The Old with the New, Lichfield

Recent Photograph of The Old with the New (Lichfield)

The hoarding above the upper-storey bay window on the second property says “R [Robert] Bridgeman & Sons, Architectural & Ecclesiastical Craftsmen in Wood & Stone”. Their business was founded in Quonian's Lane “where Samuel Johnson attended Dame Oliver's School” [1] in 1879, although now apparently the firm is Linford Bridgeman Limited, who are “specialists in repair and restoration of ancient buildings with skills including stone sculpture, wood carving, fine crafts and decorations”.[2] They are exceedingly convenient for the Cathedral, who have no doubt required their polite attention for many years. Or there again, perhaps it's like the proliferation of bookshops in a University town (or city) - for whom there's a captive audience!

[1] Raven, Michael - A Guide to Staffordshire and the Black Country, the Potteries and the Peak.
[2] Former Business Directory on Lichfield City Council website.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Alf Beard on 11th May 2008.
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