St Mary's Church, Fownhope (South Aisle)

Recent Photograph of St Mary's Church (South Aisle) (Fownhope)

Fownhope is a large church, with the south wall of the South Aisle containing some interesting items, which include the ‘Heart of Oak’ Friendly Society Banner, seen on this photograph to the left side of the first arch, a needlework picture (4 feet in length) of Leonardo's painting ‘The Last Supper’, embroidered by the wife of a 19th century Vicar, Mrs Munsey, a commemorative collage for the Millennium created by members of the Womens' Institute, and Fownhope Roll of Honour - names of the men of the parish who served in the Great War, 1914-1919.

Addis, W.J.
Brookes, F.G.
Higgins, P.C.
Jones, C.
Jones, T.
Morgan, J.
Packnell, W.J.
Wellington, J. (M.M)
Goode, W.T.
Mason, H.
Powell, E.
Taysom, E.

Alford, R.
Alford, L.
Biggs, G.
Biggs, R.
Brown, A.
Brown, G.
Brown, H.
Brown, J.
Brown, W.
Brookes, J.
Clarke, A.
Colegate, C.
Davis, J.
Fowler, J.P.
Fowler, L.W.J.
Gange, C.
Gange, E.R.
Godsell, A.
Godsell, D.
Godsell, F.E.
Goode, C.
Goode, F.
Haines, A.
Haines, A.
Haines, E.
Harding, A.
Harding, G.
Harding, J.
Harding, W.
Hardwick, S.
Hoskins, A.
Jauncey, H.
Jenkins, S.C.
Jones, A.
Jones, D.
Jones, E.
Jones, H.
Jones, T.
Lechmere, E.S.
Lechmere, R.T.
Mason, F. (M.M)
Morgan, A.W.
Morgan, E.
Morris, H.
Nott, F.T.
Parry, C.A.
Parry, E.
Parry, J.
Pembroke, F.E. (M.S.M)
Pocknell, A.
Pocknell, C.
Pocknell, J.
Powell, C.
Prosser, W.A.
Rae, A.J.
Roberts, C.
Rowberry, H.
Skyrme, A.E.
Spencer, G.F.W.
Stone, H.
Stone, J.
Stone, T.
Tanner, R.B.
Terry, G.
Tyler, W.J.
Tyler, W.
Waite, C.
Wallis, G.
Walters, C.
Watkins, D.
Watkins, G. (M.M)
Welling, M.
Wellling, W.T.
Williams, J.
Winter, J.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 23rd April 2009.
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