Some Memorial Inscriptions - Newchapel, Staffordshire
St James's Churchyard and War Graves

Note: a selection of inscriptions listed below have been contributed by Derek Scragg. Derek has collected a large number of MIs from Stoke-on-Trent and surrounds, and his most up-to-date transcriptions, with maps and photographs can be found on his site of Staffordshire and Cheshire Headstone Inscriptions.

Latest Additions New 17th March 2007
War Graves

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 9th July 2005. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
A1. Emma, w/o Enoch FORD,
Of Stadmoreslow, 20 June 1877, 39
Margaret Lawrence, d, 12 Nov 1874 - 24 Dec 1876
Enoch, above, 4 May 1906, 77

A2. Charles GIBSON,
Of Braddocks Hay, Biddulph, 25 May 1901, 75
Hannah, w, 19 March 1895, 59

A3. Sarah Ann, w/o William UNWIN,
Of Brindley Ford, 14 June 1893, 53
William, above, 17 Oct 1913, 74

A4. Sarah Ann DEAN,
Of Harriseahead, 16 April 1853 - 13 Nov 1891
Ann Selina, w/o Albert ROBINSON,
Of Harriseahead, 6 March 1894, 30
Christopher OWEN, 13 March 1901, 70
Charlotte, his wife, 30 April 1901, 73
Thomas GIBSON, 1 Feb 1901, 69

A5. Elizabeth, w/o Martin HULME,
Of Chapel Lane, 3 April 1891, 48
Martin, above, 28 April 1919, 76
Hannah, w/o Fred HULME, 11 Nov 1949, 83
Fred HULME (Headmaster), 18 Sept 1951, 83

A6. Elizabeth, w/o Charles KNAPPER,
Of Kidsgrove, 21 Dec 1875, 70
Charles, above, 26 March 1879, 80

A7. Joseph UNWIN, 4 March 1847, 47
Richard, s/o Joseph & Esther UNWIN,
21 April 1822, 3 months
Baddeley, s, 15 Jan 1832, 7 months
Mary Ann, d, 9 Nov 1834, 1yr & 9 months
John, s, 21 Nov 1845, 22
Esther, above, 9 Aug 1874, 73

A8. Sarah, w/o James PRICE of Goldenhill,
24 June 1834, 20
Jane, d, 6 Sept 1834, 2yrs
Sophia, 2nd w/o James PRICE, 14 Aug 1837, 24

A9. James SIDDALL,
Of George Street, Tunstall, 27 April 1864, 69
Sarah, w, of Albert Street, Tunstall,
13 March 1858, 61
James, s, of Bond Street, Tunstall,
4 Feb 1887, 60

A10. William FROST,
Of White Hill, 25 Feb 1860, 60
Mary, w, 10 June 1879, 77
James, s, 13 Nov 1885, 49
Jane, w/o Enock FROST,
12 May 1909, 67

A11. Thomas HANCOCK,
Of Newchapel, 14 May 1870, 60
[Auth: original age was 63]
Jane, w, 17 Nov 1874, 61
Adam, s, 28 Jan 1855, 6yrs
Emma, d, 5 Feb 1855, 8yrs
Charles, s, 24 Sept 1917, 72
Hannah Maria, d, 9 March 1845 - 12 Jan 1934

A12. Alfred, s/o Alfred & Annie Maria POOLE,
of Brindley Ford, 16 Aug 1899, 13yrs & 10 months
Alfred, above, 12 Jan 1926, 65
Annie Maria, above, 27 Jan 1946, 86

A13. James, h/o Mary WHITELEY,
4 Brook St, Longport, 2 Oct 1852 - 19 March 1922
Agnes May, d, 17 Feb 1897 - 26 July 1898

A14. Sarah, w/o Jonah STONIER,
Of Pack Moor, 17 March 1897, 58
Jonah, above, 17 July 1903, 65
Annie, w/o Thomas STEADMAN,
Of Mellor St, Pack Moor, 19 June 1911, 42
Thomas, s, 17 May 1908, 5 months
Thomas STEADMAN, 24 March 1920, 52
Martha, d/o above, 19 June 1926, 33

