Dame Anne Morgan Memorial, Kinnersley

Recent Photograph of Dame Anne Morgan Memorial (Kinnersley)

This rather splendid monument is set against the west wall of the Church. The inscription reads:

Near this Place are deposited the Remains of Dame Anne MORGAN, Wife of Sir John MORGAN Bart. and youngest Daughter of Sir Jacob JACOBSEN Knt. and Anne his Wife, eldest daughter of Sir Gilbert HEATHCOTE, Bart.
She departed this Life universally lamented, September the 18th 1764, aged 50. In Respect to whose Memory, her Affectionate & Afflicted Uncle, Theodore JACOBSEN Esqr. erected this Monument with the Consent of her Surviving Husband.
This Excellent Christian was distinguished by the most exemplary Piety towards God, & Love & Duty towards her Parents & Husband. Her good Sense & Sweet Disposition; her Humility & Affability engaged the Affections of her Relations & Friends & the Esteem of all her Acquaintance. To the Poor & Afflicted She Administer'd (with a liberal Hand) Comfort & Support. In Friendship, her Sincerity was perfect. & her Benevolence was universal.
In Short, she was a Shining pattern of Religion & Virtue, & an inestimable Ornament to human Nature. Few approaching so near to the Divine Perfection proposed for Our Imitation, by our blessed Lord him Self
Be Ye therefore perfect, even as Your Father which is in Heaven is perfect.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to read who the other two wall tablets commemorate.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 28th July 2009.
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