Plague Memorial, Ross (1637)

Recent Photograph of Plague Memorial (1637) (Ross)

The inscription on the base of the cross reads:

An. Dom 1637
Burials 315
Libera nos Domine

The plaque in the foreground reads:

This Cross was erected
as a Memorial to 315 people
who died in Ross
during the Plague of 1637
and who were buried nearby
at night without coffins
‘Libera nos Domine’

The Rector at the time of the plague outbreak was Henry HACKETT, and he left the town at the start of the outbreak, along with other wealthy residents, but the Vicar, Philip PRICE stayed, and his leading a procession of witness, singing the Litany is said to have delivered the town from the outbreak.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Mel Lockie on 27th October 2009.
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