Some Memorial Inscriptions - Fradswell, Staffordshire
St James the Less's Churchyard

Note: a selection of inscriptions listed below have been contributed by Derek Scragg. Derek has collected a large number of MIs from Stoke-on-Trent and surrounds, and his most up-to-date transcriptions, with maps and photographs can be found on his site of Staffordshire and Cheshire Headstone Inscriptions.

Latest Additions New 5th October 2007

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Helen Amison, 8th March 2006. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Percy John BUCKLESS,
10 Mar 1978, 68
Of Woodhouse Farm, Fradswell,
+ w Ellen Elizabeth,
27 Nov 1998, 88

A2. William James BUCKLESS,
25 Sep 1966, 18

Also Contributed
William James BUCKLESS
25 Sept 1966, 18
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 20th March 2006. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
Of Fradswell, 7 August 1889, 75
Elizabeth, w, 3 April 1906, 89
Thomas Yates, s, 19 Jan 1875, 20

Late of Chartley, 20th March 1833, 47
[Auth: original inscription 'ELSSMOORE']

B3. Thomas JOHNSON,
Late of this village, 27th Jan 1860, 95
Ann, w, 6 Sept 1842, 72

B4. Eleanor, w/o Francis TAVENOR, 21st Jan 1788, 48

Bank House, Fradswell, 27th Nov 1900, 70
Elizabeth, w, 3rd Dec 1899, 71

B6. William MILWARD,
Dogland's Farm, Fradswell, 23rd Oct 1900, 40
Alice, widow of above, 10th Sept 1917, 70

B7. John ELLSMORE of Hixon, 22nd Dec 1878, 83
Ann, w, of Fradswell, 15th August 1860, 59

B8. Joseph ELLSMORE,
Of Brough Hall, late of this parish,
28th Oct 1904, 71
Martha, widow, 9th March 1911, 75
Eliza, d, 29th June 1880, 14

B9. Eliza, w/o William SPENCER,
Of Fradswell, 25th Feb 1892, 52
William, above, 27th Feb 1895, 60

B10. Elizabeth, w/o James CAPEWELL,
Late of Dogland Farm, 11th August 1862, 76
James above, 14th Dec 18**, 77
Edmund, s, 7th Jan 1832, 1yr & 8 months

B11. Kathleen Mary, eldest d/o
Hugo John & Ada Jane CARTMAIL,
Late of Fradswell, 30 Nov 1980, 79

B12. Henry, h/o late Emma HALL,
Of this parish 15th July 1952, 87

B13. A devoted sister,
Dorothy May CAPEWELL, 7th May 1988, 70

B14. Susan SNELSON, 21st Oct 1963, 74
William Henry, h, 17th May 1971, 79

B15. Mildred Annie MILWARD, 24th Jan 1965, 80
John William, h, 22nd August 1966, 85

B16. Henry CAPEWELL, 6th Nov 1957, 76
Emily Gertrude, w, 27th August 1961, 79

B17. Millicent, w/o Ernest LEASON,
9th August 1952, 73

[separate stone?]
Ernest, above, 18th Oct 1957, 74

B18. Sarah Ellen, w/o A.T. ADCOCK,
Brink Farm, Fradswell, 29th March 1921, 62
Ambrose Thomas, above, Park Farm, Fradswell,
18th Feb 1952, 85

B19. Charles Kew SPENCER 16th Dec 1976, 80
William Leslie SPENCER, 11th May 1980, 82

B20. Walter Ronald CAPEWELL, 18th April 1996, 79
s/o Henry & Gertrude of Fradswell

B21. John William CAPEWELL,
6th March 1925 - 12th April 1992
Margaret Elizabeth CAPEWELL,
12th March 1934 - 18th Nov 1994

B22. Nellie CAPEWELL 27th Feb 1980, 75
Arthur, h, 9th Dec 1987, 85

B23. Husband, Father & Grandad,
Harold Geoffrey HINE, 7 June 1999, 63

B24. Harriet Emily VICKERS, 18th Jan 1972
George Henry, h, 5th July 1983

B25. William Harold SNAPE,
Late of Brink Farm, Fradswell, 22nd Feb 1969, 58

B26. Ethel Ann SNAPE,
Late of Brink Farm, Fradswell, 22nd June 1969, 79
Harold, h, 9 Feb 1983, 94

B27. Alan L.L. McKERRELL, M.R.C.V.S,
Alan h/o Nicky and father of Linda Mary & Gavin,
20 March 1975, 49
He was a man ...

