Some Memorial Inscriptions - Leckhampton, Gloucestershire
St Peter's Churchyard

Latest Additions New 28th October 2005 [collected 5 Feb 2009]

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 28th October 2005. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Sgt Pilot Jack Charles MARSHALL,
Flying Instructor Royal Air Force,
Killed while flying at Penraeth, Anglesey,
7 Jan 1954, 28, h/o Jean

A2. Harry Norman LEE,
Capt, 59 Scinder Rifles, F.F,
2nd s/o Harry LEE, who was
KiA at Civence, 19 Dec 1914, 29

A3. George Rainer CRAWFORD, C.B, I.A,
Eldest s/o Major Francis Haden CRAWFORD,
98th Regt, late Colonel 40th Pathansal, also
1st Commandant, 10th Service Battalion,
Duke of Wellington West Riding Regt,
Born 28 May 1862, Died 22 August 1915

A4. Evelyn Mary ATKINSON, 5 August 1967, 68
Flying Officer Anthony James ATKINSON. R.A.F.V.R.
Killed in Rhodesia, 16 Feb 1945, 20
Buried in R.A.F Cemetery, Salisbury, Rhodesia,
Reginald Virgo ATKINSON. O.B.E,
11 June 1979, 84

A5. George Frederick, only s/o
Frederick & Emily DELMAR-WILLIAMSON,
Firs Lodge, Leckhampton,
Lieut: in the Black Watch and R.A.F,
Accidently killed whilst flying over Chippenham,
On July 12th 1918, and interred here aged 19
He served with bravery and distinction flying
Against the enemy in France and in raids over England 1918

Frederick DELMAR-WILLIAMSON, died 15 December 1943, age 82
Emily ROWLEY, beloved wife for 48yrs, died 16 June 1942, 77
Mary Louisa METCALF, widow of Col, Cyprian BRIDGE
of the 58th Regt, 29 October 1908, 89

Separate Memorial, same Grave
Christine MORRISON 3 December 1896 - 27 November 1983

Separate Memorial, same Grave
Major, Ronald MORRISON, York & Lancaster Regt
h/o of Christine for 55 yrs. 25 February 1896 - 15 May 1979
[Ed: additional Memorials added 19 May 2009]

5/290589 Pte W.H. CAUDLE,
Royal Army Service Corps,
6 July 1918, 31

Separate Memorial, same Grave
John Charles STEVENS
28.4.1911 - 26.12.1991
Rhonna Ann May STEVENS, nee CAUDLE
7.2.1910 - 6.12.1995.
[Auth: both died at Worthing]
[Ed: separate Memorial added 19 May 2009]

45966 Pte G.C. HUNT,
Worcestershire Regt,
12 April 1917, 18

TR/8/31064 Pte F.W. HALL,
Hampshire Regt, 20 Nov 1918

7478 Pte F.W. REILLY,
Gloucestershire Regt,
22 March 1919, 31

A10. CWG
Captain J.F. DEARDEN,
D.S.O., M.C. and 2 Bars,
Royal Fusiliers, 6 Oct 1919, 23

A11. Maurice Desmond QUILL,
Captain Royal Marine Artillery, who was on active service for
Nearly four years of the Great War and died from injuries sustained
While on duty 17 June 1918, 22
Marian Muir Randolph QUILL, 14 Jan 1933, 72, his mother

Latest Additions New
The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 5th February 2009. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
B1. Major General, Sir Henry THUILLIER
K.C.B., C.M.G., late Royal Engineers
11 June 1953, 85

B2. Service Death
Sgt, Pilot, Jack Charles MARSHALL
Flying Instructor, R.A.F, killed while flying
at Pentraeth, Anglesey, 7 January 1954, 28

B3. George Rainer CRAWFORD, C.B., I.A
eldest s/o the late Major Francis Haden CRAWFORD
98th Regiment, late Colonel, 40th Pathans, also
1st Commandant, 10th Service Battalion, late of
Wellington's West Riding Regt
28 May 1862 - 22 August 1915

B4. To the beloved memory of Richard SHUBRICK
General in the H.M Indian Army
11 January 1820 - 26 April 1888
Erected by his sorrowing widow & children

