St Tysilio's Church, Sellack (East Window)

Recent Photograph of St Tysilio's Church (East Window) (Sellack)

The south wall of the nave has two large windows which are treated like dormers either side of the large porch, one lighting a west gallery on which is the organ, and the other (with a medieval panel of glass showing the Crucifixion) lighting the pulpit and tester, a grand Jacobean piece. Both the west bay of the aisle and the transept have a single grand 17th century and 18th century memorial respectively.

The glass in the east window is equally important, a complete survival from 1630, reusing some olde fragments. And here is the explanation of the window at Foy which so impressed the people at the manor there that they ordered a copy of this window for their church some 40 years later, including the tracery.

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 26th January 2007.
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