B28. Beryl McLACHLAN, 7th Dec 1971, 51
James Ian Alexander Beaumont McLACHLAN,
9th Dec 1983, 78

B29. William MALPASS, 23rd Jan 1972, 89
Edith Eleanor, w, 24th March 1970, 84

B30. Reginald Hugo CARTMAIL, 4th Nov 1983, 76
Alice, w, 25th Nov 1993, 87

B31. George Henry EATON, 3rd Dec 1976, 62
Mary Amelia, 4th March 1990, 76

B32. Frank CARTMAIL,
of the Doglands, 6th Sept 1989, 84

B33. Dorothy May COLE, 2nd Oct 1986, 90

B34. Abraham DARLINGTON 1895 - 1952
Mabel, w, 1892 - 1969

B35. Ann, w/o Stephen ARNOLD, 20th Jan 1930, 58
Stephen, above, 7th August 1935, 69

B36. Percy Yates BIRCH, D.S.O,
Lieut-Colonel Royal Artillery,
8th Nov 1884 - 22 July 1939

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 9th March 2007. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
C1. In this Vault lies interred the body of
William ELD, Esq, he was 3rd s/o Francis ELD Esq
Of Seighford Hall, in this county, 26 Aug 1783
Died as Fradswell Hall, 28 Feb 1854
Mary, w/o William ELD of Fradswell Hall
4 Nov 1844, 64
Howard, s/o William & Mary of Fradswell Hall
26 August 1846, 30
Caroline Frances, child of John William
And Eliza ELD, 29 Sept 1847 - 17 April 1851
John William, s/o William ELD, 26 Sept 1880, 73
William, s/o John William & Eliza ELD
3 Feb 1851 - 20 March 1889
Eliza ELD, widow of John William
3 April 1821 - 21 April 1897
Mary Howard ELD, d, 1 Dec 1845 - 28 Nov 1909

C2. Percy ASHWORTH 1868 - 1937
Averyl ASHWORTH, 1872 - 1938
John Percy ASHWORTH, 1906 - 1975

C3. Mirose, widow of John GREAVES
Of Newcastle under Lyme, youngest d/o
the late James & Elizabeth CAPEWELL
of the Doglands, Fradewell, 11 April 1910, 86

Of Fradswell, 20 March 1858, 72
Elizabeth, w, 1 May 1858, 82

C5. Elizabeth JOHNSON, 30 Dec 1886, 88
John DUTTON, 21 Jan 1847, 83
Ann DUTTON, 29 April 1849, 74

C6. Sarah Ann, w/o George S. FAIRBANKS
19 May 1887, 59
Ada Jane, d, 20 Oct 1883, [looks like] 11

C7. Thomas ARNOLD of the Round House
Fradswell 28 Feb 1909, 89

C8. Nathaniel, s/o Brian & Patience ELLSMOOR
Late of Fradswell, 19 Nov 1818, 29

C9. Jane, d/o Brian & Patience ELLSMOOR
Of Fradswell, 19 Sep 1816, 22

C10. Sarah, w/o John ELLSMOOR
12 Dec 1792, 79
John, above, 29 March 1791, 79

C11. William UPTON, 8 June 1899, 78
Jane, w, 11 Jan 1920, 86

C12. Thomas MOTTERAM
Of this town, 22 March 1788, 68
Joseph, s/o Thomas & Sarah MOTTERAM
25 May 1786, 29
Elizabeth, d, 6 April 1757, 16
John, s, 4 Nov 1799, 37

C13. Samuel CHADWICK
Of Sun Farm, Fradswell, 31 Dec 1911, 80
Elizabeth, w, 13 June 1905, 69
Albert, s, 4 Jan 1909, 35

C14. Adeliade, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth CHADWICK
Of Sun Farm, 16 Sept 1893, 26
Edmond, s, 17 March 1895, 29