B5. Flora Ann, widow of General Richard SHUBRICK
H.M. Indian Army and elder d/o
Lt Gen, Sir Walter Raleigh GILBERT, Baronet, G.C
11 January 1818 - 2 October 1894

B6. Bernestine PROWTING
d/o the late Rev, T. ROBERTS, M.A., Oxen [Oxon]
Rector of Belstone, Devon
died 13 August 1887 at Leckhampton aged XIII
and granddaughter of Major G.H. BELLASIS

B7. Caroline, w/o Isaac TELLING
4 June 1826 - 21 March 1898
15 April 1823 - 3 April 1889

B8. Boer War Death
Elizabeth, relict of Lt Col, Edward Hungerford EAGAR
40th Regt, d/o late Denis KELLY, Esq, of Castle Kelly, Co Galway
Ireland, died at Cheltenham, 19 December 1892
also in loving memory of her son Edward Boaz EAGAR
Capt in the 5th Fusiliers who fell at the Battle of Belmont
South Africa, 23 November 1899, 39.
Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down
his life for his friends

B9. Mary, w/o Ernest William DEACON
12 June 1883 - 20 March 1938
Ernest William DEACON
21 June 1880 - 26 April 1960

B10. Sarah ROBINSON, 17 January 1891, 74
Sarah Ann, d, 2 May 1922, [no age given]

B11. Two War Deaths
Captain Charles LOUSADA, J.P. E. Devon
late 9th Regt, 20 December 1824 - 7 August 1904
Charlotte Sophia, w/o Capt Charles LOUSADA
5 September 1847 - 1 October 1894
In loving memory of
Bertie Charles LOUSADA, Capt, York & Lancs Rgt
British Expeditionary Force, killed in action at Ypres
9 May 1915 age 20
Their names liveth for ever
Edward Arthur LOUSADA, Lt, Royal Sussex Regt
B.E.F., killed in action at Ypres, 31 October 1914, 25
Greatly loved and deeply mourned

B12. George POIGNAND, Colonel, retired, formerly of the
Prince of Wales, Leinster Regt, Royal Canadians
8 October 1843 - 2 October 1913
George Clive Irving POIGNAND, Capt RASC
25 November 1925, 34
His medals were to be sent to the Red Cross Hospital
4 Percival Terrace, Paighton, but were sent to
c/o Messers COXTEO, 16 Charing Cross London, S.W.1
he applied for his medals 23 November 1922

B13. Catherine Maude widow of George POIGNAND
Colonel, of the Leinster Regt, d/o Charles Astley WALTERS
F.R.C.S of Cheltenham, 29 March 1934
Dorothy Irene Beryl POIGNAND, d/o Catherine Maud, above
9 January 1965
Captain C.A. POIGNAND, Royal Navy, 1887 - 1976, Buried at Sea

B14. Charles Astley WALTERS, M.R.C.S:, L.S.A
[Member of the Royal College of Surgeons and
Licentiate of the Society of Apothecaries]
29 September 1824 - 8 July 1892
Erected by his children

B15. War Death
Richard CHESHIRE, Sgt of Commisioners
also 1st Battalion of the Grenadier Guards
Born at Whittlesea, Cambs, 11 February 1841
Died at the Delancey Hospital Lodge, 21 October 1907
The results of an accident at the hospital
James Richard CHESHIRE, killed in action in Flanders
6 July 1915, Gloucestershire Regt and the 49th Coy,
Royal Garrison Artillery, s/o F. CHESHIRE and nephew of above
Greater hath no man than this that a man lay down his
life for his friends
Sarah, w/o Richard CHESHIRE, 15 June 1938, 88

B16. Seymour OSBORNE, Lt, R.N. s/o the Rev'd Edward &
Mary OSBORNE of Oakley in this parish, 19 November 1861, 22
Let this stone be a memorial of affection, regret and hope

B17. Lt Colonel, John James HENRY, R.A.M.C
who died 2 December 1908.
A distinguished Veteran of the Indian Mutiny
and the New Zealand Campaigns, from his sorrowing
sisters whose resting place are on either side of this tomb

