Olveston Parish Register, 1741-1812 (extracts)

Here are some notes from the inside front cover of the above register which I found interesting, followed by a selection of “unusual” (or otherwise notable) entries from the Register itself.

Notes inside the front cover of the register

In the year 1752 the New Stile commenc'd by putting the year eleven days forwarder, the Alteration taking place in Sept 1752, in wch month, that wch would have been otherwise the Third day was reckond the Fourteenth, and the date of every year afterwards was ordered to begin from the First day of January.

According to which for the year 1753 I began to make my Entry in this Register.
Chris Shute Vicar

A very remarkable thing in the Parish happend that out of 578 inhabitants but one old Woman (*) upwards of eighty years of Age was buried from February 20th 1751 to March 21st 1753 being Thirteen months.
* An insert, at this point in the original: “Widow Dyer of Fireezwood”

N.B. A great Cyder year generally proves the Bane of the Parish, the free Use of new Cyder being observd to be accompanied with loss of Limbs, Inflammations and Paralytick Strokes of a most stubborn nature, all wch may be ascribed to a volatile Spirit, and flying indigested Tartar containd in the said Liquor, wch if the People would give time to ferment and settle would be tolerably innocent to some and wholesom to others, if moderation be observd, but that I fear is to be despaird of.

This is to inform all those whom it may concern that the Register belonging to the Parish of Olveston in the County of Gloucester was very negligently and carelessly kept by my predesessor, Vicar of the said Parish, insomuch that very few, out of a great number of Births, Marriages and Burials, that happend in his Time are entred in the said Register, to the disadvantage of great numbers that have occasionally come to consult it. And to this Cause it must be imputed that the marriage of Miss Rebekah Aldworth (now Mrs Horton) to Mr Wm Horton, late Major in his Majesty's Service has not been inserted in the said Register, as it ought to have been. Nevertheless be it known to all that the due and regular Solemnization of the said Marriage has never been called in Question or in the least doubted by any one. Given under my Hand this 19th day of July 1763.

Chris Shute, Vicar of Olveston

Here are a few unusual (or otherwise notable) entries from this register:-
Bur:John LEACH Innholder at the Bell30 Apr 1745
Bur:Betty DYER who was accidentally drowned in one of the Reens21 Mar 1747/8
Bap:Hannah WOODHOUSE being a Child left naked at Woodhouse by persons unknown 4 Aug 1749
Bur:Hannah WOODHOUSE an infant an Exposed Child mentioned above17 Jan 1749/50
Bur:Thomas BROWNING of Redwick Surveyor of the Reens6 Mar 1749/50
Mar:Thomas QUINTON & Anne CLARE both servants to Vicar Shute: Banns26 Mar 1750
Bur:James TAYLOR a poor Labourer of Olveston21 May 1753
Bur:Mapson THOMAS Landlord and owner of the White Hart Inn19 Feb 1754
Bur:Thomas POPE of Pilnend who died immediately by a Fall down stairs13 Sep 1754
Bur:Thomas PERRYMAN a hopeful young Man of Elberton13 Nov 1757
Bur:Martha CHITTS of the small pox15 Nov 1757
Bur:William an old Servant belonging to Thos STURGE7 Jan 1758
Bur:Thomas QUINTON Labourer of the Church House13 May 1759
Bur:Reverend Christopher SHUTE MA who was Vicar of this Parish upwards of 25 years & died Jan 2d10 Jan 1767
Bur:William MORGAN killed by a fall from an Apple Tree24 Oct 1790
Bap:Elizabeth d. Philp & Susanna WITHERS
“There is reason to believe the proper name is Mary”
13 Apr 1794
Bur:William a very amiable & much lamented son of John CAMPLIN Vicar b. 15 Jun 179326 Jun 1796
Bur:John another amiable & for ever to be lamented son of John CAMPLIN Vicar b. 3 Sep 179526 Dec 1797

Please note also these are the ONLY entries I have which are not connected with my personal research! They are provided for your interest, and to whet the appetite, as a personal perusal of the register should provide plenty of similar entries relating to your own ancestors in Olveston! :-)

The “Reens” were drainage ditches.

The Olveston Parish Registers

Here is a list of the Olveston parish records held at the Bristol Record Office.
  1. General
    1. 1561-1702 C, 1560-1701 M, 1561-1648 B
    2. 1561-1649 C, 1579-1648M, 1636-1642 B
    3. 1604-1644 C, 1619-1644 M, 1605-1641 B
    4. 1701-1717 C, 1697-1717 B
    5. 1723-1742 & 1756-57 C, 1739 M, 1728-1737 B
    6. 1741-1812 CB, 1742-1798 M
    7. 1766-76 C, 1767-1777 B
  2. Baptisms
    • 1813-1832; 1832-1850; 1850-1886; 1886-1931
  3. Marriages
    • 1754-1812 (inc Banns); 1813-1841; 1837-1918; 1918-1927; 1927-1934; 1934-1950; 1950-1957; 1958-1963
  4. Burials
    • 1813-1846; 1847-1914; 1914-1966

[Transcriptions by Rosemary Lockie in late 1980s]

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