C15. John Bridgwood ELLSMOOR
Of Mit[t]on, 30 Aug 1809, 22

C16. Lucy, w/o John ELLSMOOR
Of Bridgeford, 18 Sept 1876, 52

Of Bridgeford, 23 July 1862, 43

C18. Alice, w/o LEADBETTER
Of Fradswell, 5 Feb 1898, 39

C19. Margaret, w/o James YATES
Of Heathyard, 27 June 1855, 56

C20. John TIMMIS
Of Grindley, 31 July 1894, 75
Margaret, w, 16 Feb 1896, 77

C21. Thomas ALLMAN, 28 Oct 1901, 77

C22. John SMITH, Esqr
Born at Springsfield parish of Stoke upon Trent
14 Jan 1796 Died at Fradswell Hall, 10 Jan 1865

C23. Elizabeth SPENCER
Of Hartley Green, 10 Dec 1910, 70

C24. Emma, w/o Henry HALL
Of Fradswell, 11 June 1908, 35

C25. Thomas Fitzgerald MURPHY
Died at Fradswell Hall, 25 Feb 1907, 55

C26. Frederick William HELER
s/o Albert Arthur & Annie Goodhall HELER
of the Park Farm, Fradswell, 24 Nov 1910, 2½ yrs
Annie, above, of Park Farm, 9 March 1946, 73
Albert, above, 12 Jan 1951, 77

C27. Hugo John CARTMAIL, 11 June 1924, 53

C28. Thomas CARTMAIL
Of Hall Farm, 12 April 1912, 63
Ann, widow, [stone has sunk]

C29. Samuel LYMER 9 Nov 1914, 23

C30. Joseph LYMER, 26 June 1930, 76
Mary Ellen LYMER, 24 March 1945, 88

C31. Annie LYMER, 8 Oct 1978

C32. Joseph LYMER, 7 Jan 1934, 49
Emily Elizabeth LYMER, 20 Nov 1964

C33. John LYMER, 9 June 1938, 14
James Victor LYMER, 29 August 1967

C34. Harriet CAPEWELL 18 June 1940, 45
Edward CAPEWELL, 22 April 1966, 77

C35. Mathew JAMES 12 March 1883
Albert John JAMES, s, lost at sea Oct 1897
Caroline Jane JAMES, d, 6 April 1909
Lieutenant Edward Yates JAMES , Royal Navy Reserve
Died at Taltal- Thali- South America 21 Jan 1910, 42

C36. Henry Henrietta PARKER, 15 June 1950, 69

C37. Samuel ARNOLD
Of Heathyard Farm, Fradswell, 28 Oct 1941, 70

C38. Alice, w/o George COPE
Of Fradswell, 17 Dec 1954, looks like 38

C39. Elizabeth Ann w/o Thomas ARNOLD
Of Roundhouse, Fradswell, 2 July 1918, 82

C40. Harry BETTANY, 2 April 1974, 62

C41. Mary Elizabeth GRUNDY
22 Dec 1967, 69
Arthur Ellis GRUNDY, h,
26 July 1969, 70

C42. William CAPEWELL, 10 March 1965, 70

C43. John SPENCER, 12 Jan 1938, 70

C44. Emma, w/o John SPENCER, 29 Jan 1956
Helen Margaret SPENCER, 27 Jan 1967

C45. Elizabeth Hannah CARTMAIL
14 Nov 1872 -17 Jan 1954
17 Dec 1880 - 27 Feb 1956
d/o Thomas & Ann Rooney CARTMAIL

C46. Ambrose William ADCOCK
15 Sept 1956, 59

Of Hartley Green, 20 Feb 1955, 81
John James CAPEWELL, brother
15 Feb 1964, 80

C48. Albert Henry CAPEWELL, 20 Feb 1968, 62
Isabella, w, 30 March 1974, 66

Separate Memorial, same Grave
Cyril Henry CAPEWELL, 1927 - 2002

C49. Francis David BOWERS, 20 Dec 1970, 64

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Marion Hall, 5th June 2007. Note: these transcriptions provide the full text of several of the inscriptions listed above. The details she is providing are mainly for descendants of the HALL family - relations by marriage, or direct ancestors of hers. Her family tree of HALL cites over 1500 family members collected over a period of 20 years.
D1. To the Memory of William HALL
who died Novr 10 1782 Aged 77 years
In brief to speak His praise let this suffice
He was a Father tender good and wise
Of Children careful to his Wife most kind
All which bespoke He bore a Virtuous mind.

