Edensor - A Walk in Chatsworth Park

By Don and Sheila Rimmington, © Copyright 2000-2006

Distance: Approx. 4¼ Miles or 6¾ Miles

Start/Finish Calton Lees Car Park.
Easy walks with gentle climbs on good tracks roads and paths. Best done in mid-week when park is not so busy.

Short Walk.
Leave Car Park back to B6012 road. Cross road and head down to river Derwent by the derelict corn mill, turn left on path beside river towards Chatsworth House. At the bridge cross the road and follow path bearing left up hill to B6012 road. Cross road to enter Edensor village. Go up main street towards the church, climb steps by church to gain entrance into open parkland. Head across parkland to pass a clump of trees on left, then straight ahead to a ladder stile at the edge of parkland. This takes you up a track between trees to gate at top of the hill. Through the gate pass a barn on your left ( the building further to the left is called Russian cottage). Go straight ahead from gate on path to Calton Houses. Go through gate onto track past the cottages, this leads downhill to Calton Lees Farm (about ¾ mile from Calton cottages). Follow road round from the farm past the garden centre and back to the Car Park.

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Longer Alternative.
At Edensor village instead of turning off at the church, carry on up the main street for approx. 1 mile

The street becomes a rough track after leaving the village, joining the road from Pilsley to Bakewell. Turn left, and continue to follow this road uphill for approx. ½ mile to Ball Cross Farm. Take footpath left towards a clump of trees: the footpath skirts the trees and continues ahead towards a pond. Pass the pond on your left then keep to footpath on top of ridge to clump of trees on the right. Follow wall by edge of trees to Calton Houses. Then follow directions for the short walk as above.

We've included some of the photographs we took. The photograph on the right, of the dogs was taken a few years ago when we happened to meet their owner on one of our Sunday hikes, and whilst we were talking, the dogs all lay down as can be seen on the photograph. The owner told us that one of the dogs was blind and the other dogs guided it when they went for their walk. Notice all the dogs are looking in the same direction (towards the owner), except the blind one which is facing in the opposite direction!

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We have also included a rough sketch map for the walk, but would suggest the Ordnance Survey Map Outdoor Leisure No. 24 White Peak.

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