Some Memorial Inscriptions - Dymock, Gloucestershire
St Mary's Churchyard

Latest Additions New 5th June 2009

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 21st July 2005. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Aaron WEBLEY, 26 April 1886, 74
Liza, w, 25 March 1888, 52
James, s, 10 June 1853, 4yrs
Annie & Frederick died in their infancy

A2. Joseph BAYLEY, 23 June 1842, 22
Ann Merla, d, William & Harriett BAYLEY,
25 Jan 1848, 2yrs & 9 months
Charlotte, d/o George & Hannah BAYLEY,
24 July 1852, 7yrs
Hannah, w/o George BAYLEY, late of Ledbury,
18 Jan 1877, 74
Thomas BAYLEY, 27 Dec 1885, 52
Ann Selina, w/o William BAYLEY,
9 Oct 1914, [looks like] (87) [stone eroded]
William BAYLEY, 14 March 1925, 84

A3. Hannah, w/o Richard BOUGHEY,
12 Jan 1872, 72
Richard, above, 6 Feb 1875, **

A4. Joseph, s/o Younger & Hannah HOOPER, Yeoman,
Of this parish, 30 Nov 1821, 28
Robert, his brother, 30 Nov 1824, 18
Elizabeth w/o Younger HOOPER of Hazards 11 Nov 1838, 48yrs
Har, Eli HOOPER d/o Cha & Sar HOOPER [as per inscription]
of the Lower House, in this parish 25 June 1852, 18
[Auth: I wonder if Har Eli d/o Cha & Sar could be
Harriet Elizabeth d/o Charles & Sarah]

A5. Reuben BASSEN, 21 July 1898, 65
Sarah Ann, w, 11 April 1902, 69
Eideu DAWES, granddaughter
21 Jan 1899, 1yr

A6. Jane, w/o Alfred COX,
Died at the Hill Ash Farm, Dymock,
3 June 1894, 76
Alfred, above, 20 April 1900, 70

Sgt, 1585086, M.H. WIDDOWS,
Air Gunner, Royal Air Force, 25 Feb 1944, 20

1401875 Ldg Aircraftman, K.A. WATKINS,
Royal Air Force, 16 Oct 1946, 24

A Table of Benefactions to the Poor of this Parish
B1. J7J7. [1717] Robert WINTOUR of the Inner Temple, London, Gent by his laft will and Testament gave for ever to the Minifter and Church wardens of the Parish of Dymock for the time being and his Executor Sr Orlando HUMFRIES the Annuity or Yearly Sum of Thirty Pounds to be paid out to all his Eftate of which he Dyed pofsefsed, to be laid out by them in Clothing Twenty Poor People Inhabiting in the faid Parish of Dymock who do not or fhall nor Receive any Almes in or from the faid Parish to be feen in the faid Clothes Yearly in the faid Parish Church upon every Chriftmafs [Christmas] Day, the faid Annuity to be paid clear of all Taxes

B2. J7J9. [1719] William WEALE Citizen & Haberdasher of London gave for ever to the Poor of this Parish the Yearly Sum of Five Pounds to be Diftributed in Corn at the Feast of the Nativity of our Saviour to be paid by John WEALE of Ockington Gent and his Heirs for ever

B3. J734. [1734] Mr William HOOPER of this Parish gave for ever towards a Charity School the yearly sum of three Pounds to be paid clear of all Taxes out of his Eftate called Wood=end

B4. J650. [1650] William SKINNER of the parifh of Ledbury Dr [Doctor] of Law gave for ever to the Poor of the Parifh of Dymocke the Yearly Sum of four Shillings to be paid out of his Eftate called ye Fair=Tree

B5. William WALL of Lintridge Efqr gave for ufe of the Poor of this Parifh for ever, three Tenemts Adjoining to Dimocke Street Sence Demolifhed with a Garden Containing at the Eaft and Weft Ends Eleven yards Each, in Length next the Boyce Lane on the North fide 72 yards two feet on the South fide 72 yards.

B6. Thomas MURREL gave for ever to ten Poor Widows of this Parifh of Sober Converfation the Intereft, of ten Pounds

B7. The above W HOOPER gave the sum of ten shillings to the Minifter of this Parifh to Preach a Sermon To recommend Charity on Candlemas Day & Catechife [Catechise] the children of the above School Payable out Of a piece of ground between Stonberrow-bridge & St Michael's Field

Latest Additions New
The following MIs were kindly contributed by David Ranford, 1st June 2009. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
C1. A four-sided Memorial to the left of the Church entrance
Side 1
Dinah SKIPP relict of
the late John SKIPP of Donnington
who departed this life June 23 1795
Aged 85 years

Side 2
Elizabeth the wife of Samuel FORTY and dau....
of Richard SKIPP by Margaret his wife who
Died Jan 24 1790 Aged 18

Also Catherine FORT.....
died March 19 1790 Aged 1

Also Mary the wife of G.......
SKIPP of The Old Grange in the
Parish who departed this ....
March 15 1836 Aged 58 Years

Also of the above name ......
George SKIPP who died
Feb 19 1861 Aged 86 years

Side 3
In the Memory of Richard SKIPP
who departed this life August
the 1 1786 Aged 40 years

Also Margaret the wife of the
above Richard SKIPP who died June the 25 1805
Aged 60 years

Side 4
In the Memory of
Robert the son of Rich
and Margaret SKIPP
He departed this life March
the 12 1781 Aged 6 weeks

Also in memory of Robert
their son the second of that
name. He departed this life
Dec 28 1783 Aged 1 Year

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