Some Memorial Inscriptions - Sheldon, Derbyshire
St Michael & All Angels Churchyard and War Memorial

Note: Sheldon churchyard was not concecrated as a burial ground until 1853. Prior to this burials are known to have taken place at both Chelmorton and Bakewell. There are relatively few memorial stones, but a full transcription is available on Rev. Clive Thrower's Home Page.

War Memorial

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Christopher Bennett, 14th July 2003. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Thomas NAYLOR, died 29 August 1837,
aged 40 years. Interred at Chelmorton.
Wife Esther, died 26 August 1870,
aged 79 years.

A2. John NAYLOR, died 21 July 1881, aged 59 years.
Wife Eliza, died 28 December 1910,
aged 86 years.

A3. William NAYLOR,
died 10 February 1924, aged 66 years.
Wife Elizabeth, died 29 January 1929,
aged 78 years.
Daughter Dorothy, died 25 January 1903,
aged 14 years.

died November 1837, aged 50 years.
Wife Elizabeth, died 3 June 1882,
aged 87 years.
[most of the inscription is now badly eroded]

died 16 June 1968, aged 73 years.

A6. Stanley BROCKLEHURST, 1902 - 1985.
wife Dorothy, 1909 - 1985.

A7. Henry CARSON, died 1862.
Wife Martha, died 27 November 1867,
aged 37 years.
[most of this inscription is now badly eroded]

A8. James LONGDEN, Stone Mason,
died April 27 1857, aged 57 years.
He was setter of masonry at
Chatsworth House for 37 years.
Wife Martha, died 19 January 1876,
aged 75 years.

A9. Grace GYTE, widow of Anthony GYTE,
died 11 December 1883, aged 63 years.

A10. Anthony GYTE of Sheldon,
died 30 August 1883, aged 67 years.
Wife Louisa, died 26 April 1893
aged 66 years.

A11. Mary GYTE, died 13 October 1854,
aged 70 years.
husband Thomas,
died 25 March 1865, aged 86 years.
John GYTE, died 24 February 1866,
aged 59 years.
Elizabeth GYTE,
died 9 February 1878, aged 73 years.
Thomas GYTE
died 30 March 1878, aged 69 years.

A12. Anthony GYTE son of Anthony & Maria[*] GYTE,
died from wounds 2 November 1917.
Interred at the Larch Wood Railway Cutting,
Zillebeke, Belgium
Daughter Emily, died 28 April 1928,
aged 37 years.
Wife Maria, died 15 November 1934,
aged 77 years.
Husband Anthony, died 14 June 1945,
aged 81 years.

[*]"The Diaries of Maria Gyte of Sheldon: 1913-1920" - were published in 1999 by Scarthin Books of Cromford. The diaries give an interesting insight to life in a Derbyshire village during that period, and the tragic results of The First World War.

B1. To the Glory of God / and in memory of those
who have given their lives / in the service of king and country,
in the Great War 1914 - 1918.
This memorial is erected by / their relations and friends.

Anthony GYTE.

"Greater Love Hath No Man Than This,
That A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends"

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