Inside St Giles's Church, Goodrich

Recent Photograph of Inside St Giles's Church (Goodrich)

The key to this church can be obtained from Jolley's Shop in the village which is by the entrance road to the castle, unfortunately you have to reach the church porch before you discover this! So now you know in advance!

The church is at the opposite end of the village to the ruins of Goodrich Castle - perhaps my favourite castle. Sadly the feature I found most memorable from previous visits had to be restored during in the last year (2006). It is a huge column, dividing an arch in the Solar into two bays, which has had some flooring inserted around it to provide additional support - and to stop masonry falling onto visitors below! Still better this than the arch and column to fall!

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 17th March 2007.
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