Inside St Giles's Church, Hartington

Recent Photograph of Inside St Giles's Church (Hartington)

This photograph was taken on 22nd August 1986, whilst visiting the Church to see a special Domesday exhibition, illustrating the history of the parish.

The original photograph was very dark. It has been enhanced using PaintShop Pro by making a copy, converting it to its negative image, pasting this as a new layer on the original then applying 'Dodge' to the layer properties. No, I didn't dream this up myself - the technique was described in PC-Plus Magazine: ‘Colour correction in Paint Shop Pro 6’ - September 2000 Issue 167. On one version I added a ‘Blur’ effect, which although counter-intuitive, actually improved it, for which trick I am again indebted to a PC-Plus article.

IMHO it's a whizz! Ok it's not perfect, but “trust me”, it looks heaps better than the original!

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Rosemary Lockie in August 1986.
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