Also Contributed
William HALL, 10 Nov 1782, 77
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D2. To the Memory of Margaret the Wife of
William HALL she died
September 19th 1795 aged 74.

Also Contributed
Margaret, w/o William HALL
19 Sept 1795, 74
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D3. To the Memory of William HALL
Son of William and Margaret HALL
of this Village He died
September 15 1792 Aged 25 years
My days were short the longer is my rest
GOD calld me hence because he thought best
With resignation left this toilsome world behind
In hopes a crowned Glory for to find".

Also Contributed
William, s/o William & Margaret HALL
Of this village, 15 Sept 1792, 25
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D4. [Tomb Top]
In Memory of Ann HALL Spinster
Late of Little Fenton who died
24th of May 1796 aged 35 years
When my Mother I lost both loving and kind
That brought great Grief upon my mind
Then with Affliction I did meet
Which often caus'd me wish to be laid at her feet
I often did weep and drop a tear
Which soon brought me to be laid here.
[Note: this is a flat stone laid on top of the
original top. The tomb has collapsed and
any inscriptions on the sides, ends or
original top have been lost]

D5. In Memory of Joseph HALL of Stanley
who died 14th Oct 1813 aged 58 years.

Also Contributed
Joseph HALL, of Stanley
14 Oct 1813, 58
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D6. In Memory of Thomas HALL of Fradswell
who died 3rd Nov 1816 aged 75 years
Jane HALL wife of Thomas HALL
she died 28th Oct 1812 aged 69 years
Also of Jane daughter of Thomas and
Jane HALL who died
11th May 1809 aged 22 years.

Also Contributed
Thomas HALL of Fradswell, 3rd Nov 1816, 75
Jane, w, 28th Oct 1812, 69
Jane, d, 11th May 1809, 42
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

D7. Sacred to the Memory of Edith HALL
wife of William HALL late of Fradswell
who died January 8th 1860 aged 79 years
Also in remembrance of William HALL
who died May 3rd 1869 aged 92 years.
Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.

Also Contributed
Edith HALL, w/o William,
Late of Fradswell, 8 Jan 1860, 79
William HALL, 3 May 1869, **
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D8. Sacred to the Memory of Roger HALL
[rest of inscription eroded & illegible, but
believed to be the youngest son of William
& Edith, who died 22 July 1863 aged 38]

D9. Sacred to the Memory of Thomas HALL
of Coton Villa formerly Fradswell who
died 9th December 1852 Aged 70 years
Also In Memory of Sarah wife of
Thomas HALL who died
25th October 1877 Aged 69 years
Thy will be done oh Lord
As fall the leaves neath Autumn's withering blast
So die mankind their Spring and Summer past
Yes thou ere long must lie beneath the sod
Then young or old Prepare to meet thy God.

Also Contributed
Sacred / to the Memory of / Thomas HALL/
of Coton Villa / formally of Fradswell/
who died / 9th of December 1852 / aged 70 years/
also / In Memory of / Sarah / wife of/
Thomas HALL / who died / 25th Octr 1877/
aged 69 years./
thy will be done O Lord./
as fall the leaves neath autumns weathering blast /
so die mankind their spring and summer past/
yes thou, ere? long, must lie beneath the sod/
then, young or old prepare to meet thy God.
[Derek Scragg: 5 Oct 2007]
Thomas HALL of Coton Villa,
Formerly of Fradswell, 9th Dec 1852, 70
Sarah, w, 25th Oct 1877, 69
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

D10. Sacred to the Memory of two children
Maria Louisa and William issue of
Thomas and Sarah HALL of Fradswell.
Maria Louisa died 11th of May 1833
aged 13 months, William an infant.
The great Jehovah from above
The angels bright did send
These little ones to take in love
To joys that never end.

Also Contributed
To the Memory of two children,
Maria Louisa & William,
Issue of Thomas & Sarah HALL of Fradswell,
Maria Louisa 11th May 1833, 13 months
William, an infant
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

D11. In Memory of Edith Mayes HALL of
Oak Tree Farm, Day Hills and formerly of
Coton Villa died 5th Feb 1961 aged 82 years
At rest
Also her beloved nephew Lewis Mayes HALL
died 19th Nov 1986 aged 67 years

Also Contributed
Edith Mayes HALL,
Oak Tree Farm, Day Hills
& formerly of Coton Villa,
5th Feb 1961, 82
her beloved nephew,
Lewis Mayes HALL, 19th Nov 1986, 67
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

D12. In Memory of Thomas ROGERS
late of Mitton who died
29th November 1837 aged 63 years.
In Memory of Elizabeth wife of
Thomas ROGERS of Mitton who
died June 28th 1856 aged 74 years.
Let me die the death of the righteous
And my last end be like his
Also of two children William and John
issue of Thomas and Elizabeth ROGERS
William died 18th April 1822 aged 14 days
John died 21st May 1822 aged 5 years.

