Curbar - Licensed Victuallers 1822-1827

D.R.O. Reference: Q/RA 1/5  1822-1827
Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk © 2003

“A register or calendar of all the recognizances entered into or by or for the several persons to whom licences were granted to keep Inns and Common Alehouses in the Hundred of High Peak together with the names and places of abode of their sureties returned to the Clerk of the Peace of the said County under the Hands of the Justices of the Peace taking the name pursuant to the Statutes.”

Victuallers NamesSureties NamesPlace of Abode
John HallamThomas HallamCurbar
Thomas HallamGeorge SiddallCurbar
George SiddallThomas HallamCurbar
John HallamThomas HallamCurbar
Thomas HallamJohn HallamCurbar
George SiddallMary FletcherFroggatt Edge
John Hall JunRichard AnthonyBakewell
John Hallam JunrThomas HallamCurbar
Thomas HallamJohn Hallam JunrCurbar
George SiddallThomas HallamCurbar
John Hallam JunrThos HallamCurbar
Thos HallamJohn HallamCastleton
George SiddallThos HallamCurbar

Please note: Time was of the essence when transcribing these names. It was decided after 1825 to concentrate on our places of special interest, Eyam, Foolow and Stoney Middleton, so we do not have the entries for the later years in Curbar.

Collected and transcribed by Janet Kirk in November 2003.

A List of the above (1822-1827) by Name
An asterisk (*) in the column below the year against a name indicates that individual's name was recorded as a licensee that year.

  1822 1823 1824 1825
John Hallam**  
John Hallam Junr ***
Thomas Hallam****
George Siddall****

Tabulated by Rosemary Lockie in November 2003.

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