St James's Church, Cotes Heath (Old Photograph)

Recent Photograph of St James's Church (Old Photograph) (Cotes Heath)

St James Church, Cotes Heath was built in 1837/38. This photograph shows it without its chancel, so it must have been taken prior to 1891 when the chancel was added. There is obviously a lot of ivy growth, so it must also be some years after 1838.

The photograph came from an elderly cousin (of the submitter) who died some years ago, Evelyn Addison, (nee Giles). She used to live in the farm/blacksmiths, from where this photograph was taken.

Evelyn's father was Tom Giles, Bob Giles's father's brother.

(Information provided by Bob Giles)

Image contributed by Bob Giles on 24th August 2016.
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