Also Contributed
Late of Mitton, 29 Nov 1837, 63
Elizabeth, w, 28 June 1856, 74
Also two children, William & John
William, April 1822, 14days
John, 21 May 1822, 5 yrs
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D13. In Affectionate Remembrance of
Maria ROGERS of Walford Eldest Daughter of
Thomas and Elizabeth ROGERS of Mitton
who died Sep 26th 1887 aged 75 years.
Her end was peace.

Also Contributed
Maria ROGERS of Walford
Eldest d/o Thomas and Elizabeth, of Mitton
26 Sept 1887, 75
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

D14. In Memory of John ROGERS of Normicott Grange
who died 2 Oct 1806 aged 30 years.
Lydia the wife of John ROGERS who
died 14th May 1809 aged 29 years
Also John and Thomas children of
the above died infants.
[Note: Mary ROGERS of Coton was Mary HALL,
daughter of William & Margaret - hence my
inclusion of the ROGERS inscriptions]

The following inscriptions are from gravestones originally in the churchyard but laid down to form part of the floor of the south aisle built in the 1850's, and (now) hidden under the carpet.
D15. To the Memory of Mary ROGERS of Coton
Relict of John ROGERS of Fradswell Hall
who died March 27 1837 Aged 87 years.

D16. John ROGERS late of Fradswell Hall
died July 20th 1788 Aged 35 years.
Here lie the ruins of a generous man
[rest of inscription illegible]

D17. Here lyeth the body of Walter BEECH of
Stoke upon Trent who
died February 1st 1800 Aged ..
[rest of inscription illegible]
[Note: he was the husband of the above
John & Mary ROGERS's daughter Mary]

D18. To the Memory of Sarah and Ann
daughters of John and Mary ROGERS
[rest of inscription illegible except for
"Hall" - probably a reference to Fradswell Hall]

D19. Here lieth interred the body of
Thomas ROGERS of this town who in the
faith of Christ and hope of eternal life
died ye 7th day of September in the
year of Our Lord 1759 Aged 40 years.
My wife most dear plese be content
Children for me do not lament
For death must part lovers most kind
And leave the dearest friends behind
Thomas and Thomas being sons of ye above
Thomas ROGERS ... Hannah his wife
[rest of inscription hidden under floor of pews]

Latest Additions New
The following MIs were kindly contributed by Derek Scragg, 5th October 2007.
E1. In Memory of / Reginald John / ALCOCK./
died 18th January 1984 / aged 53 years/
resting in peace.

E2. In / Memory of / Sampson BAILEY/
who died March / 10th 1872/
aged 75 years/
afflictions sore a long time he bore/
physicians were in vain/
till God did please to give him ease/
and take away ? Pain.

Also Contributed
Sampson BAILEY, 10th March 1872, 75
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E3. Sacred / to the Memory of / James CAPEWELL/
who died January 2nd 1831 / aged 76 years./
also of Sarah his wife/
who died December 16th 1841 / aged 89 years./
from all their labours ? ? rest/
in Gods eternal glory blessed.

Also Contributed
James CAPEWELL, 2nd Jan 1831, 76
Sarah, w, 16th Dec 1841, 89
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E4. In Memory of / Elizabeth./
the beloved wife of / James CAPEWELL./
late of Dogland Farm. / who died/
August 11th 1862. / aged 76 years./
also of / Edmund John / their son, who died/
January 7th, 1832. / aged 1 year and 8 months./
also of / James CAPEWELL / who died/
December 14th 1863? / aged 77 years./
[epitaph difficult to read from photo]

E5. Sacred / to the Memory of / Ann, the wife of/
John ELLSMOOR / (of Chartley,)/
who departed this life/
December 20th 1853 / aged 75 years/
"blessed are the dead/
which die in the Lord".

