Some Memorial Inscriptions - Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire
St David's Churchyard

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 25th April 2007. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Martha BAYLIS, the mother of George BAYLIS,
15 March 1834, 76
Catherine, d/o George and Phoebe BAYLIS,
4 Oct 1834, 18
Benjamin, s, 15 Jan 1830, 20
Phoebe (The wife of George BAYLIS)
19 August 1841, 52
George BAYLIS, above, 5 Jan 1857, 70

A2. Martha KEILTY, 4 Jan 1895, 91

A3. Mary WHITE, 28 July 1835, 71
She was the daughter of Samuel & Mary BROOKES
Who remains lie buried here

A4. John COOPER, 10 Sept 1864, 66
Mary, w, 18 Jan 1828, 32

A5. Susannah, w/o Henry Goodear BUSBY
14 Jan 1864, 61
Henry Goodear BUSBY 10 April 1986, 69

A6. Henry Goodear BUSBY, 15 June 1821, 66
George Goodear BUSBY who died in London
20 June 1840, 37
Edwin, brother who died in London
16 August 1864, 59
Both were interred in the family vault at Kensal Green
Eleanor, w/o H.G. BUSBY, 10 August 1817, 52
Benjamin, 2nd s, [unable to read any more, stone weather worn]

A7. William ROBINS
late of Dorn, 30 June 1823, 82
Mary, w, 2 Oct 1834, 82
William ROBERTS, Gent, s,
12 June 1825, 45
Mary MILLER, 4 May 1850, 71

A8. Mr Thomas HEMMING
Of Coldcote Farm, in this parish
26 Feb 1854, 60
Martha HEMMING, 22 March 1863, 51

A respected inhabitant of this town
25 April 1852, 70

B1. Tablet
Thomas Gabriel GUNTER, Esqr
Formerly of Calcutta and afterwards of this town
5 Feb 1837, 51
Sarah, w, who died at Calcutta, 24 Jan 1822, 37

B2. John Jefferies HOOPER, Esquire,
Native of this town, 9 Jan 1845, 62
This tablet is dedicated to his memory by his affectionate
widow, Henrietta who desirous of fulfilling the wishes of
her much lamented husband, has invested in the name of
Rev'd Samuel Wilson WARNEFORD, L.L.D, Rector of
Bourton and Moreton in Marsh with five other gentlemen
the sum of two hundred pounds, 3 per ct consols of the
Bank of England, in trust.
The interest thereof for ever to be distributed by the Rector,
Churchwardens of this parish for the time being on the 3rd
day of December, annually in fuel and clothing to ten poor
persons of the town and parish of Moreton in Marsh

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