St Mary's Church, Kington (Vaughn Tomb)

Recent Photograph of St Mary's Church (Vaughn Tomb) (Kington)

Here in the Vaughn Chapel is the tomb effigy of Thomas Vaughn, who was killed in 1469 at the Battle of Banbury, supporting the Yorkist cause during the Wars of the Roses. His wife Ellen Gethin (“Ellen the Terrible”) lies beside him. Legend has it that she avenged her murdered brother (David) by attending an archery tournament disguised as a man, and shooting an arrow through the heart of his murderer. An account of the legend is recorded in Tales and sketches of Wales: (1879), which can be found amongst texts available via the “Wayback Machine”.[1]

The Chapel, dedicated by Bishop Orleton in 1325 was endowed and adopted to contain Vaughn's tomb, which may have been set in the middle of the Chapel originally. Since then it has been moved several times to its present position against the chancel wall.

This view is from the Chancel, looking backwards towards the south aisle.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

[1] That magic space, the Internet eBook and Texts Archive.

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 4th October 2007.
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