Of Fegg Hayes, 5 Dec 1889, 63
Elizabeth, w, 23 Aug 1915, 83
John H. Hill, s/o above, 19 Jan 1866, 1yr
Samuel J. SIXSMITH, son, also Elizabeth beloved
wife of the above of Pembridge Mansions, Bayswater. W2
Both killed April 1941 by enemy action

A16. William STUBBS,
For 25 years Foreman Carpenter at the
Whitfield Colliery, 19 March 1907, 69
This stone was erected by his fellow workmen
Eliza, w/o William STUBBS, 29 Sept 1904, 58
Mary Ellen, w/o John F. WHITE & d/o above,
5 May 1904, 29

A17. David COTTRELL of Newchapel,
14 May 1818 - 12 April 1869
Sarah, relict of above, 5 May 1821 - 30 Nov 1883
Martha, d, 8 May 1847 - 2 Aug 1847
Thomas, s, 26 April 1853 - 12 Sept 1853

A18. Sarah, w/o Joseph BRERETON,
Of Bradley, 3 Aug 1895, 64
Arthur William, s, died an infant, 1870
Joseph, above, 6 May 1830 - 26 Nov 1911
Ernest, s/o Joseph & Alice BRERETON,
of Pack Moor, 2 Jan 1877, 12½, yrs

A19. James CLARE of Alderhay Lane,
29 Sept 1869, 70
Frances, w, 14 Feb 1873, 71
Mary, w/o Joel CLARE, 30 July 1908, 64
Joel, above, 2 March 1909, 72

A20. Abel CLARE,
Of Alderhay Lane, 6 May 1884, 47
Elliott, s, 21 July 1879, 5 months
Sarah Elizabeth, w/o above, 12 Nov 1924, 85
16 Nov 1935, 65

A21. Emma HOPKINS, 8 Dec 1964, 64
Reginald, s, died in action in Germany,
24 March 1945, 19
Samuel, h/o Emma, 20 April 1973, 70

A22. Samuel, h/o Hannah LOVATT,
Of Rookery, 1 Aug 1908, 58
Hannah, w, 12 March 1933, 79
Also their children,
John, 28 Jan 1889, 18 months
Hannah, 12 Aug 1892, 3yrs & 5 months
Rachel, 14 Oct 1894, 3yrs & 8 months

A23. George FROST of Brindley Ford,
25 Nov 1891, 64
Maria, w, 19 May 1898, 68
Eliza, d, 14 May 1905, 46
George, s, interred 16 Oct 1834, 72

Of Oxford, 21 April 1891, 49
Mary Ellen, w, 29 Oct 1905, 56
Jacob, h/o Annie HAMBLETON, s/o above,
19 Aug 1926, 49
Annie, above, Interred 24 March 1937, 64
Prudence Annie, w/o Frank David BUCKLEY,
2 March 1949, 74
Frank David BUCKLEY, 11 March 1960, 79

A25. John DALE,
Of Harriseahead, Chapel Lane,
1 Feb 1890, 77
Mary Ann, w, 17 July 1893, 83
Samuel LEESE, son-in-law,
15 Feb 1898, 59
Mary, w/o Samuel LEESE,
22 June 1920, 76

A26. Elijah SAMBROOK,
Of Turnhurst Road, 25 Dec 1892, 65
Mary, w, 25 May 1891, 65
Enos, s, & h/o Jane SAMBROOK,
21 May 1915, 56
Jane, above, 19 March 1934, 73

A27. Thomas POPE of Great Chell, 21 Sept 1892, 65
Thomas POPE, father of above 27 Sept 1847, 53
Amelia, his wife, 13 July 1878, 77
William, their son, 20 Oct 1899, 70

A28. Hannah Eliza, w/o John OWEN,
42 Thomas Street, Packmoor, 18 March 1935, 69
John, above, 31 Dec 1936, 74
Pte William OWEN, son, 2nd Suffolk Regt,
Killed in France, 23 Oct 1918, 20
John, s, 10 Dec 1960, 66

