Some Memorial Inscriptions - Overbury, Worcestershire
St Faith's Churchyard

Latest Additions New 8th September 2008

The following MIs were kindly contributed by Alf Beard, 6th October 2002. Entries supply name, date of death, and age.
A1. Richard Biddulp MARTIN, Bart. of Overbury,
12 May 1838 - 23 Aug 1916
Mary Frances, wife, and daughter of
Vice Admiral Richard CROZIER, of
Westhill, Freshwater, Isle of [Wight] Weight.
18 Mar 1840 - 3 Dec 1921
[Ed: this is a rather grand box tomb]

A2. Charles William TROTMAN, 21 May 1977, 67
Irene Winifred, 16 March 2001, 92

A3. Christine Harriet THATCHER,
2 April 1959, 74
Charles Robinson THATCHER, husband,
18 Jan 1961, 76

A4. Arthur NOTT, 4 Sept 1955, 31

A5. Jane NICHOLLS of Condenton,
21 July 1878 - 18 Jan 1947
Leonard, husband, 30 Sept 1954, 74

A6. William Edward HORON, 24 Jan 1946, 67
Eleen, wife, 10 May 1971, no age

A7. Alfred MANSELL, 20 Feb 1931, 74
Mary Ann, wife, 24 June 1958, 94

A8. Charles William TROTMAN, 21 Aug 1935, 69
Sarah Ann, wife, 29 Sept 1946, 69

A9. Christopher COLLINS, born at Tewkesbury,
11 Sept 1840 - 6 Oct 1920
Mary Ann, of Tewkesbury,
8 Nov 1835 - 15 Sept 1927
59 years companion

A10. Charles ATTWOOD, of Coderton,
24 April 1843 - 23 Dec 1897
Esther Ann, wife, 23 Dec 1847 - 31 Dec 1932

A11. Ann GASK, widow of John Thomas Jellico GASK,
15 Oct 1849, 48
John, late of Upton on Severn, 18 Dec 1847
[looks like 76, not sure, 7*]

A12. Cyril Leonard SHAKESPEARE,
27 June 1977, 67
10 Dec 1995, 82
Ann SHAKESPEARE, 18 March 1987, 50

A13. Reginald Cyril TROTMAN, 12 Feb 1995, 74

Latest Additions New
The following MIs were contributed by Rosemary Lockie, 8th September 2008.
B1. [Brass Plaque]
In Memory of
the Rev Frederick Whitmore HOLLAND, M.A. Vicar of Evesham
2nd. son of Edward HOLLAND Esquire M.P., of Dumbleton.
He was born August 1st 1838 and married (1st.) Penelope
younger daughter of Robert MARTIN Esquire of This Place
and (2nd.) Elinor TRAHERNE, eldest daughter of John MARTIN,
Esquire, M.P. of Ledbury. He died very suddenly the 26th.
August 1881 on the Niesen Mountain in Switzerland
and is buried at Thun in that Country.
"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God". Matt: V:8.

B2. [Slate Tablet, protected by (plywood?) facsimile]
this Tablet lies the Body of
Mary the Wife of Richard
DARKE of this Parish who
departed this life May 22 1758
aged 48 Years.
Also Near this place lies the Body of
Richard DARKE who departed this life
December 19 1775
Aged 74 Years
Here lies in sleep both man and wife
Now joined in death as once in Life
Resting in hopes of rising hence
in Christ by Gods Omnipotence
Here's comfort too for loving friends
They led good lives made happy ends
Likewise near this place lies the Body of
John Son of the above Richard and
Mary DARKE he died October the 18 1762
Aged 30 Years
Death in my Prime gave me a fall
Where I must lye till Christ doth call
My dear Redeemer knew which way was best
To Ease my Pain and let my soul at Rest

B3. [Slate Tablet]
In / Memory of
Richard DARKE of this Town
who died June ye 23 1737
Aged 6(9) Years
Also of Mary the Daughter
of Richard and Mary DARKE
of Kemerton She died Jan.
the 9th. 173(9) Aged 2 Years

B4. [Slate Tablet]
In Memory / of Katherine the
Daughter of Richard
and Katherine DARK
of this Town, Buried
April 13th 172(?) Aged
29 Years
[surface of Tablet is eroded]

B5. [Wall Memorial]
Sacred to the Memory of
Charles AGGE,
Son of Charles and Mary AGGE,
who departed this Life July 19th 1723,
Aged 80 Years.
Also of John AGGE,
Son of Charles and Mary AGGE,
who departed this Life March 13th 1728,
Aged 28 Years
Also of Elizabeth AGGE,
Wife of the above John AGGE,
who departed this Life August 12th 1782,
Aged 82 Years.
Also of Mary AGGE, eldest Daughter of
John and Elizabeth AGGE,
who departed this Life September 27th 1792,
Aged 66 Years.
Also of Elizabeth WOOD, Daughter of
Richard WOOD of the City of Gloucester Banker,
and Elizabeth his Wife,
youngest Daughter of John and Elizabeth AGGE,
who departed this Life August 13th. 1824
Aged 72 Years.

B6. [Wall Memorial]
To the Memory of
he lived and died in this village.
Sincerely beloved by his Family and Neighbours
for his Social and Domestic Virtues.
He represented the Neighbouring Borough
of Tewkesbury
in nine successive Parliaments.
Universally admired for his Political Integrity
and his Love of Civil and Religious Liberty:
Obt. 1910 Aet. 72.
Also to the Memory of his Wife
Penelope MARTIN,
Daughter of John and Penelope SKIPP,
of Ledbury, Herefordshire,
Obt. 1830 Aet. 90.

B7. [Wall Memorial]
Sacred / To the Memory
of the
Revd. George MARTIN, A.M.
Son of
Joseph MARTIN Esqre. M.P.
Banker in London
and of Eleanor his Wife
who departed this Life
August 22d. / 1796
Ann Aetat 32
He was one of the best of Men

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