Also Contributed
Ann, w/o John ELLSMOOR, of Chartley,
20th Dec 1853, 75
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E6. In / Remembrance / of / Ann ELLSMOOR/
of Fradswell./
who died May 19th 1872 / aged 54 years./

Also Contributed
Ann ELLSMOOR of Fradswell,
19th May 1872, 54
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E7. Sacred / to the Memory of / Brian./
son of John and Jane ELLSMOOR/
who died at Swansmoor / August 20th 1863/
aged 49 years./
the Lord did please to call for me/
when I was in my prime,/
none can withstand his mighty hand/
at his appointed time./
also of Jane/
daughter of John and Jane ELLSMOOR/
of Swan of Swansmoor who died/
July? 15th 1866 aged 53 years./
??? [cannot read epitaph from photo]

Also Contributed
Brian, s/o John & Jane ELLSMOOR
Died at Swansmoor, 20 August 1863, 49
Jane, d, 15 July 1866, 53
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

E8. In Memory of / John and Mary ELLSMOOR./
(formerly of Fradswell/
and late of Doxey-Wood)/
He died May 21st 1828 aged 78?/
She died Novr 8th 1825 aged 75./
this world's a City, full of crooked f?eets?/
death is the mark of place where we shall
meet / if life was mere ??????????/
the rich alone would ?
[cannot read rest of inscription from photo]

Also Contributed
In Memory of John & Mary ELLSMOOR,
Formerly of Fradswell and late of Doxeywood,
He, 21st May 1828, 78
She, 8th Nov 1825, 75
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E9. Sacred / to the Memory of / John/
son of John and Jane ELLSMOOR/
died at Swansmoor Octr 5th/
1849 / aged 33 years./
with deepest thoughts spectator view thy fate/
as mortals puts? to an immortal state:/
through deaths dark vale we hope he's found
the way / to those bright regions of eternal day.

Also Contributed
John, s/o John & Jane ELLSMOOR,
Died at Swansmoor 5th Oct 1849, 33
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E10. In / Memory / of / John ELLSMOOR / late of Fradswell/
who died March 2nd 1835 / aged 52 years./
also of Jane his wife / who died June 1st 1849/
aged 75 years.

Also Contributed
John ELLSMOOR, late of Fradswell,
2nd March 1835, 52
Jane, w, 1st June 1849, 75
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E11. [very weathered/eroded headstone) . . .]
Sacred / to the Memory of / John Fen? ELLSMOOR/
third son ?? Joseph? and / Eliz??? ELLSMOOR?/
[unable to read next 2 lines]
aged (1 year?)/
you to must prepare yourselves to die/
for?? [cannot read rest of epitaph]

Also Contributed
[stone weather worn]
3rd s/o Joseph & Eliza **** age 21
[Alf Beard: 9 Mar 2007]

E12. Sacred / to the Memory of / John ELLSMOORE/
late of Chartley/
who died March 20th 1833. / aged 47 years/
afflictions sore long time I bore,/
physicians were in vain:/
till God did please to give me ease,/
and free me from my pain.

E13. In / loving Memory / of / Joseph ELLSMOOR/
of Brough Hall late of this parish/
who died Oct 28th 1904, / aged 71 years./
also of Martha widow of above/
who died March 9th 1911 / aged 75 years./
peace, perfect peace / also of Eliza/
daughter of the above / who died June 29th 1880,/
aged 14 years.

E14. In / Memory / of / Joseph ELLSMOOR/
late of Fradswell/
who died January 28th 1837 / aged 33 years./
farewell dear wife and children too./
my time was short to stay with you:/
which God has called me to my grave./
at future time you will have./
God blefs [bless] my wife and children dear./
a tender father lieth here:/
but in this world your left behind/
I hope in the Lord a friend you'l find./
also of Richard his son/
who died July 27?th 1834? / aged 6 years./
??? of my father lieth here.
[rest of inscription missing from photo]

Also Contributed
Joseph ELLSMOOR late of Fradswell,
28th Jan 1837, 33
Richard, s, 21st July 1834, 6yrs
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E15. In / Memory / of / Sampson ELLSMOOR/
late of Chartley/
who died May 19th 1838? / aged 48 years.

