St Catherine's Church, Hoarwithy (Cloister from Outside)

Recent Photograph of St Catherine's Church (Cloister from Outside) (Hoarwithy)

If it were not so famous, then this church would have been the complete shock of the day. Stuck on a Herefordshire hillside looking out over the River Wye is an Italian Tuscan church, a humble church of the 1840s (the current nave structurally) was transformed by the addition of a campanile and cloister walk running along the south wall of the church. It turns into an atrium on the west wall and a porch in the NW corner. If this isn't enough then to the south is a mature Monkey Puzzle Tree (well that's what I have always called them).

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 26th January 2007.
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