Coke Family Memorial, Eardisley (2)

Recent Photograph of Coke Family Memorial (2) (Eardisley)

Unfortunately, I cannot read the top part of this memorial; however the bottom inscription records:

Lucy COKE, born 2nd July 1800,
died [looks like] 227 October 1841.
Jane COKE, born 25th June 1799,
died 3rd. October 1858.
The Revd. George COKE, M.A.
Rector of Piddle Hinton, Dorsetshire,
born 8th January 1797, died 20th April 1863.
Isabella, wife or Robert COKE, Esquire,
& daughter of Walter HILL, Esquire of Rocklands,
born 28th May 1793, died 12th September 1870.
Robert COKE Esqr. born 2nd. September 1801,
died 29th December 1876.
Anne, eldest daughter of the Revd. Francis COKE,
and wife of Sir W.S.R. COCKBURN Bart
born 9th March 1798, died 12th April 1879.
William COKE, M.A.
born Novr. 2nd. 1803, died Decr. 2nd 1893.
John COKE, K.C.B. Major General
of the Honorable East India Company's Service,
Bengal Establishment,
Born Novr. 17th 1806, died Decr.17th 1897.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 28th July 2009.
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