B18. War Death
Colonel, Samuel Richard TICKWELL
Bengal Army, Born 1811, died at Cheltenham 20 April 1875
Maria Georgina, w, Born 1825, died at Ealing, 23 June 1918
Their grandson
Captain, Templer Henry SCOTT, 87th Punjabis
who fell in action, 26 April 1915, near Ypres and
was buried on the Field of Battle
Additional information with the kind permission
of the CWGC
Capt, 87th Punjabis, attached to the 47th Sikhs, died aged 31
Son of Benjamin Charles George SCOTT and Ada E. of
74 Madeley Road, Ealing, London
Buried at Bedford House Cemetery, Belgium

B19. Rev'd Thomas Allen SOUTHWOOD, M.A for 37 years
Head Master of the Modern Dept of Cheltenham College
19 September 1895, 75
Henry Boyd CARDEW eldest s/o Major General CARDEW
late Royal Artillery and nephew of above
27 March 1863 - 9 January 1904
Cornella d/o late Captain H. CARDEW 26 February 1894, 69

B20. Sarah Elizabeth, w/o T.J. COTTLE of Pulteney Villa
Cheltenham, 10 June 1889, 65
Mary Elizabeth 2nd w/o T.J. COTTLE
who died at sea 12 April 1894, 54
Emily Harriet THOMAS, sister of above Sarah Elizabeth COTTLE
of Pulteney, Cheltenham 12 October 1898, 87

B21. General Richard BUDD of the Madras Army who died at
Belfont, Cheltenham 22 January 1885, 90
This monument erected in loving memory by his children
Caroline Rose BUDD, d/o late General Richard BUDD
who died at Torquay 29 March 1926, 89

B22. Lt Col James Gandy GAITSKELL, late Bengal Army
5 April 1813 - 29 January 1885
Stanhope Egremont, s/o Lt Charles GAITSKELL
Lincoln Regt 13 April 1888 - 30 June 1889
Emily Todd his widow who died at Dresden
15 May 1900, 73
Aileen Egremont d/o Charles GAITSKELL
22 February 1894 - 10 November 1894

B23. William Colville JAMES Lt Half Pay, Royal Marines
grandson of David JAMES Esqr, J.P of Womaston
Radnorshire, 6 June 1846 - 12 May 1895
Mary Lucy JAMES, w, 12 January 1922, 77

B24. Anna Maria BEEVER widow of the late
Jonathan BEEVER, Esquire of Cefn Coch
County Denbigh & d/o the late Colonel PEERS
of Plas Newydd Denbighshire 7 January 1883, 76

B25. Henry BATHE late Captain 5th Fusiliers died at
Cheltenham 20 January 1882, 42
Harriet, widow, who died at Cheltenham
20 December 1884, 45

B26. Charles John HENRY late Captain 56th Regiment
3 November 1806 - 3 October 1879

B27. Catharine Senhouse widow of Cecil William BUCKLEY V.C.
Captain in the Royal Navy and only d/o Henry & Isabel FALCOLN
of Doynton in the County of Gloucester 4 May 1875, 32
Cecil William BUCKLEY died at Madiera 7 December [looks like 1970, 42]
Frank BUCKLEY, infant son who died at Madiera February 1875 14 months

B28. Maria Loetitia w/o William WILSON
of Rigmaden near Kirkby, Lonsdale Esqr, J.P. & D.L.
for the County of Westmorland who departed life at
Cheltenham 15 December 1873, 56

B29. Mary Ann w/o Charles Frederick MILLS
of this parish, 17 October 1868, 58
Charles Frederick MILLS 3 April 1895, 83
Ruth his widow 18 March 1922 [Cremation]

B30. Christiana Elizabeth, widow of General S.R. James A. HOPE
G.C.B., 19 September 1818 - 20 January 1907
Florence Warner HOPE youngest d, 26 April 1925

B31. Sarah Elizabeth, w/o Captain Richard LITCHFIELD
Royal Artillery, 17 February 1863, 65
Richard LITCHFIELD 14 September 1865, 75
Served in the Peninsular War 182-14
Helen Mary TUKE granddaughter & eldest d/o
Henry George TUKE, Barrister at Law, 5 May 1886, 28

B32. Sophia, w/o Thomas WOOD M.A
Late Chaplin, Bengal Establishment
12 April 1862, 39

