St Matthias's Church, Malvern Link

Recent Photograph of St Matthias's Church (Malvern Link)

It has dark crazy-paving walls, is quite large, and has a proud near detached tower at the south west corner. A man-on-a-ladder produced a key to the porch, which got me into the glazed vestibule in the west end of the north aisle. Organ music assailed my ears, we rattle doors but organist in a world of his own - as Sister Sledge says "Lost in Music", not only locked in by porch door but also by internal door. As I began to admit defeat another lady appeared - with keys! The other ladies had called at her house to report "man at church with camera" and suggesting she'd better get over!

Apparently the original church was by Sir G G Scott 1844-46, but which bits? It has been greatly enlarged since 1880-1 by F W Hunt, and that tower did not arrive until 1899.

(Information provided by Phil Draper)

Image contributed by Phil Draper on 12th March 2005.
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