Some Memorial Inscriptions - Bromsberrow, Gloucestershire
St Mary's Churchyard

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 27th August 2007.
Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Francis I.S. JONES 4 Oct 1868, 50
Elizabeth, w, 7 April 1907, 81

A2. Rosa May MICHIN, 1 March 1993, 88
Robert Henry MICHIN, 8 April 1932, 65
Annie Matilda eldest d, 2 March 1895, 4yrs
Hannah Fanny, w/o Robert Henry MICHIN
9 July 1956, 87
Ernest MICHIN 25 Jan 1969, 72
Elsie, w/o Ernest MICHIN
2 Jan 1972, 77

A3. Albert HYETT, 4 Dec 1939, 73
Emily , w, 23 Jan 1846, 82

A4. Vincent T. MORRIS 1879-1947
Doris, w, 1891-1971
Eunice E. ELLIS, d, 1919-2002

A5. Thomas MORRIS
Late Churchwarden of this parish
30 May 1913, 74
Mary, w, 7 March 1934, 77

A6. Mabel Jane GRUBB
2nd d/o of the late William & Emma GRUBB
5 June 1968, 88
Edith Mary GRUBB, eldest d,
21 Dec 1969, 90

A7. Joseph BALDING, 15 Dec 1787, 71

A8. John TAYLER, of Redmarly, 17 June 1777, 68

A9. Ann, w/o William GIBBS
Of this parish of Dymock, 24 Jan 1785, 65
William of Dymock 4 Sept 1788, 73
James, s, 19 Feb 1790, 27

A10. Harriet w/o Revd John HILL
And d/o Thomas GIBBS,
Formerly of Bighouse, this parish,
8 August 1841, 39
Thomas GIBBS, interred 8 Sept 1807, 47
Thomas GIBBS, s, 12 Jan 1808, 13 months

A11. Robert HARTLAND
Of Great Lintridge Farm, this parish of Dymock
1 May 1803, 44
Deborah, w, 6 Oct 1819, 52
Elizabeth, w/o Richard ASTON
And d/o Robert & Deborah HARTLAND
30 Dec 1814, 27

A12. Katherine, w/o Eyre William HUSSEY
8 Nov 1893, 53

A13. In the memory the successive proprietors
Of the Brookend Farm, in this parish
who's name are inscribed hereon
This tomb is erected over the ancient family
Burying ground by the lineal descendants and heir.
Guy STONE of Barn Farm, Count[y] Down, Ireland
Ad 1846. The above named Guy STONE 16 June 1862, 54
and Ann his wife died 11 February 1887, 75
And is interred at Comber Churchyard, Co Down
Samuel STONE, JP, 7 Feb 1846 - 9 Jan 1921
Interred at Sorn Churchyard, s/o Guy & Ann STONE

Beneath remains the owners, successors and wives, viz
of William STONE and Joan his wife. He purchased the
above farm in 1464 and died about 1506
Thomas [Guy in original t/scription] STONE died about 1550 and Marjory his wife
Roger STONE died about 1604, Joan his wife
Thomas STONE died about 1658 [1664] Alice his wife
William [James in original t/scription] STONE, died 1684, Elizabeth his wife
Thomas STONE, unmarried, 1798
In memory of Elizabeth STONE, 1849 -1943
Interred at Comber Co Down, d/o Guy STONE
And last member of the STONE family of Brookend

In memory of Guy STONE, Esqr, of the City of Westminster
and s/o William STONE of the Brookend. He died 1743
aged 82 years and is interred in the churchyard of
St Martin-in-the-Fields, in that city and Mary his wife
who died 1698 and is interred at Ham[m]ersmith
Also in memory of the only surviving son, Samuel STONE, Esqr
Major in the 32nd Regiment who after a life of active service at
home and abroad died 4th December 1758 aged 64 years an[d] is
interred at Killyleagh Count[y] Down and of Margaret his wife who
died 1734 aged 38 years and is interred in St Andrew's Churchyard, Dublin
Also Rev'd Guy STONE, eldest son of Major Samuel STONE
He was 30 years Prebendary of Kilroot, and Incumbent of Comber
In the Diocese of Down, died 5th June 1779 age 61 and is interred at Comber
and of Margaret his wife who died 15 March 1803 age 72 and is interred at Comber
Also in memory of their eldest son, Samuel STONE, Esqr, for 32 years
Captain and Paymaster of the Londonderry Milit[i]a. He died 16 January 1825
age 63 years and is interred at Londonderry, and Anne his wife who died
10 December 1810 age 32 years and is interred at Comber
This tomb is erected by their only child

A14. Thomas STEPHENS
Of this parish 16 July 1866, 52
Sarah, w, 28 March 1886 [looks like] 73