B33. William FLETCHER of Suffolk Square, Cheltenham
22 October 1883, 75
Sarah, w, 7 August 1876, 68
Agnes, who died in Tasmania 30 April 1838, 6 weeks
Charles Philip died at Melbourne, Australia
13 February 1846, 4 months. Children of William
and Sarah FLETCHER
Eliza Holland FLETCHER, d/o William & Sarah FLETCHER
of Suffolk Square, Cheltenham, 2 July 1865, 20
John, eldest s/o William & Sarah FLETCHER
of Suffolk Square, Cheltenham who died from the
effects of an accident at Melville Plains Station,
Liverpool Plains, New South Wales 30 November 1865, 26
Charles Melbourne FLETCHER 26 August 1921, 71
Sarah Jane FLETCHER 16 March 1932, 95

B34. Lt Col James MELLOR, late Madras Army
31 December 1869, 70

B35. Henry James ROBERTSON
Late Captain, 1st Rifle Brigade
formerly in the 60th Royal Rifles
15 May 1864, 56

B36. F.H.J. Augustus, Baron Du Bois De FERRIERES
of the Netherlands, died at Cheltenham 27 September 1864, 65
also his only son, Charles Conrad Adolphus, Baron Du Bois De FERRIERES
died at Cheltenham 4 October 1909, 85

B37. War Grave
Private 45966 G.C. HUNT, Worcestershire Regt
Died 12 April 1917, 18

B38. Lizzie, w/o David LEWIS, 30 August 1887, 31
Alice Elizabeth, d, & widow of Thomas William MORGAN
Barrister at Law of Gray's Inn, 9 July 1951, 69

B39. War Grave
Private 5/290589 W.H. CAUDLE
Royal Army Service Corps
Died 6 July 1918, 31

B40. Amelia BLUNDELL widow of Col, Frederick DERVILLE
Royal Madras Artillery and relict of
Major General Frederick BLUNDELL, C.B., of the same regiment
14 March 1895 on the eve of her 91st birthday

B41. Wooden War Grave Cross [No Grave]
L/Cpl Alfred William George ENOCH, M.M.
Killed in action 21 July 1916
He is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France
but the above cross is from his grave somewhere on The Somme
I wonder why it was removed?

B42. Crimea War Death
Lt Col Thomas Cox KIRBY, K.H, 86th Regiment
1783 - 1850
Mary Ann KIRBY, w, & d/o John KNIGHT, Esqr
of Whitchurch, Salop, 1792 - 1861
Their youngest d, Caroline Georgina, w/o
Richard C. WEBB, Esqr, 1833 - 1873
only so/o Lt Franklin KIRBY, 93rd Highlanders
Born 1835, died in the Crimea 1853

B43. Robert Henry Stuart JACKSON
Late 97th Regiment, Captain & Adjutant to the
1st or South Durham Militia 26 March 1818 - 18 October 1854
Hamilton Stuart, s/o Robert Henry Stuart JACKSON
& Elizabeth Mary Emily his wife 9 July 1849 - 3 August 1855

B44. Tomb stone, [part of the inscription has eroded]
Charles Fox Champion CRESPIGNY, born at
Hintlesham Hall near Ipswich 30 April 1785
Died at Cheltenham 4 March 1875
Constance Trent Pulteney Champion CRESPIGNY
of H.M. 96th Regiment. Born 5 May 1851
Died 26 January [looks like 187*], younger s/o
Philip Robert Champion CRESPIGNY
of St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
[Auth: St Kilda is a beautiful place to visit]
Eliza Julia, w/o Charles Fox Champion CRESPIGNY Esqr
17 July 1855, 59

B45. Sophia LAVINGTON, for nearly sixtry years an steem and
valued Servant in the families of Admiral T.W. CARTER, C.B.
and of his father in law the late Admiral Sir Archibald Collingwood DICKSON
Bart, 18 May 1858, 75
This monument is erected by those in whose recollection her
unselfish goodness and her faithful love will ever freshly live

B46. Ann, w/o Edwin JOYNER of this parish
10 December 1857, 22
Cornelius JOYNER, 9 April 1855, 70
Sarah, w/o the above 1 April 1856, 66
Edwin JOYNER 11 January 1899, 70
Dorothy Esther JOYNER, 1899 [stone has sunk]

