Sir Thomas Russell, Strensham (d.1632)

Recent Photograph of Sir Thomas Russell (d.1632) (Strensham)

This is clearly the most impressive monument in the church, and all our eyes were drawn to it on our visit. It is still possible to see remnants of the original gilding, on what must have been a truly magnificent memorial. Please note however it was not possible, with my camera, to be able to photograph it head on, so this perspective view must suffice.

Unfortunately, another photograph which I took of the inscription on the oval plate in the centre of this monument cuts off its sides; however this is an approximate rendering of the inscription, with portions of words which were cut off by the photographing indicated by a ‘~’ symbol.

Hic jacet Thomas Russeil
miles dominus huius manerii de Stren=
sham : cum Elizabetha uxore sua, filia Guilielmi
SPENCER de Yeardington in Com~ Oxon~ militis: Qui, relecta
progenie ad sui nominis memoriam; duobus filijs, tribusq~
~abus, in domino sunt mortui: Ille quidem 30mo. die Dece~
Anno Dni~: 1632: Haec uero 8uo. die Julij Anno Dni~ 1633
~ mortui qui, in domino moriuntur: Amodo jam dicit S~
quiescant a laboribus suis, opera enim illorum sequntur
~lmus RUSSEIL, illorum filius et haeres, Barroonettus, ux~
Franciscam, filiam Thomae READE, de Barton in Com~:
~is aurati. Thomas RUSSEIL illorum alter filius. Marg~
a natu maxima fuit nupta Iohanni WINTOURE de Huddin~
hoc Com~: Wigorn: Armig: Anna filia secunda in matromonij
~ ducta: a Iohanne COCKES de Northway in Com~: Gloc~r:
Armig: Elizabetha tertia filia in matrimonij digni=

The salient details of this tell us that here lies Thomas RUSSEIL, soldier, lord of this manor of Strensham, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of William SPENCER of Yeardington (Yarnton), co. Oxon, soldier. This monument was erected to their memory by 2 of their sons. Thomas died 30th Dec. 1632, and Elizabeth died 8th July 1633. William RUSSEL, Bart. their son and heir married Francis, daughter of Thomas READE of Barton, co. [known to be Berkshire]. Thomas, their other son... Margaret, their eldest daughter married John WINTOURE, of Huddington, co. Worcs, armig. Anne, their second daughter married John COCKES of Northway, co. Gloucester; Elizabeth their 3rd daughter married...

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie on 1st September 2008.
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