Extract from White's Gazetteer and General Directory of Sheffield & Twenty Miles round, 1852.
Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2012

[BEIGHTON] comprises the two constablewicks of Beighton and Hackenthorpe, and the hamlets of Sothal and Birley.

BIRLEY and BIRLEY VALE from a picturesque district, 4½ miles S.E. of Sheffield, and comprise a number of scattered houses, a large colliery a Methodist Chapel, and BIRLEY SPA, where a commodious bathhouse was built about nine years ago, by a company of proprietors. This building is at the bottom of the vale, and the grounds around it have been tastefully laid out and planted. The water, which supplies the cold, tepid, warm and shower baths, has been several centuries in repute for its medicinal purposes.

HACKENTHORPE, a village 5 miles S.E. of Sheffield, is noted as one of the chief seats of the sickle manufacture, upwards of 30,000 dozens being made here yearly.

Marked * reside at Sothal
Marked + are at Birley.
Booth John, vict. Sportsman's Inn
Budd Mr. bath kpr & vict. Birley Spa
Cawthorn George, blacksmith
Littlewood Joseph, joiner
Lowe Mr Lionel Smilter
* Sheffield Coal Co. coal owners
Staniforth George, vict. New Inn
Staniforth Thomas and Co. sickle, reaping hook, and scythe mfrs
Staniforth John; h. Greenside
Ward Sarah, butcher

Linley Elizabeth
+ Plant Samuel

+ Brammall Edw.
Carnall John
Helliwell George
Hounsfield Jas.
Inkersall Mary
Jennings John
Linley Peter
Linley Samuel
Linley Thomas
+ Newton James
+ Plant John
Sharman Mrs
+ Skelton Sarah
+ South Thomas
Staniforth Hugh
Staniforth Thos.

Bramall Thos.
Rowbotham John
Whitfield Thos.

Booth John
Carnall George
Rowbotham J.
* Staniforth Geo.

POST OFFICE at P. Dawes'. Letters via Sheffd.
[White's Gazetteer and General Directory of Sheffield & Twenty Miles round, 1852]

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