Some Memorial Inscriptions - Rowlestone, Herefordshire
St Peter's Churchyard

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Rosemary Lockie, 25th June 2009.
Includes all wall plates - some are more readable than others.
A1. In / Memory of Anne the /
Daughter of John WILLIAMS
by Anne his Wife died
Sept. ye 10 1792 Aged 1? Years
Also John Son of the
above who died the 6th
of April 1803 aged
10 months

A2. Sacred / to the Memory
of John? PRICE / of the Parish of
Langua / who died the 10th
of Feb? 1810
in the 59? Year / of his Age
Also / in Memory /
of Catherine / his Wife
she died the 17th
of March 1795
aged ?? Years

A3. Sacred / to the Memory of
Ann the Daur. of
Will GWILLIM / of the W...
[the above is badly eroded:
the names may be incorrect]

and Mary his Wife
died Jany 13 1799?
Aged 64? Years

A4. Sacred / to the Memory
of Margaret GWILLIM
[the above is badly eroded:
the names may be incorrect]

of the Wica in this Parish
who died Feby the 10
1810? in the 70? Year
of her Age

A5. Left Panel
In Memory / of
Thomas PRICE
Farmer in this
Parish who died
the 17th of February
1832 Aged 57 Yr.
Leaving a Wife and
Eleven Children
to Lament the Loss.
In the midst of life
we are in death of whom
may we seek for succour
but thee, O Lord.

Right Panel
In Memory / of
Eleanor / Relict of
Thomas PRICE
who died the 18th.
of March 1851
Aged 72 Years.
The Lord hath chastened
me sore, but he hath not
given me over into death
[We have a Photograph of this Price Memorial]

A6. Sacred to the Memory of
N.G. PRICE of this Parish
Gent Who departed this Life
the XXIIth. of August MDCCCXXXI
in the LXIXth Year of his Age
Also in Memory of Elizabeth
Wife of Thomas GRATREX Gent
and Daughter of N.G. PRICE Gent
by Ann his Wife
who died Xth of July MDCCCXXXI,
in the XXXVIIth. Year of her Age.
Also in Memory of Ann
Relict of the above-named
N.G. PRICE Gent,
who died XXth. of March MDCCCXXXVI
in the LXVIIth. Year of Her Age.

A7. to the Memory of
late of this Parish who
departed this Life the 14
of Feby. 1809 in the
44 Year of his Age.
Also of Sophia, Daur. of
James & Mary PRICE,
who died May 13th 1820, in the
16th Year of her age.

A8. The Kennedy Memorial Windows
These windows overlook the graves in the Churchyard
of the following members of the Kennedy family:

The Reverend James Martin KENNEDY
born 1815 died 1905
Margaret, his wife
born 1840 died 1907
John, their second son,
who died young, born 1874 died 1900.
Doctor James Buckley Martin KENNEDY,
their eldest son born 1867 died 1946.
Ada, his wife, born 1865 died 1945
Kathleen Margaret Buckley KENNEDY-DAVIS,
their daughter, born 1907 died 1961

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