B47. Martha, w/o John SLATTER 15 May 1857, 50
Deeply lamented by her children & friends
John, h, above, 9 July 1874, 70

B48. Phoebe BECKWIRTH w/o William BECKWIRTH
3 June 1862, 43
William, above, 22 June 1890, 70
Edwin, s, 28 June 1913

B49. Priscilla PARKER w/o George PARKER
of this parish 15 February 1832, 42
Harriot, d, who died in infancy
Sarah Ann JECKS, d, 5 January 1917, 90

B50. Francis LIPSCOMB, eldest d/o the late
Rev'd William LIPSCOMB, formerly Rector
of Welbury, Yorkshire, died at Cheltenham
11 December 1854, 71

B51. Maria Arabella, relict of the late
General, George SWINEY, Colonel Commandant
19 Brigade, Royal Bengal Artillery 26 October 1884, 84
General George SWINEY, Colonel Commandant
19 Brigade Royal Bengall Artillery
Died 10 December 1868, 83yrs 8 months & 3 days

B52. Elizabeth STUDD, w/o Thomas STUDD
27 April 1785 - 27 April 1855, 70
Thomas STUDD, 12 October 1865, 76

B53. George Henry Gream, s/o George E. BLENKINS, Esqr
Hon Depty Inspector General of Hospitals, Grenadier Guards
who died at Cheltenham 23 December 1872, after 5days illness
aged 11yrs, 2 months & 3 days

B54. Lt Col Henry Heaton HOBSON, late Bombay Army
who fell asleep in Jesus at Malvern Wells 26 June 1872, 68
Susan Eliza Biggs HOBSON, w, who died at Cheltenham
20 December 1909, 86

B55. Jane LANE, d/o J. LANE Esqr of Loch Caro, Co Cork
died at Cheltenham, 9 February 1860, [looks like 37]

B56. George SHIPTON 9 October 1840, 47

B57. Sarah, w/o Joseph GARDNER who after a long
and painful illness borne with Christian resignation
departed life 21 June 1867, 61
Joseph GARDNER, above, 26 September 1880, 72

B58. Major, William Hugh DUNLOP, late Royal Irish Rifles
Deputy Lieutenant & Chief Constable, East Riding of Yorkshire
1899 - 1924. Died in London 28 November 1924, 66

B59. Maria, w/o Joseph CLARKE, 15 March 1898, 82
Eliza Matilda, d, 24 October 1871, 26
Joseph CLARKE [stone has sunk]

B60. Margaret Ada WORKMAN 26 October 1896, 49

B61. Mary, w/o S. SEYMOUR of Brandon Terrace
in the parish, 24 February 1898, 71
Samuel, h, above, 1827 - 1908

B62. Charlotte Augusta BLIZARD
8 December 1896, 79
Louisa Alice w/o Daniel COGHLAN
d/o Charlotte A. BLIZARD 22 January 1914, 67

B63. Mary Louise McLACHLAN
23 March 1871 - 21 February 1873
Major, A. Charles McLACHLAN, M.C
18th Hussars, 6 November 1873 - 18 June 1950
Arthur Cecil McLACHLAN, 20 October 1877 - 1 June 1953
George A. McLACHLAN, 11 May 1875 - 28 May 1967, 87

B64. FENWICK Family Plot
[Most of these inscriptions are faint]
Side 1
John Edward Addison FENWICK
of Thirlestaine House, Cheltenham, for nearly 40yrs
Vicar of Needwood Co, Stafford [Barton under Needwood]
28 June 1824 - [looks like 18] May 1893

Side 2
Catherine Somerset WYITENBACH, w/o The Rev'd
E.A. FENWICK of Thurlestaine House, Cheltenham
& d/o Sir Thomas PHILLIPPS, Bart, F.R.S, of Middle Hill,
Co, Worcester 26 April 1823 - 4 June 1913

Side 3
Thomas Fitzroy Phillipps FENWICK, 3rd s/o Rev'd
John Edward Addison FENWICK of Thurlestaine House
Cheltenham, 30 August 1856 - 1 September 1938