A29. Alice BRERETON,
41 Bull Lane, Brindley Ford, 9 March 1934, 73
Joseph, h, 25 April 1937, 77
George Cecil, s/o George S. & Lottie LEWIS,
3 June 1938, 30
Alice BRERETON, d, 25 April 1963, 64
[Auth: at foot of this grave is the head-stone

A30. Thomas RHODES,
of Pittshill, 25 Oct 1896, 57
Rachel, w, 14 May 1916, 74
Joseph, s, 4 May 1914, 43
James, s, 23 Nov 1897, 22
William Winkle, s, 8 Feb 1868, 4yrs

A31. Francis WILKINSON,
Of Mow Cop, 3 Dec 1896, 52
Mary Elizabeth MOLLART, d,
22 June 1916, 40
Hannah, w/o above, 16 Aug 1924, 77

A32. Samuel STANWORTH,
KiA in France, 1 July 1915, 18
John, brother, 20 June 1923, 20
Ruth, w/o George BURGESS,
26 Aug 1943, 68

A33. Francis SALT,
3 Gladstone St, Leek, 12 Dec 1931, 66
Mary, w, 30 April 1932, 62
Pte J.H. SALT, 7th North Staffs Regt,
26 Aug 1918, 27, buried at Ishmalia, Egypt

Listed below are men who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country in WW1 & WW2. Unless stated otherwise, they are all individual C.W.G.
A34. Pte 521052, J.E. RHEAD, Labour Corps, 5 Feb 1918, 40
A35. Pte, PLY/13811 A. PORTER, Royal Marine Light Inf, 20 Sept 1920, 28
A36. Joiner 4th Class R.N. C/MX.66516 J SHERRATT H.M.S. Woolwich, 21 Sept 1940, 25
A37. Pte, DM2/171079, N.A. HANCOCK, Army Service Corps, 5 July 1917, 23
A38. Gunner 731393, E. BEVAN, Royal Field Artillery, 17 May 1921
A39. Pte 1396, E BRERETON, Machine Gun Corps (Inf), 2 Dec 1915, 23
A40. Pte 70098, J. BROWN, Cheshire Regt, 20 July 1921, 41
A41. Gunner 11052983, R.J. BAGNALL, 53rd Searchlight Regt, R.A, Late 5th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, 4 June 1942, 20

Latest Additions New
The following MIs were kindly contributed by Derek Scragg, 17th March 2007. Entries supply name, date of death, and age. Abbreviations: w=wife; h=husband; s=son; d=daughter; &c.
B1. In Loving Memory of
John BAILEY of Kidsgrove
who died Jan. 9. 1886 aged 78 years.
also Mary his wife
who died Dec. 15. 1864 aged 51 years.
In Loving Memory of Sarah Ann
daughter of John & Mary BAILEY
who died Dec. 23 1839 aged 8 Months
also Robert their son
who died March 19. 1840, aged 4 years
also Randle Hough their son
who died Aug. 8 1868 aged 18 years.
In Loving Memory of
Frederick BAILEY of Kidsgrove
who died Aug 5. 1895 aged 48 years.
Gone but not forgotten. also of
Sarah Jane beloved wife of the above
who died Oct 20. 1896 aged 52 years.
her end was peace.

B2. In Memory of Henry BALL of White Hill.
who died Sept. 15th 1874, aged 54 years.
His Languishing head is at rest, its thinking
and achings are o'er; his quite immovable
breast, is heaved by affliction no more.
also of Jane his wife,
who died Nov. 4th 1856 aged 39 years.
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".
also Mary Ann wife of the above,
who died July 9th 1909 aged 78 years.
entered into rest. also William BALL,
son of the above of 10 Church St, Rookery
died March 11th 1954? aged 84 years
also Annie Grace BALL wife of the above
died March 29th 1950 aged 84 years
rest in peace

B3. In Loving Memory of Richard
beloved husband of Ann BROUGH
of Chapel Lane Harriseahead
who died June 26. 1907 aged 70 years.
"He hath done what he could".
also Ann beloved wife of the above
who died July 23. 1912 aged 68 years.
"sorrow vanquished, labour ended, Jordan Past"

