St Tysilio's Church, Sellack

Recent Photograph of St Tysilio's Church (Sellack)

Sellack, like Foy, is close to the river, and has a spire that seems to rise up straight from the ground, although there is actually a tower which barely reaches the roofline. The belfry windows are in the spire itself. Ice covered the road (the little stream was full to the top and probably had flowed briefly over the road, and the sun was just appearing over the hill here.

The church is strange in plan, caused by a large 19th century north transept which opens into the nave with a two bayed arcade. To the west one bay of a former aisle with a Norman pillar, almost cut off from the rest by complicated seating arrangements and possibly once a family pew. To the east a vaulted single-bayed chapel. No structural division between nave and chancel, just a prettier bit of roof!.

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 26th January 2007.
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