Marble Tomb, Youlgreave

Recent Photograph of Marble Tomb (Youlgreave)

This tomb is a memorial to Thomas COKAYNE, who died in 1488, in a fight with Thomas BURDETT in Pooley Park, in Warwickshire, whilst they were on their way to Polesworth church. The quarrel was over a family marriage settlement.

His effigy is small, to symbolise he died “young” (predeceasing his father); though he was a grown man, with a family of his own. He lies on his tomb in plate armour of the period, with gorget and skirt of chain mail (which show faint traces of gilding). Around his neck is a Yorkist collar of suns and roses, his feet rest on a lion, and his head rests on a cockerel - the family's “punning” crest. The sides of the tomb display the arms of his relatives, supported by angels.

The tomb is now in the centre of the chancel, but according to J.C. Cox Notes on the Churches of Derbyshire (1877) it was at the end of the south aisle, and about 1835 moved to the chancel on the south side. Some time after that, it was found outside in a barn, and badly damaged, but has been restored, and we understand it has been in its present position in 1873.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

Image contributed by Alf Beard on 9th July 2003.
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