B4. In Loving Memory of Francis
dearly loved wife of Samuel CLARKE
of Bus Cafe, 6 Stafford St. Hanley
Who passed away July 29th 1947 Aged 51 years
Not dead to us who loved her, not dead but
gone before, she lives with us in memory.
also the above Samuel CLARKE
died Jan 31st 1959 aged 65 years
also Florence PRICE
Died April 27th 1950 aged 38 years

B5. In Loving Memory of
Thomas CONDLYFFE of Bull Lane.
who died Sept. 20th 1909. aged 54 years.
a dear one from our sight is gone, a voice
we loved is stilled,a place is vacant in our
home, which never can be filled.
also Florence May grandaughter of the above
who died July 7th 1918, aged 21 years.
with Christ which is far better.
also Harriet, beloved wife of the above
who died Dec. 3rd 1918, aged 62 years.
"thy will be done".

B6. In Loving Memory of Clarice beloved daughter
of John James & Sarah Ann CORDON
of 31 High St. Kidsgrove.
who died Mar 22. 1915 aged 6 years.
also Raymond their beloved child
who died in Infancy.
Safe in the arms of Jesus.
also, John? James CORDON,
?????- [inscription goes below ground level]
[on the side stones . . .]
also the aforesaid Sarah Ann
beloved wife of Harry Kir???
who died March 14th (???) aged 71 years
?? Ernest CORDON
?? 22nd 19?38 aged 20? years dearly loved.

B7. Sacred to the Memory of
Richard CROSSLEY of Newchapel,
who died Jan. 13th 1855 aged 36 years
dear wife and children be content, for I
to you was only lent, the Lord has only had
his due, and very soon may call for you.
also Charlotte, daughter of the above
Richard & Elizabeth, CROSSLEY, who died
October 24th 1850 aged 3 years and 7 months.
also Adam TURNER, son of the above
Elizabeth & Joseph TURNER
who died May 22nd 1859 aged 14 months.
these lovely buds so young and fair,
call'd hence by early doom; just came to show
how sweet a flower, in paradise would bloom.
In Memory of Joseph TURNER, of Newchapel.
who died February 24th, 1875 aged 53 years.
his end was peace.
In Loving Memory of Elizabeth TURNER
of Chell late of Newchapel
who departed this life June 20th 1885
she fell asleep in Jesus

B8. [top part of inscription eroded/missing]
In Loving Memory of ??
wh????? - - - 890.
th???? also (?????) ??SA
the beloved wife of the above named
who died February 11th 1907
in the 67th year of her age
her end was peace.
also the above named Noah DAVIES. who died
August 21st 1907 in the 70th year of his age.
It is the Lord, let him do
what seemeth him good.

B9. Sacred to the Memory of Elizabeth,
wife of George DALE of Harrisehead. who died
June 8? 1865 aged 23? years. also
in Memory of John (RISEY)? of Harrisehead
who died May 12th 1871 aged 56 years.
also Ann beloved wife of the above
who died May 27th 1896? aged 79? years.
also Arthur George the dearly beloved husband
of Phoebe Ann DALE of Harrisehead.
who died Nov 16?th 1(9?)27 aged 65 years
"In sure & certain hope
of a glorious resurrection".

B10. In Loving Memory of William DALE,
the beloved husband of Martha DALE,
of Chapel Lane HARRISEHEAD.
who died April 5th 1907, aged 73 years.
"safe home at rest".
also Elizabeth, daughter of the above
who died December 1st 1908 aged 48 years.
"thy will be done ".
also the above Martha DALE,
who died August 22nd 1911 aged 74 years.
"until the day break".

B11. In Loving Memory of Thomas DOWNES,
of Turnhurst Rd Pack Moor.
who died Dec. 6.1907 aged 80 years.
thy will be done.
also Emma, beloved wife of the above
who died April 8th 1911 aged 83 years.
also Thomas, son of the above,
beloved husband of Alice DOWNES
who died Jan. 23? 1926 aged 73? years
[rest of inscription goes below ground level]

B12. In Loving Memory of Joseph Tipping FOX
died Oct 14th 1945 aged 80 years
also Martha Ann his beloved wife
died Jan 18th 1938 aged 7?1 years
also Joseph Edgar their beloved son
died Feb 19th 1914 aged 26? years
also their beloved daughter
Florence Gladys PITT
died Sep 10th 1976 aged 85 years.

