Maiden's Garland, Ashford (1)

Recent Photograph of Maiden's Garland (1) (Ashford)

This is a photograph of one of the Virgin Crantz, or Maiden's Garlands in Ashford's Holy Trinity Church. They are suspended from the roof in the north aisle and enclosed in protective plastic sleeves. The custom was to carry such garlands before the coffin of a maiden in her funeral possession, and afterwards to hang it up in the Church.

The garlands are made from white paper, cut to form rosettes, and fixed to a wooden frame. A paper glove, or handkerchief is hung from the centre of some garlands, and on it was written the name, age and date of death of the virgin.

(Information provided by Rosemary Lockie)

[1] For further reading on these beautiful and poignant reminders of a young life cut short see Take a Look at: Maidens' Garlands and Memorials, by Julie Bunting.

Image contributed by Peter & Janet Kirk on 5th December 2001.
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