Side 4
Lucy Clara, d/o Colonel George Fenwick DALLAS
& 2nd w/o Thomas Fitzroy FENWICK, formerly w/o
Charles Edward Emery HALSTED & mother of
3 May 1872 - 4 November 1955

Side 5
Martyn John Edward FENWICK, Lt Col,
late Dorsetshire Regt. A Magistrate for the
County of Bedford 30 April 1851 - no death date
also of Alys Judith his d, 22 January 1884 - 16 April 1934

Side 6 [inscription very faint]
Barbara Catherine w/o Fit Ph? FENWICK of Thurlestaine
House, Cheltenham, 8 March 1873 - 2 February 1982

Side 7
Maud, w/o Lt Colonel Martyn John Edward FENWICK
January 1859 - 18 July 1919

Side 8
Captain Mansel FENWICK of The Royal Sussex Regt
& 10th Sudanese who died at Hilpost [Hilport] Egypt
28 July 1896 age 36 in the Somgola Expedition and was
reinterred here 25 May 1898.

Separate Memorial, same Plot
Major, Gilbert Edward FENWICK, M.C,
Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, 26 March 1956, 61

Separate Memorial, same Plot
Captain M.A.G.B. FENWICK
Royal Sussex Regt and 10th Soudanese Battalion
Died July 1896, 36
Olive Agnes Emmeline FENWICK
26 July 1918, 86

B65. Gladys Florence NICHOLLS who died at sea
2 November 1959, 58
Victor Thomas NICHOLLS
15 October 1893 - 29 March 1976

B66. War Death
Lt Col W.W.G. GRIFFITH, 32nd Lancers
1st eldest s/o Col J.G.E. GRIFFITH who
fell in action, commanding his regiment in
Mesopotamia 22 April 1917
Colonel J.G.E. GRIFFITH late Indian Staffs Corps
19 February 1902.
Erected in fond memory by his wife & sons
Fanny Augusta GRIFFITH, w, who died at
Clapton Wick, Somerset. 9 February 1936, 95

B67. War Death
Major, Robert Le Mesurier WILLOUGHBY
4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards, 3rd s/o
Admiral J.B. WILLOUGHBY, 16 October 1846 - 28 August 1913

B68. Hubert Clarence VISICK, L.D.S.
of Eastbourne, 23 July 1948, 68
Lilian May, w, January 1952, 69

B69. War Grave
Private TR/8/31064 F.W. HALL
Hampshire Regt, died 20 November 1918

B70. War Grave
Maurice Desmond QUILL, Captain
Royal Marine Artillery who was on active
service for nearly 4 years of the Great War
and died from injuries sustained while on
duty 17 July 1918 age 22
Mariah Muir Randolph QUILL, 14 January 1972, 72
A most wonderful devoted mother

B71. War Death
Alan James CARLES, Lt, Royal Navy
who died at sea in H.M.Submarine E.22
23 April 1916, 22
Richard Eric CARLES, Military Cross 14 December 1924, 32

B72. Charles Frederick PARKINSON
Major General, late 95th Foot [Derbyshire Regt]
16 July 1837 - 15 March 1903
Joanna, w, 6 February 1921

B73. War Grave
Captain J.F. DEARDEN, D.S.O., M.C & 2 Bars
Royal Fusiliers, 6 October 1919, 23

B74. Brig Gen, Hastings READ, G.S & Indian Army
24 October 1928, 76
Ada Mary, w, 14 March 1949, 93
Beatrice Annie STUART, sister of Ada READ
31 May 1943

B75. Brig General Francis Henry HALL, G.B., C.V.O.
Royal Artillery, 19 November 1919, 67

B76. June, 2nd d/o George Henry & Ellen ORMEROD
of Rossendale Lancashire, 9 October 1934
Richard Oliver, 2nd s, 20 November 1935
Margaret Sophia, d, 10 July 1942
Emily Laurencena, youngest d, 1 August 194*

B77. 2nd Lt, Robert GORDON, The Seaforth Highlanders
killed in action at Ypres, Belgium, age 21

B78. Brig General Alexander John H. SWINEY, C.B., C.S.L.,
C.M.G., Royal Engineers, 1933, 67

B79. Humphery St John WILDING, Commissioner
Chinese Maritime Customs, 10 May 1884 - 19 June 1941