B13. Thomas S. GARNER of Pittshill
Died March 25 1887 Aged 45 Years
Also Mary, beloved wife of the above
Died Nov. 13 1902 aged 57 Years
Peace Perfect Peace.
[very weathered/best I could make out]
Lina? [or Edna] Hannah & John. their children.
["Lina"? - is most probably "Edna"?]
Wm S. GARNER, Born Dec 25 1818 Died June 8 1868?

B14. In Loving Memory of John HARRISON of Newchapel
who died April 29. 189(9?) aged 63 years
"thy will be done". also Richard his son,
died May 25th 1907 aged 34 years.
In the midst of life we are in death.
also Elizabeth wife of the above
who died July 23 1910 aged 74 years
"at rest".

B15. [lichen/moss covered/unable to read parts]
In Loving Memory of
William Albert HARRISON,
of the Swan Hotel, Leek.
who died Nov. 16.1898, aged 36 years.
In the midst of life we are in death.
also Mar??loren?? HARRISON
born 11th ??? 1864, died 13th April 1950.
also Betsy HARRISON
who died June 18.1871. aged 5 years.
also Sarah Hannah ???

B16. In Loving Memory of Margaret, wife of
John HANCOCK, of Dales Green
who died Feb 19th 1910 aged 70 years
"Called to eternal Peace".
also the above named John HANCOCK
who died August 2nd 1910 aged 68 years
thy will be done.
also Enoch son of the above,
who died June 11th 1933 aged 70 years.
at rest.
also Herbert their beloved son
who died November 15th 1953 aged 83 years
at rest.

B17. In Loving Memory of
Mary Ellen, beloved daughter of
William & Mary A. HILL of Harrisehead,
died April 3. 1917 aged 17 years.
also Hilda, their daughter,
& beloved wife of Jack SKELDON,
died Feb. 7. 1927, aged 24 years
also William their son. in his 4th year.
"and when thy face I see,
my ransomed soul shall be, through all
eternity, something for thee".

B18. In Loving Memory of Ann beloved wife of
John Henry HOLLINSHEAD of Thornlea, Newchapel,
who died Oct. 17th 1925 aged 56 years
also of Alice the beloved wife of the
above John Henry HOLLINSHEAD
who died Apr. 11th 1942 aged 70 years.
also the above John Henry HOLLINSHEAD
who died Feb. 15th 1951 aged 85 years.
"enter thou into the Joy of the Lord".

B19. [weathered/eroded. first part of inscription missing]
Ellen wife of (Samuel?) ?LAW?? of Newchapel
who departed ????? ep. 9th 1871 aged 65? years.
the winter of trouble is past, the storms of
affliction are o'er, her struggle is ended at
last. ?? and sorrow and death are no more.
also the above Samuel LAWTON
who died Dec. 13th 1878 aged 6?8 years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.

B20. [heavy moss/lichen covered, hence ?marks]
In Loving Memory of
Luke? LEESE ??????? [Kidsgrove?]
who died July? ??? 1916? aged (50?) years
who died Sep ?? 192(?) aged (??) years
Olive LEESE daughter of the above
who died Jan 2 1925 aged (6?)4 years

B21. In Loving Memory of Zillah. beloved wife of
Jacob MYATT of Lane Ends Newchapel
who died July 25 1909 (or 8?) aged 58 years
?? the Lord let him do, what seemeth his good.
also Jacob beloved husband of the above
who died Feby 26 1917 aged 68 years
thy will be done.

