St James's Church, Staunton by Redmarley (Horton Memorial)

Recent Photograph of St James's Church (Horton Memorial) (Staunton by Redmarley)

The inscription along the top of the Monument reads:

William HORTON Esqvire Liethe here who died the 13 Day of November A.D. 1612

William was the Lord of the Manor of Staunton - the estate was settled on him by his father, Thomas HORTON, following his marriage to Mary GRESLEY in 1590.[1]

Unfortunately it was not possible to read the plaque beneath the statues. Arthur Mee's The King's England says the figures represent William's 8 children, but it seems to me just as likely the larger figures are himself and his wife.

There is a close-up of the figures below.

Staunton, St James's Church (Close-up of Horton Memorial)

Above, everyone has ‘eyes-right’ except the little fellow, who has his head turned partly towards us, taking a sneaky look towards the ‘camera’ perhaps?

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

[1] The Victoria County History of Worcestershire, Volume 4 (1924), pp.197-202 (Staunton).

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 3rd November 2007.
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