sources by Janet Kirk, © Copyright 2005

c.1220Jordan (de Grendon?)John Fitzherbert (4th Lord)
c.1240Robert le Chaplain (of Rossyngton)Sir William Fitzherbert (5th Lord)
c.1250Henry (clerk? of Norbury)Sir William Fitzherbert (5th Lord)
c.1262Hugo de Stapleford, priestSir William Fitzherbert (5th Lord)
c.1266Bartholomew, clericusSir Henry Fitzherbert (6th Lord)
c.1270John (le clerk at Snellestune)Sir Henry Fitzherbert (6th Lord)
c.1271Roger (? later Bishop of Coventry)Sir Henry Fitzherbert (6th Lord)
c.1285John le Cu, clericus of SnellestuneSir Henry Fitzherbert (6th Lord)
1320Roger Fitzherbert de Peverwych
(or Parwich) - Acolyte
Sir John Fitzherbert (6th Lord of Norbury)
1340Henry de Kniveton curateSir John Fitzherbert (7th Lord)
Walter Fitzherbert (Builder of the chancel)Sir John Fitzherbert (7th Lord)
1395Henry de Kniveton II deaconWilliam Fitzherbert (8th Lord)
1424Richard KyngstonSir Henry Bothe
1461Nicholas FitzherbertNicholas Fitzherbert (10th Lord)
1466Henry PrinceNicholas Fitzherbert (10th Lord)
1500Thomas FitzherbertJohn Fitzherbert (12th Lord)
1518Ralph ListerJohn Fitzherbert (12th Lord)
1535 John Fitzherbert in the person of John Pypis
-- also Vicar of Doveridge 1520-1551
Sir Anthony Fitzherbert (14th Lord)
1627Thomas HarpurThe King "per pravitatem simoni"
1628John Drope 
1639Nathaniel WilliamsMartha Fitzherbert,widow
1668Anthony TrollopeSir Simon Degge
1723William SaundersJohn Sherrat de Leigh
1757Simon MillsThomas Mills
1785John GranvilleThomas Mills
1789Thomas BinghamFrancis Bingham
1834Clement Francis BroughtonClement Francis Broughton
1871Snelston separated from Norbury
1871William HunterSamuel William Clowes
1894Douglas AdamsonSamuel William Clowes
1905Armine George MetcalfeHenry Arthur Clowes
1920Herbert Priestly MathersTrustees of the late H.A. Clowes
1926Snelston re-united with NorburyAlternative Patrons
to be (1) The Stanton family of Snelston
and (2) the Clowes family of Norbury
1946Leonard John BowyerMiss M.V. Stanton
1953William Ernest Gyde FiskMajor L.A. Clowes
1959Vivian James NickallsMiss M.V. Stanton
1965John Stott GamonMajor L.A. Clowes
1973Frederick RossLt. Col. J.R.G. Stanton
1978From 1978 Norbury and Snelston held in plurality with Clifton.
The Vicar of Ashbourne to take a third turn in the excercise of the Patronage.
1981Norman DaughtryMajor L.A. Clowes
1990John ReadMrs J.R.G.Stanton
1995Andre HartThe Vicar of Ashbourne
2004Harold DobbinMrs J. R. G. Stanton

Recorded by Janet Kirk on 10th September 2005 - many thanks, Janet.

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