B22. In Loving Memory of Frederick
dearly loved husband of Mary Emma MAJOR
of 34 Francis St Pittshill
died Dec 1st 1945 aged 77 years.
his memory is our greatest treasure
in our hearts he lives forever.
Also the above Mary Emma MAJOR
Died May 23rd 1963 Aged 93 years

B23. In Loving Memory of
William MASSEY of Pittshill,
who died Feb. 18. 1898 aged 41 years
Sorrow vanquishes, Labour ended, Jordan Passed.
Also William, Beloved son of the above
who died July 21. 1898 Aged 16 years
We cannot Lord, thy purpose see,
But all is well that's done by thee.
Also George Henry & Annie. children
of the above, who died in Infancy.
Also Esther, Beloved wife of William MASSEY
who died Dec. 4.1932 Aged 73. At Rest.

B24. In Loving Memory of Mary Elizabeth MASSEY
Born 28th July 1888 Died 14th May 1961
Also her beloved sister Esther Hannah
dearly loved wife of John Thomas CHALLINOR
of 40 Francis St, Pittshill
Born 20th March 1884 Died 24th March 1962
Also Frederick CHALLINOR
Died 17th March 1978 aged 66 years.

B25. In Loving Memory of Harriet, beloved wife of
George NIXON of Brindley Ford
died April 9th 1899 aged 63 years.
also the above George NIXON
died Aug 10th 1901 aged 72 years
also Charles NIXON their son
died June 28th 1893 aged 17 years & 10 months
also of Robert
beloved son of Robert & Sarah NIXON
died Feb 10th 1915 aged 1 year & 4 months.

B26. In Loving Memory of Ralph beloved husband of
Mary Ann OAKES of 131 High St. Pittshill
died June 4. 1931 aged 82 years
rest after weariness.
also the above named Mary Ann OAKES
died Sept 20. 1944 aged 91 years
also Soloman their beloved son. ???.
[more inscription, but below ground level]

B27. [moss covered/difficult to read in parts]
In Loving Memory of
Solomon OAKES of Pittshill
who died March 30? 1909 aged 62? years
also Martha Alice his beloved wife
who died (Nov 10 1934?) in her 80?th year
"sorrow vanquished, labour ended, Jordan Past"
also Joseph, beloved son of
Solomon & ??? OAKES.
died Feb 17, 1927 aged 17 years
"thy will be done".

B28. In Loving Memory of Ann, dearly loved wife of
John OAKES of 12 Biddulph Rd, Pittshill
Who died Dec 5. 1903 Aged 66 years
Joy after sorrow, peace after Pain,
Rest after weariness, sweet rest at last.
Also of the above John OAKES
Who died Oct 2. 1906 Aged 72 years
Thy Will Be Done. Also of
John | James | Solomon | Abel | John | William |
Ralph | Racheal | Ann | Grace | Elizabeth.
children of the above, who died in Infancy.

B29. In Loving Memory of
William RHODES
1857 - 1922
1863 - 1947
1895 - 1970
Elizabeth Ann RHODES
1898 - 1987

B30. In Loving Memory of Joseph,
beloved husband of Margaret SCRAGG
who died Feb 15th 1937 aged 49 years.
also Margaret his beloved wife
who died Sept 20th (1943?) aged 55 years.
[perhaps more - but below ground level]

B31. In Loving Memory of Sarah beloved wife of
James SCRAGG of 67 High St Pittshill
who died February 14th 1932 Aged 68 years
"Peace perfect Peace"
also of the above James SCRAGG
who died March 23rd 1940 Aged 78 years

B32. In Loving Memory of Stephen,
dearly loved child of William & Alice SCRAGG
of 4 Sandy Road, Sandyford. who fell asleep
May 20th 1944 in his 3rd year.
Safe In The Arms Of Jesus.

B33. In Loving Memory of Mary, dearly loved wife of
Arthur SCRAGG of 111 Biddulph Road Pittshill
Died June 8th 1919 aged 47 years
We cannot lord thy purpose see
But all is well thats done by thee.
Also Arthur & Doris,
There beloved children, died in infancy.
also of the above Arthur SCRAGG
Who died 11 Sept 1966 aged 95 years.
also Sara Jane beloved wife of Arthur SCRAGG.
who died 8th January 1962 Aged 85 years.
also In Loving Memory of
Sgt Samuel SCRAGG R.A.F
who died on active service at Alexandria
June 4th 1943 aged 44 years
Dhty? norly? Done

