St Bridget's Church, Bridstow (SW View)

Recent Photograph of St Bridget's Church (SW View) (Bridstow)

View from the road. Bridstow is a short distance from the Wilton roundabout, where the A49 meets the Ross on Wye bypass.

Bridstow was better known as ‘Lann San Freit’ (or Lann San Bregit) before the arrival of the Saxons, in whose language it became translated as ‘Holy place of St Bride’.[1]

The LOWV study encompasses 12 parishes, which make up the northern part of the Wye Valley between Fownhope and Bridstow. There is a display inside St Bridget's church illustrating the extent of the study, which includes a list of the holy places in the area before the arrival of the Saxons, with their respective place-names in Welsh.

Lann Badgual (Carey)
Hennlan Super Gui (Llanfrother) Lann Timoi (Foy)
Henlann dibric et lann teilau (Hentland) Lann Suluc (Sellack)
Lann Mihacgel Cil Luch (Gillow) Lann San Freit (Bridstow)
Lann Petyr (Peterstow)

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

[1] Landscape Origins of the Wye Valley (LOWV).

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 3rd August 2006.
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