Some Memorial Inscriptions - Great Barrington, Gloucestershire
St Mary's Churchyard

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 25th May 2007. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Charles JONES, 11 November 1900, 56
Ernest, s, 7 August 1902, 21

A2. Elizabeth TOMBS, 5 October 1886, 74
William TOMBS, V.S, 15 February 1890, 80

A3. John PATTEN, s/o Robert & Joan PATTEN
5 May 1787, 70
Joanna, w, 9 March 1784, 90

A4. Thomas BRIDGES and Elizabeth his wife
He, 23 December 1726, 83
She, 24 October 1720, 59 or 69
William BRIDGES 31 October 1811, 90
Thomas, s/o John & Ann MATTHEWS
16 July 1806, 1yr and 4 months
John BRIDGES jnr, [looks like] May, 1798 age 70
[stone weather worn]

A5. Sarah, w/o Thomas WAIT of this parish
d/o Thomas & Mary MATTHEWS of
Great Rissington, 19 April 1864, 63

A6. Ester, w/o John WAIT, 30 December 1889, 61

A7. James FIELD, 16 October 1899, 87
Mary, w, 12 March 1897, 79
George FIELD, 6 January 1858, 65
Mary, w, 15 April 1864, 79

A8. Eliza, w/o Charles PRESTON
d/o John and Hannah LONG of Westwell
17 October 1855, 27

A9. Ann LONGSHAW, 17 September 1882, 78

A10. William Howse SMITH
Of Great Barrington 2 October 1877, 59
Susannah, w, 14 Dec 1882, 45

A11. Elizabeth Deborah, w/o John Packer WAKEFIELD
Of Kencott, 18 June 1867, 28

A12. Mary Ann, w/o William Henry LOW
7 October 1841, 36

A13. Daniel, s/o William Henry & Mary Ann LOW
26 December 1835, 18 months

A14. William ORGAN, 16 January 1876, 68
Mary ORGAN, 22 November 1836, 27

A15. Elizabeth, w/o James FAULKNER
12 November 1889, 59

A16. Sarah MICHIN d/o William & Ann MICHIN
Late of North Moreton in the county of Oxon
28 December 1819, 43

A17. Ellen Julia Letitia MOSS, 16 March 1888, 48

A18. Ellen Amelia CLIFFORD, w/o Sidney Charles
6 July 1891, 57
Sidney Charles, above, 27 December 1908, 78

A19. William Walter WOODROW
s/o Jeremiah & Anna, 1 May 1871, [looks like] 38

B1. Captain Cecil John Talbot WINGFIELD
4th Kings Royal Rifle Corps, born 25 July 1881 and was
mortally wounded near Ypres on April 24th and died at
base Hospital, Boulogne 29th 1915

B2. Frances, Baroness DYNEVOR, born 20 February 1772
Died Sunday August 13, 1854
This monument is erected to her memory by her children

B3. Within this chancel are deposited the mortal remains
of George Talbot, Baron DYNEVOR, born October 8th 1765
Died upon Good Friday April 9th 1852
This monument is erected to his memory
by his widow and his children

B4. The monument was erected by Edmund BRAY, Clergy and Francis his
wife in memory of their children, Jane and Edward. She dyed of Small
Pox at her aunt CATCHMAY's in Gloucefter [Gloucester] on Munday
the one twentieth of May 1771 in the eights year of her age much
lamented; Her extreme good qualities having engaged. He dyed upon
Chriftmas [Christmas] Day 1720 of the Small Pox at the Royal
Academy at Angiens, France in the fitheen year of his age. To much
esfteemed for his good senfe and fine temper that every gentleman of
the academy [for foreighner as well as Briton] feem'd to rival each other
in laying juft honours to his memory and the beaut'ys of his person were
equal to thofe of his mind The free stone effigies is for Capt Edmund
BRAY whose father Reginald BRAY was buried at Taynton but moft of
the underwritten [Defcendants from him] lye here interred. Viz Reginald
his grandson; Reginald his son and Reginald his grandson who dying
before Sr Giles, the eftate came to Sr Edmund BRAY, the youngest
son of Sr Giles. He married Frances one of the daughters and
Coheireffes of Sr William ASHCOMB of Alvefcot [Alvescot] in
Oxfordshire and by her five sons, Viz Reginald, Giles, Edmund, John
and Ashcomb and two daughters Ann and Mary Reginald dyed of
the Small Pox December 23 1688. Edmund was bred to Arms and dyed
Major to Sr Harry JONE'S Regiment of Horfe [Horse] at the Siege of
Maftrick [Mastrick], of the Small Pox. Giles, John, Ashcome and Mary
all dyed of the time fatal diftemper to this family. Ann dyed an infant; the
last named Reginald married Jane, daughter and Heirfe of William
RAINTON, Efquire of Shilton in Berkshire and by her had six sons, Viz,
Giles, Reginald, William, the prefent Edmund, Reginald and William and
nine daughters, Frances, Barbara, Jane, Ann, Mary, Catherine,
Frances, Margaret, and Elizabeth. Giles dyed of Confumption
[Consumption] at Oxford, Reginald dyed young, William dyed of the
Small Pox, the second Reginald was bred at St John's College at
Oxford and dyed greatly lamented October 1st 1712. The second
William dying upon the ninth of April 1720. He was many year a
Lieutenant Colonel of Horfe [Horse] here and in Flanders and was
univerfull efteemed in the army in the first parliament of King George. He
was Sherif[f] for Monmouth was a true patriot a good soldier a faithfull
friend and a kind brother. Frances dyed of the Small Pox in 1679,
Margaret dyed 1705, Catherine dyed 1706, Elizabeth dyed 1723,
Barbara, Jane, Ann, Mary and the second Frances was yet living

B5. In loving memory of Edward Rhys WINGFIELD, Esqr of Barrington Park,
eldest son of Captain Edward Ffolliott WINGFIELD, 2nd Life Guards
and the Honourable Frances Emily WINGFIELD, eldest daughter and
Co-Heiress of George RICE-TREVOR, 4th Baron Dyn[e]vor. Born March
9th 1849, married May 2nd 1871 Edith Caroline, daughter of the
Reverend Peter Almeric Leheup WOOD, Rector of Copford, Essex and
Canon of Middleham, Yorks died March 14th 1901, 52 Also of his wife,
born September 13th 1849 died December 21st 1935 age 86

B6. To the memory of the Right Honourable William TALBOT, 2nd Baron
of Hensol, Co. Glamorgan, Earle Talbot and Baron Dinevor of Dinevor,
Co. Caermarthan, P.C., Lord Steward of the Household and Lord High
Steward at the Coronation of George III second son of Charles, Lord
Chancellor TALBOT. Born May 16th, 1710, married February 1734,
Mary, daughter and Heiress of the Right Honourable Adam De
CARDONNEL, P.C., M.P. of Bedhampton Park, Southampton and
died at Sutton in Surrey April 27 1782 He left to survive him an only
daughter, Lady Cecil, Baroness Dynevor, widow of the Right Honourable
Edward RICE, P.C., M.P. Lord Lieutenant of the Co. of Carmarthen

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