B34. Sacred to the Memory of Samuel
beloved husband of Ellen H. SMITH
of (13 or 18?) Francis St Pittshill
who fell asleep May 18th 1937 aged 70 years
"rest after weariness".
also the above Ellen H. SMITH
who fell asleep March 25th 1946 aged 77 years.
in heavenly love abiding.
also Sarah Ann (Annie). dearly loved daughter
of the above, who fell asleep
Dec. 5th 1953 (or 8?) aged 71 years.
in ??? keeping

B35. [most of inscription is below ground level]
In Loving Memory of ???. also Emma,
beloved wife of Levi SMITH late of Rookery.
who died Feb 18 1915 aged 64 years

B36. sweet and loving Memory of Philip FOX
the darling son of Tom & Emmie STOCKTON
of "Ambuscade" High Lane, Chell.
who died December 21st 1929, aged 5½ years.
not our will, but thine O Lord.

B37. In Loving Memory of Jane beloved wife of
Levi STOCKTON 107 High St, Pittshill
died Jan 23?rd 1944 aged 71 years
thy will be done. also the above Levi
died 17th Aug. 1952 aged 79 years
At rest.

B38. In Loving Memory of George
beloved husband of Lilly STOCKTON
of Park Lane Knypersley, who passed away
March 25th 1945 Aged 70 years
Thy will be done.
Also the beloved Lilly STOCKTON
Died May 31st 195(3?) aged 79 years

B39. In Affectionate remembrance of Elizabeth,
beloved wife of Samuel SWINSCOE, of Mow Cop,
who died October 16th 1909, aged 55 years.
also the above Samuel SWINSCOE,
who died Jan. 31st 1928 aged 74 years
at rest.

B40. Sacred to the Memory of Ellen SCOTT
of 79 High St. Pittshill
who died Dec 31st 1937 aged 75 years
Also Noah SCOTT her husband
who died Jan. 30th 1943 aged 83 years
Worthy of remembrance.

B41. In Loving Memory of Hannah
beloved wife of Peter UNWIN
died July 1st 1922 aged (35?) years
also Betty his beloved wife,
died May 21st 1960 aged 67 years
also the above Peter UNWIN
died Dec. (10th?) 1967 aged 79 years
in heavenly love abiding.

B42. In Loving Memory of Joseph Cephas
beloved husband of Alice WHITEHURST
of Mellor St, Pack Moor.
died June 6.1909 aged 64 years.
"until the day break and the shadows flee away"
also of Alice his beloved wife
died Sep 14.1928 aged 78? years
"thy will be done".

B43. In Memory of the late
William CUMBERLIDGE of Balls Bank
who died January 8th 1877 aged 69 years.
also Samuel CUMBERLIDGE,
grandson of the above
who died July 12th 1863 aged 12 years.

Also Contributed
Of Balls Bank, 8 Jan 1877, 69
Grandson of above, 12 July 1863, 12
[Alf Beard: 9 Jul 2005]

B44. In Loving Memory of
Pte Neville Arthur HANCOCK M.T.A.S.P?
dearly beloved adopted son of
Joseph John & Alice OAKES
of Biddulph Rd Pittshill. who died at
the Grange V.A.D. Hospital Southport,
July 5 1917 aged 23 years.
Thy purpose Lord we cannot see,
but all is well thats done by thee.
also the above Joseph John OAKES
who died June 27. 1936 aged 68 years.
also the above Alice OAKES.
who died Sept 12 1945 aged 77 years.
[next line/ground level/difficult to read]
-also Abel? Wilfred? Ernest & Maurice ???-

Also Contributed
Pte Neville Arthur HANCOCK, M.T.A.S.C,
adopted s/o Joseph John & Alice OAKES
Of Biddulph Rd, Pitts Hill, who died at the
Grange V.A.D. Hospital, Southport, 5 July 1917, 23
Joseph John OAKES, above, 27 June 1936, 68
Alice OAKES, above, 12 Sept 1945, 77
Wilfred, Ernest & Maurice, who died in infancy
[Alf Beard: 9 Jul 2005]

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