B80. War Death
Flt Lieut Jack W. HATHORN, s/o James C.M. HATHORN
killed while flying 4 December 1940, 28

B81. War Death
Gerald Meade GLOSTER, C.M.G
Brig General, late Devon Regt
14 April 1928, 63
also his son
Gerald Charles Edward GLOSTER
Lt, Devonshire Regt, who fell in action
near Ypres, 6 November 1917, 20 and has no known grave

B82. Two War Deaths
Woodforde George Du BOULAY
Colonel, Royal Engineers
18 December 1848 - 6 September 1923
also his sons
Arthur & Hubert who died in the Great War
Rose, w/o above 27 November 1932, 73
Additional information with kind permission of
the C.W.G.C
Arthur Houssemayne Major [Brevet Lt Col] A.Q.M.G.
3rd Army, G.H.Q., Royal Engineers died 25 October 1918, 38
Officer of the Order of Agricultural Merit [France]
Officer of Leopold II with Palm [Belgium],
Croix De Guerre [Belgium] Husband of Blanche nee HORNING
of 3 West Halken Street, Belgrave Square, London
Buried at Fillievres British Cemetery, France
Hubert Lionel Houssemayne, 2nd Lt 3rd attached to
the 1st Wiltshire Regt s/o above of Marchmount, Cheltenham
Commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, France

C1. Frances Money EVANS / aged XXVI years. /
Fanny Rolande / aged II years.
Frederick Lloyd Gambier / aged IX months.
Wife and Children of / Henry Lloyd EVANS /
Major XVIIth Regiment / Bombay Infantry /
All died together June XXth A.D. MDCCCLVII /
at Cawnpoor / being Crushed /
by the fall of the Roof of the Barracks /
struck down by Cannon Shot /
on the XVIth day of the Siege:
Thus by God's Mercy /
they were rescued from / the final Massacre
her brother Charles Henry Fitz Roy GAMBIER
Lieutenant XXXVIIIth Regt, Bengal Infantry /
Mortally wounded in the assault of Delhi:
Died XVIIIth Septr. A.D. MDCCCLVII aged XXIII years
[Ed: we have a photograph of the Evans Memorial]

C2. John BOWEN, Esqr, Commander Royal Navy, who
having served his sovereigns and country with
honour and fidelity departed this life at
Charlton Kings 18 November 1843, 56
Deeply and sincerely regretted by all who knew him
This tablet is erected by his afflicted and affectionate widow
Mors Janua Vitae
Rachel, widow of Captain John BOWEN
31 January 1861, 60

C3. In a vault in the adjoining churchyard are
interred the remains of Richard Holt LOMAX, Esqr
of Town Head, Richdale, Lancashire who departed
this life at Cheltenham 18 February 1854, 53
Hannah, w, who died at St Leonards on Sea
3 September 1862, 59

C4. George Backhouse WITTS 6 September 1912
Sybil Catherine, w, 27 July 1926
Connected to this parish for many years

C5. William Frind Charles BURLTON-BENNET
Captain 6th Royal Warwickshire Regt
26 August 1876, 42
also his mother
15 August 1867, 52

C6. In loving memory of Elsie who passed
away and was buried at sea
Lat36° 7'N Long 12° 39'W, April 30 1913, 24
w/o Ludlow E. HOLT by whom this tablet
is erected, d/o T.W. & Rosetta BRYAN
of this parish
"Until the sea give up her dead"

C7. This tablet erected by his widow as a
slight tribute of affectionate remembrance
is dedicated to the memory of Edward
Randyll WYLDE, Esquire, Royal Navy of
Lansdown Crescent, Cheltenham and
formerly of Tettenhall Staffordshire
who died at Anglesey, Hants, 1 July 1853
His remains are interred in a Vault in this churchyard

C8. Anne SADLER relict of the late Rev'd J.H. SADLER
d/o Robert RICH, Esqr, 27 September 1847, 57
This tablet was erected as a memorial of
love and affection by her surviving son and daughter