A15. James SMITH, 12 Feb 1900, 73
Mary Ann, w, 12 May 1901, 71

A16. Mary Ann, w/o Alexander ROBIE
Of Bromsberrow, 23 Dec 1885

A17. John BULLEN 18 Sept 1847, 36
Judith, w, of Lower Brookend,
21 Jan 1847, 43
John JUNCEY, 29 May 1879, 77
[Ed: cf burials of John PULLIN 22 Sep 1847, 36
and Judith JAUNCEY 26 Jan 1847, 43]

A18. Henry MOORE, 2 Dec 1809 - 1 July 1886
Elizabeth, widow, 15 Feb 1902, 79
Agnes MOORE, youngest d, 10 Dec 1928
Lucy MOORE, 28 April 1940, 85
Edward MOORE, 2nd son, 24 Jan 1852 - 30 March 1884

A19. W.A. TROTTER, 6 July 1936, 74
Millicent, w, 27 December 1938, 70

A20. Service Death
Charles Edward STAREY, Flying Officer, Royal Air Force
Died 23 July 1961 age 22. s/o Herbert and Mary

A21. Gwenllian THORNTON, 14 February 1978, 66
Hilda THORNTON, 10 January 1984, 102
Philip THORNTON, M.B.C. Major, Retired, R.A.E.C
3 January 2001, 87

A22. Thomas LILLEY, 21 June 1926, 67
Elizabeth, w, 23 June 1962, 91

A23. Richard BROOKE, Esqr
Of the Grove House, 14 June 1879, 62
Eldest s/o Rev'd Richard BROOKE who is
interred in the family vault in the churchyard
Annie Louisa, widow, 28 June 1890, 68
Alice June BROOKE, d, who died at Grove House
16 May 1870, 16
Richard Eaton BROOKE, eldest son
28 February 1880.
Edward Henry BROOKE, s, 19 March 1858, 3yrs
Frederick William BROOKE, died in the Transvaal, 1893
Charles Whately BROOKE, died in Natal 1911, s/o
Richard & Annie Louisa BROOKE

A24. George GOODE of Little London, Haffield
Born 1860, Died 1931
Isabella, w, 8 March 1952, 85 or 95

A25. Charles Arthur STRANGE
Rector of this parish, 1921 - 1928
Died, 6 December 1928, 44
Margaret, w, 1 Feb 1936

A26. John STOKES, late of this parish
10 March 1858, 59
Elizabeth, w, 31 March 1865, 71

A27. Esther, w/o William SMITH
Of Old Shails in the parish of Dymock
8 July 1852, 83
Edward JONES, grandson, 12 October 1844, 15

A28. Annie WINTLE, 15 July 1911, 60

A29. Sandstone plaque on Church Wall
Near this place are deposited the remains of
Rev'd Henry Gorges Dobyns YATE, L.L.B
3rd s/o Robert Dobyns YATE Esqr of Bromsberrow Place
in this parish by Eliza, d/o Richard GORGES, Esqr
of Eye Court in the County of Hereford. He was 31 years
Rector of Bromsberrow and Fretherne in the County of
Gloucester and of Evesbatch in the County of Hereford
of which Cathedral, he was also a Prebendary and one
of His Majestys Justice of the Peace for the counties
of Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford
He died 25 October 1812 age 55

B1. Tablet
Robert George Dobyns YATE, Esqr
26 May 1785, 33
he married Annabella Cristiana only d/o
William HONEYWOOD, Esq of Malling Abbey
in the county Kent and sister to Sir John HONEYWOOD
Bart, by whom he had two sons.
Walter HONEYWOOD and Robert George Dobyns
And three daughters Annabella Christiana, Caroline Elizabeth
and Anna Marie / Who all died in infancy
Elizabeth, youngest d/o Robert Dobyns YATE Esqr by his wife
Elizabeth, d/o Richard GEORGES Esqr of Eye in the county
Of Hereford, 15 June 1784, 19yrs
Annabella Christiana, widow of the before mentioned
R.G.D, Esqr died 6 April 1808, 55

B2. Tablet
Annabella Christiana eldest d/o of Robert Georges YATE, Esqr
And Annabella Christiana his wife, 16 Oct 1789, 15
Having loved her with tenderness affection and considered her
as their adopted child.
The Revd Robert FLOTE and Ann his wife erected this Tablet to her memory

B3. Tablet
Of The Upper Inner Temple, London Esqr
Barrister at Law 2nd s/o Richard YATE of Arlingham
In the county of Gloucestershire, Esqr
He married Jane one of the daughters of William BARNFLEY [BARNSLEY]
In the county of Hereford Esqr and relict of John VANHAM
Of Bidbury [Bibury?] on the county of Gloucestershire. Died 29 May 1749, 47
Jane, died, 3 Feb 1748, 58
[unable to read the last line] Son

B4. Brass plaque on the Wall
John Barrington RUSSELL
Lt, 2nd Rifle Brigade, only son of Raymond
And Dorothy of Bromsberrow Grove House.
Born 5 October 1922, Killed in action, 28 April 1943
Buried in Military Cemetery, Massicault, Tunisia.
"Well Done"

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