St Giles's Church, Maisemore

Recent Photograph of St Giles's Church (Maisemore)

This is a very pretty church, and readily accessible via a turning to the right from the main A417 road from Gloucester to Ledbury, opening up into a long tree-lined avenue at the top of which is the church.

It has a very pretty wrought iron entrance archway, leading through the churchyard to the south porch. There is a small statue of St Giles in a niche above the doorway, and above the niche is a small sundial.

The churchyard was extended in 1861, when a medieval Church House, which stood to the south east of the church, was demolished. Its residents at the time, the Morris family, then moved to Maisemore Court, which is just out of sight on this photograph, to the right of the avenue leading up to the church. The Priest's Stall, inside the church, commemorates Thomas Morris, of this family.

The premises attached to Maisemore Court apparently remained in private ownership until at least 1965, but like nearby Staunton Court, are now a Business Park.

[Information summarised from a booklet available in the church]

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 1st July 2005.
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