Also Contributed
Sampson ELLSMOOR, late of Chartley,
19th May 1838, 48
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E16. Sacred / to the Memory of/
Patience wife of / William ELLSMORE/
late of Amerlon? [Amerton?]/
who died June 28th 1864? / aged 33? years/
also of the above / William ELLSMORE,/
who died January 14th 1897. / aged 82 years.

Also Contributed
Patience, w/o William ELLSMORE,
Late of Amerton, 28th June 1864, 38
William ELLSMORE, above, 14th Jan 1897, 82
[Auth: Surname as inscribed]
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E17. Erected / in memory of / Ann wife of/
William JOHNSON / of this parish/
who died Aug 14th 1870 / aged 59 years./
Into ?[cannot read rest of epitaph]

Also Contributed
Ann, w/o William JOHNSON,
Of this parish 14th August 1870, 59
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E18. In / Memory / of/
Elizabeth JOHNSON./
daughter of Thomas and/
Ann JOHNSON of this parish/
who died March 27th 1831 / aged 23 years.

Also Contributed
Elizabeth, d/o Thomas & Ann JOHNSON,
Of this parish, 27th March 1831, 23
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E19. In / Memory / of / Thomas JOHNSON/
late of this village/
who died January 27th 186(9?)/
aged 95 years/
also of Ann his wife/
who died September 6th 1842/
? [cannot read rest of inscription]

E20. In Memory of / Thomas MOTTERAM./
of this town, who died the 22d day of/
March, in the year of our Lord 1788/
aged 68 years./
farewell dear wife and children
dear, wherever you do remain./
the Lord of hope? be your defence, till we
do meet again./
also of Joseph, son of Thomas and Sarah/
mother? and who died the 25th day of May in
the year / of our Lord 1786.aged / 29 years./
also of Elizabeth their daughter who/
died the 16?th day of April in the year of
our Lord / 1757 aged 16? years./
also of John their son who died ?
[cannot read rest of inscription]

E21. Here / lie interred the remains/
of Sarah, wife of / Thomas MOTTERHAM./
(late of this town.)/
who departed this life/
June 9th in the year of our/
Lord 1807, aged 82 years./
an aged parent here is laid,/
no ill of her is truly (f?)aid:/
so children dear contented be,/
prepare yourselves to follow me.

Also Contributed
Sarah, w/o Thomas MOTTERHAM,
Late of this town, 9th June 1807, 82
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E22. In / loving Memory / of / Emma UPTON/
died 17th November 1983 / aged 83/
eldest daughter of/
Ernest and Emma UPTON/
late of Birchwood Park./
rest in peace

Also Contributed
Emma UPTON, 17th Nov 1983, 83
Eldest d/o Ernest & Amma UPTON,
Late of Birchwood Park
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E23. In / Loving Memory / of / William UPTON/
died June 8 1899 / aged 70 years./
also Jane? his wife/
??? [cannot read]/
? be done.

E24. in piam memoriam / Laetitiae / dilectae uxoris/
hujusce parochiae / rectore/
quae obdormivit in Jesu /
XIV Jul MCMIII [1903]/
nata prope LXXVI annos/
inimium dilecta vocat deus I bona nostrae/
pars animae moerens altera disce sequi/
Thomas WORTHINGTON, / for 56 years/
Rector of this parish,/
died April 18th 1913, / aged 84 years.
[Ed: stone appears to be wrongly inscribed:
the roman numerals have presumably been
transcribed accurately, but the values they
represent are incorrect - q.v. FreeBMD
ref Stafford Jun 1/4 1913 aged 84]

Also Contributed
[Double Grave]
In Piam Memoriam,
Laetitiae, Dilectae Uxoris
Hujusce Parochiae, Rectore
Quae Obdormivit in Jesu
XIV Jul MCMIII [1903]
Nata Prope LXXVI [76] Annos
[Translation on stone:]
For 56 years Rector of this parish
Died 19th April 1913, 94
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

E25. In piam Memoriam / A.A. HOYLE/
quae obdormivit in Jesu/
die innocentium / mdccclxxiii/
nata prope xxiii annos

Also Contributed
[Double Grave with Above]
In Piam Memoriam,
Quae Obdormivit in Jesu
Die innocentium, MDCCCLXXIII
Nata Prope XXIII Annos
A.A. HOYLE, 1873, 23
[Alf Beard: 20 Mar 2006]

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