Hope, Derbyshire

White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Derby, 1857

Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie, © Copyright 2000.
See also Neil Wilson's full transcription of White's History, Gazetteer and Directory of the County of Derby, 1857.

WOODLAND HOPE is an extensive district and township, forming the north side of the parish of Hope, 4¾ miles N.N.W. from Hope, contains about 22,000 acres of land, of which 7,000 acres are rateable, and in 1851 had 43 houses, and 256 inhabitants, of whom 138 are males, and 118 females; rateable value £4,200, The Duke of Devonshire is lord of the manor and owner of 19,253A. 2R. 25P. of land, which contains no minerals. The houses are all scattered farm houses, of which several have lately been rebuilt. A few oats are grown, but the land is principally grass, and subject to the tithe of lamb and wool. Snake Inn, on the Sheffield and Glossop turnpike road, 17 miles W. from Sheffield, and 7 miles S.E. from Glossop, is a commodious house. This township partakes of John Eyre's charity for teaching poor children and buying prayer books. (See Derwent, in Hathersage parish.)


Post Office, at Mr. Thomas Howe's; letters arrive from Bakewell, at 10 a.m., and are despatched at 3.30 p.m.

Andrew Joseph, flour dealer
Ashton Henry, joiner & wheelwright
Ashton Nathaniel Woodroofe, lime burner; Pimdale Lime works
Ashton Robert How, lead smelter
Billing Willimott H., Esq., Manor House
Carnall Samuel, saw handle maker
Dakin Miss Ann
Daniel Rev. Chas. John, M.A., Vicarage
Greaves Mrs. Millicent
Greaves Mr. Thomas
Green Mr. John
Holme John, blacksmith
Holmes Mr. Michael
Marsden Mr. John
Marsh William Henry, basket maker
Robinson Miss Elizabeth
Robinson George, bookseller & schoolmaster
Rowland Peter, tin plate worker
Siddall Joseph, plumber & glazier
Warhurst James, butter huckster
Watson Martha, milliner
Woodhouse Ann, corn miller

Inns and Taverns.
Blacksmiths' Arms, Thomas Rowland, (Exors. of)
Cheshire Cheese, Robert Cotterill
Hall Hotel, John Froggatt
Woodrooffe's Arms, William Shirt
Hobson William, beerhouse

Bennett My. & Hanh.
Robinson Geo., (Free)

Howe Thos. & Jonth.
Watson John

Andrew Joseph
Barker George
Barker Thomas
Bocking Charlotte
Burgon John
Cotterill John
Cotterill William
Elliott Thomas, Lane Side
Froggatt John
Gould William
Greaves Wm. & Alex. Barker, Eccles House
Hadfield John
Hall Godfrey
Hall Thomas
Farmers (cont'd).
Hallam John
Hobson Richard
Howe Fanny
Kay Robert
Kirk John
Kirk William
Littlewood Charles
Longden John
Longden Jonth. Bridge Cottage
Middleton Robt.
Shirt William
Taylor Joseph Henry, Fullwood
Ward George
Ward Sarah
Waterhouse William
Wilson John
Woodroof John

Carnall Samuel
Cotterill Robert
Dakin Hannah
Hardy Walker (and draper)
Davis William
Proctor John

Ashton Robert
Hobson William
Robinson John

Stone Masons.
Hallam Joseph
Shirt Robert

Bradwell Edwin, (and draper)
Chapman Richard
Elliott George, Witch Bridge

To Sheffield, Tues., Thurs. & Sat., at 7 morning; and Sun. & Mon. at 5 p.m.

Carrier to Sheffield
Jas. Warhurst, Fri.


Transcribed by Rosemary Lockie in August 2000
from copies of an original edition belonging to the late Dr. J.H. Davis, of Far Sawrey, Cumbria.

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