The Feudal History of the County of Derby

Volume 1, Chapter 20 - A Muster Roll of 21 Edward III. (1347/8)
by John Pym Yeatman

This transcription by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2002

Chapter XX.

A Muster Roll of 21 Edward III.

The following Muster Roll is copied from Wolley's MSS. in the British Museum, No. 6698, fol. 182. It is of great interest. Although only a copy, it may be valuable as legal evidence, since the whole of the early Muster Rolls deposited in the Record Office have within the last few years been pulped, as appears by the returns on the subject of the destruction of Records made to Parliament.

It can be dated definitely by the entry relating to John Lord Darcy, who was then in custody. His father died 21 Edward III., and he himself was summoned to Parliament the following year. It was made before Reginald de Grey and other justices, at the Feast of St. Innocent, Edward III. [Ed:1347/8]


Richard de la Vache is Lord of Bolsover, and with the king's army in France; and has with him one armed man and two archers; and in the same vill are 4 free tenants - Roger le Peinerton, William le Wright de Clown, Thomas fil Gilbert, Rich Marjori - who each have goods worth 40s.; and in the same vill also are two bowmen - Henry le Webster and William fil Hugo.


Thomas de Goushill, lord of one-third of the Manors of Barlbro and Whitewell, remains in the country.
John de Hyde, lord of another third, is in the army.
Thomas Rednes and Ranulf de Rye, lords of another third. Thomas has to the value of 0.s., and Ranulf has lands 20s.
Free tenants - John del Byrks 40s., Wm. Clackwell 40s.; Roger Folville 4 m., with two bowmen, Robert le Wayht and Wm. Godfrey.


Nich de Beck and Ralf de Welwyk are with the king's army.
Free tenants (in goods) - Wm. de Romlay 20s., Wm. Ward 20s.; Rad de la Forth 20s.; 1 bowman, Wm. Dankyman.


Henry fil Henry, Lord of Beighton, with the king's army in the company of the Earl of Richmond. Free tenants - Will de Staynton 40s., Robt del Peck 40s.; 1 bowman, Henry de Marcham.


John Freschville, lord of half same, and within age, and in custody of the king, and is in the king's army in France, and in the company of John de Wyncoyk, Chev. Prior of Newstead is lord of the other half. Roger Somer, his goods, 4 m. 1 bowman, Wm. Sakare.


The Prior of Newstead lord of half Routhorn.
The Abbot of Derley has 5 bovates in Glapwell; Robert de Glapwell has 4 m. in land; 1 bowman, John Doget.


John de Willoughby and Ralf de Ferrars are lords, and they are with the army in France. Rad de Wod, goods 20s.; 1 bowman, Adam Taylor.


Abbot. of Welbec lord; Henry de Docmanton, free tenant, 40s.; 1 bowman, John Coke.


Anker de Freschville, lord, is with the army, and in the company of John de Grey. Reginald de Lacy, lord of one-third part, has lands worth 100s. Thomas de Wortley rents there 40s.; Edmund Savage, lands and goods, 40s.; John de Brimington, lands 20s.; Robert de Norton, goods 20s.; Will del More, 20s.; 1 bowman, Alexr. Bradschaw.


John fil John Lord Darcy lord, and in the custody of the king, and within age. Free tenants - Wm. Dolphin has goods 40s.; Wm. Smith, 20s.; Robert Jolyf, 20s.; 2 bowmen, John and Roger de Bromley.


Isabella, widow of John de la Legh, lady, has lands worth 10m.
Freemen - John de Herdwick, 40s. in lands; Robert Savage, 40s. goods; Richard Savage, 20s. lands; 1 bowman, John Wyndgate.


Wm. Grey, Lord of Sutton; 5 m. Free tenants - Bertram de Bolingbroke with the king's army, and in the company of Simon Simeon ; Richard Bevereg, 20s.; Win, de Blythworth, 20s.; 1 bowman, Thos fil Wm.


Odo Hodynet, lord, and has lands £15. Two bowmen, John le Smith and Thos fil Jacob.


Roger Beler, lord, is in the army in the company of the Duke of Lancaster, with one freeman, Rich Francis, goods 40s., and 2 bowmen, Richard Stephen and John fil John de Docmanton.


Thomas de Chaworth is Lord of Alfreton, £10. Simon de Birtvill, 40s.; bowmen, John Osmond and Henry de Ufton. Thomas, Lord of Norton, c. s.; 1 freeman, 40s.; 2 bowmen, Adam Parcar and Robert fil Hugo.


Bowman, Richard Chapman.


There are 29 vills besides the vill of Chesterfield, and 19 lords of vills aforesaid, besides other armed men, are with the king in France. Wm. Deincourt is lord of 2 vills. He is not assessed, because he is in the custody of the King of France.

Ekington and Palterton are in the king's hands. Scarcliff, Brampton and Normanton, Duckmanton, Routhorn and Wysington, are not assessed, amongst other reasons because they are in the hands of religious. The following were also mentioned:-

Reginald de Grey, Lord of Shirland.
John Curzon, Lord of Wingerworth.
John Trusbot, Lord of half Bakewell.
Thos. de Bernhall, Lord of Stretton.
Thos. de Holland, Lord of Chesterfield, in which town no one is bound to become an armed man, except six archers in the said town who are skilled in hunting, and not more than 28 are in the service of the king in parts abroad.

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in April 2002 from G4TIFF images,
available as part of David Blackwell's work scanning old, and out-of-copyright books.

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