War Memorial, Bosbury (Inside Church)

Recent Photograph of War Memorial (Inside Church) (Bosbury)

The Memorial is a wooden board on the west wall of Holy Trinity Church. The Inscriptions read:

Here are written the names of men of Bosbury who
Fell in the Great War and in their death won freedom
Ernest BALLARDPte.April 17
Arthur John PALMERPte.May [blank]
Alan BUCHANANPteJune 16
George ROUSEPte.June 20
Henry James JONESPte.Sept 25
Matthew THOMPSONPte.Dec 27
William THOMPSONPte.May 5
Wilfred Gideon HILLPte.Aug 24
Arthur PREECEPte Sept 7
George Thomas POWELLPte Sept 8
Thomas Henry LEWISPte.April 6
Michael OCKEYPte.Sep 26
James GREENSergt.Nov. 6
Archibald Frack BURWOODPte.Dec 7
Thomas Edward ROUSEPte.March 15
Ernest Henry YOUNGDvr.March 15
William Herbert MORRIS, M.M.Pte.Nov 1
Francis Edward BOSLEYPte.Nov. 9
Alfred George BALDWINPte.March 23
Victor Walter PANTINGGunnerNov. 30
Henry WAITETrooperJany. 21
Jack WALKERL/Bmdr.Nov 29

See also the names on the War Memorial Outside the Church.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 18th October 2007.
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