C9. The Rev'd James Hayes SADLER, M.A
of Portman Square, London and Keynsham Bury,
Cheltenham. He was second s/o The Rev'd Samuel
Farmer SADLER, M.A. Rector of Matson and Vicar
of Sandhurst in this county. Born January 5th 1795
Died at Cheltenham after a few days illness age 26, 1845
Deeply lamented by his family & friends
This tablet is erected by his mourning widow as
a tribute of love and affection.
[Ed: Keynsham Bury is/was an address in London Road:
q.v. Cheltenham: Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859]

C10. Elizabeth eldest d/o the late James WHITAKER, Esqr
of Spark Brook House, Warwickshire, 13 February 1837, 66
Alice WHITAKER of Wallworth House, Cheltenham
16 January 1853, 79
Mary WHITAKER of Walworth House, Cheltenham
14 September 1861, 85

C11. Ann LONGWORTH, relict of Francis LONGWORTH, Esquire
of Cotswold House, Cheltenham, 3 October 1852, 78
This tablet is erected by her sons and daughters
as a slight tribute of affection and esteem for a most beloved parent

C12. Holland, Quatre Bras, Waterloo, Asseerchur.
Edward Nevil MACREADY, Major in her
Majesty's Service, late 30th Regiment.
This Tablet is dedicated by her, whom he has left to mourn
thro' life his irreparable loss.
Soldier, go home; with thee the fight is won
[Ed: The Battle of Quatre Bras (the name
of a crossroads in Wallonia, Belgium was in 1815;
the Siege of Asseerghur 9th April 1819]

C13. Martha ROLLS who mortal remains rest in a vault
in the adjoining cemetery
This tablet is dedicated by her only surviving daughter

C14. In a Vault in this church are deposited the
remains of the Reverend Thomas LONGWORTH
Vicar of Bromfield, Salop, 7 November 1865, 59
This tablet is erected by his widow as a slight tribute
of affection to the memory of a loved and lamented husband

C15. Thomas Smalley POTTER, Squire, formerly of
Stormer Hill in the county of Lancaster and late of
East Court, Charlton Kings, 9 December 1849, 61
His remains are deposited in a Vault in the adjoining
churchyard, also of his widow
Elizabeth POTTER 18 August 1858, 54

C16. Margaret w/o James HILL, Esqr of Dublin
and d/o John & Lucy NUGENT of Epsom, Surry
who died at Cheltenham 27 July 1834, 30
Her remains are deposited in a vault in the church.
This tablet is erected as a tribute of affection by her attached sisters

C17. In a vault in the adjoining churchyard of the church
are deposited the remains of Susan w/o
John George KENTISH, Esqr, 20 August 1849
John Henry George KENTISH, infant and only son
of the above who died at Nice, 29 March 1849

C18. Lt, Franklin Knight KIRBY, 93rd Highlanders, only
s/o the late Lt Col, Thomas Cox KIRBY, K.K.,
He died of Typhus Fever at the age of 19 while serving
with his regiment in Crimea 16 February 1855

C19. John CAMPBELL Esqr, Captain, Royal Marines
who died in London August 27th 1848, and
lies buried in the church-yard
Catherine, w, 5 November 1880, 81
d/o the late Col, W.J. Tauzia SAVARY
of Wilmington, Kent

C20. Sacred to the memory of Frances w/o
J.B.G. FERRYMAN of Cheltenham and d/o
the late John RICE of Toolong in the County of
Surrey, Esqr, 11 July 1825, 43
It has pleased Almighty God to take her to
himself leaving an afflicted husband and
three infant children to lament and to be ever
deeply senfible of their irreparable lofs
Marianne Susette, youngest d, 5 June 1837, 15
[Ed: John Barke Gustavus FERRYMAN mar
Frances RICE 28 Nov 1813 at St Paul Covent Garden,
Westminster (ex. IGI) Perhaps 'Toolong' is 'Tooting'?]

C21. Lady Mary MORGELL, w/o Thomas MORGELL, Esqr
late Major in the 8th Hussars and second d/o
the late Earl of Lestowell. She departed life at
Charlton Kings 31 July 1841, 55
Her remains are deposited in a Vault in this church yard

C22. Lt Col Thomas Cox KIRBY, K.H
late of Her Majesty's Service who departed the
life at Cheltenham XIX November MDCCI age LXVII
His remains are interred in a Vault in the adjoining churchyard
Mary Ann KIRBY, w, 6 January 1861, 68

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