Clock Tower, Lichfield (AD 1863)

Recent Photograph of Clock Tower (AD 1863) (Lichfield)

Lichfield Clock Tower AD 1862

The information below has been extracted from panels that are on the clock tower.

Panel One
In the year 1301 Henry CHAMPANAR, son of Michael de Lichfield, bellfounder, gave water from the springs at Aldershaw for the benefit of the Friars Minor, who dwelt at the Friary.
In the reign of EDWARD VI. John HILL, by deed, granted the springs to the citizens and in the year 1545, Hector BEAN, the master, and the Brethren of the ancient Guild of Lichfield, gave out of their possessions, valuable properties to supply the citizens with water, and for their common weal.
The Trustees of the LICHFIELD CONDUIT LANDS, in whom the properties of the ancient Guild of Lichfield are now vested, built this Clock Tower in 1863 on the site of the old Crucifix Conduit.

Panel Two
City and County of Lichfield, Parish of the Friary
The whole of this parish comprising eleven acres was presented to the citizens of Lichfield by Sir Richard Ashmole COOPER, Baronet, together with other benefactions for the construction of these roads, thus enabling the city council to carry out a long, expressed wish of his late father, Sir Richard Powell COOPER, Baronet, whilst an Alderman of the city. The ancient building of the Friary now incorporated in the Friary School was included in the gift.
The roads were declared open by Lady Cooper, April 23rd 1928.
In grateful acknowledgment of Sir Richard's generous gift he was presented with the Freedom of the City June 5th 1928.
Signed: Walter BROCKSOM, Town Clerk, P.A. BENN. F.S.I. City Engineer, Daisy Stuart SHAW, Mayor and Henry G. HALL, Chairman of the Estates Committee.

Panel Three
This Tower first erected in 1863 on the site of the Old Crucifix Conduit at the junction of The Friary Road with Bird Street was removed and re-erected on this spot in 1928 Signed: Norman AUTY. A.M. Inst. C.E., City Engineer.

Panel Four
This Tower was repaired and restored in 1991 with the generous assistance of The Conduit Land Trust.

(Transcriptions provided by Alf Beard)

Image contributed by Alf Beard on 11th May 2008.
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