St John the Baptist's Church, Llanwarne

Recent Photograph of St John the Baptist's Church (Llanwarne)

A large medieval church, presumably unroofed after a new church was built some way to the west in 1864 (which I did not see - oops!). If my visit was a guide, then the reason for the abandonment of this church was damp, as large parts of the churchyard were filled with water and underfoot the ground was boggy. Both lychgate (in part medieval - most rare?) and porch had a couple of inches of water gathered on the stone flags. Not much to see (remains of an early 17th century hanging monument) but a charming ruin nevertheless. My impression is that the ground level inside the ruin has been raised and yet was still very wet. (Yes I know, no roof - bound to be!)

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 26th January 2007.
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